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Welcome again to the channel of, YouTube, in this occasion is making another clone another clone intent, this it takes some how many tests and this concretely is for the friend Xavier of Palm of Majorca it is of the mark Halo and he/she calls himself Malibu and the combination of the combination of flavors pursues to find that flavor of the mark Halo Malibu this concretely takes, Strained Pineapple that we have it here, Strained Pineapple we retire it but and it will be this way better, Strained Pineapple It took Strained Pineapple of Inawera, the other was TPA / TFA it takes Pounded coconut of Inawera that we have it here it also takes a little bit of extra coconut that we have it here and the rest they are the small shades that they make him/her be that Malibu of of of Halo, Cream of Atmos Labs wear French Vanilla of Capella and finally bears, Whipped Cream Of TPA / TFA with these a little bit of Ethyl Maltol and a little bit of Koolada, the recipe is made good, let us pass to the recipe, another thing because this the bottle this of plastic instead of one of glass, I will prepare 100 ml as the typical ones, as those of in front.

.. because bottles of plastic can use provided be adapted for this use, this concretely is of the mark Getack, is of 100 ml and this designed for this use, I can add the different flavors, the glycerine and the propylene glycol and all would be well they are appropriate bottles for this use, of this type of bottles it also manufactures them the mark Atmos Labs and it introduces them the nicotine they are not bottles specific, I suppose that they are bottles that can store those substances that type of substances, then, this is 100 ml and goes to the friend, Xavier good, we go to it ell said time this, we pass to mount the recipe we need of strained pineapple that we have it here, 5 ml we take out the air 5 ml is here, it is worth five thousand liters of strained Pineapple Of the mark TPA / TFA other 5 ml of Strained Pineapple of Inawera if he/she has air like leave in the image wwe remove it and pull it back to and we arrive to the 5 ml it is worth, 5 ml but we place him/her again the plug to the bottle that he/she doesn’t trust of throwing me the bottle and that it finishes the Strained Pineapple spilled by everything, huy this syringe had entered Strained pineapple, here behind with their respective plug Pounded Coconut, of Inawera go this very hard one the plug Pounded Coconut if I can put the needle I won’t have to disassemble it had entered the needle, Pounded Coconut other five mili liters the same thing when he/she has air, like leave now, he/she is eliminated go it seems that it doesn’t work well he/she opens up carefully we look that he/she doesn’t have anything of air, like leave in the image 5 ml more 5 ml of Coco Pilada and lastly of coconut extra 1 ml 1 ml of Extra Coconut and here, it is worth 1 ml of Coconut Extra and now the different flavors that make it only this recipe to the eliquid this of Halo Cream of Atmos Labs we use 1 mili liter 1 mili liter is here, of Atmos Labs 1 mili liter of French Vanilla 1 mili liter of French Vanilla and lastly 1 mili liter of Whipped Cream 1 mili liter of Whipped Cream now to this, of molecules there is that throw the camera of molecules it would be necessary to put him/her it would be necessary to put him/her of molecules 3 mili liters of Koolada and 1 mili liter of Ethyl Maltol that we will put them once macerated or I at least, prefer to put it once macerated we base, ie 50/50, 50 milliliters of glycerin and 50 milli liters of propylene glycol that we put him/her of base, I use 50/50 therefore, I put him/her 50 mili liters of glycerine and 50 mili liters of propylene glycol and of the total it is necessary to subtract the flavors including the 3 mili liters of Koolada and 1 mili liter of Ethyl Maltol to subtract to the 50 mili liters of propylene glycol the total of the flavors and the total of the molecules that they are 4 mili liters the molecules to subtract once we have prepared the total of flavors that you/they are 19 ml and the molecules that are 4 mili liters that makes it is to subtract him to the propylene glycol, we have of propylene glycol 50 ml to make the base at the 50/50 50 ml less 23 ml total flavored and molecules are similar to 27 ml that we have to add of propylene glycol we add of propylene glycol 27 mili liters we have the bottle of the propylene glycol here and we have to use 27 ml that is to say, 20 ml that I have here of propylene glycol seven mili liters but of propylene glycol they make the propylene glycol total to remember that we will prepare 100 ml of Malibu – Halo this is our result this is our total of flavors and propylene glycol, I move it a little and now 50 ml of glycerine is added I remove the air syringes can be used but big that these they are alone of 20 mili liters, but for not starting to change them now 20 mili liters of glycerine and now they lack 30 mili liters more once but we fill it with 20 mili liters 20 mili liters more of glycerine and they will be 40 mili liters I remove the air it is the bad of the glycerine that is filled very slowly I prefer to make the identical proportions and this way, if I have to repeat the recipe I don’t make a mistake.

20 mili liters more of glycerine and now, 10 ml more 10 mili liters more of glycerine and we will have the Malibu – Halo, made this, concretely we have made 100 ml It is a custom for for Xavier 10 mili liters more and with this we would have the concluded recipe, now we use a plug of these that you/they are the appropriate ones a plug of these and the superior part of up this way already this very closed one we move and this is our Malibu I don’t know if one can see, to the being the opaque bottles they leave little vision, good, this is our Malibu – Halo this concretely this fact for the friend Xavier, of here, of Majorca and the rest of liquids they are also made for friends of here of Majorca, among some we join and we buy different flavors and for that reason so many recipes can be made because the expenses then are distributed among the friends it is not the same thing that a person buys different 100 flavors to buy in group that we play to less than 20 $ for person the difference is very big and for that reason all these recipes can be made, good.

.. these it is everything and the result this very good one to remember that you have to add 1 mili liter of Ethyl Maltol and 3 mili liters of Koolada that it is the one in charge of adding coolness to the recipe of the flavor of Malibu, it is worth good these everything and anything until the next one, see you later.


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