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Apollo AirVape X Portable Vaporizer User Review

Apollo AirVape X Portable Vaporizer User Review

What’s up guys, Matt from VapeFuse.com here, back again helping to keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest in herb vaping news and tech. Now this week I’ve got another doozy for you, we recently copped the Apollo AirVape X, which is notably, the thinnest portable vaporizer on the market.

Now this is a dry herb vaporizer, but also comes equipped with a liquid pad, in case you got some concentrates going. Now, what I find interesting about the AirVape X is that although, it is extremely portable, they also include this carry shell with it.

So I’ve heard that with previous units, the magnetic mouthpiece on the top here, wouldn’t stick that well and so when you’re traveling around with it, in the pocket the mouthpiece is sort of flick off.

So they included this hard plastic carry shell, which you should just be an optional accessory. This is fantastic to any portable vape, which is looking to pack up a session with them, take it on the go and get out and about and enjoy the vapor with nature.

This is a very high powerful device. In terms of flavor and performance is fantastic visible vapor is off the charts. Only little drawback I can see from it, is a dual convection conduction vaporizer.

So if we open up this magnetic top mouthpiece here, it’s got this is a Zirconia mouthpiece on the top, pretty similar to the X Max Starry and looking at the inside, you can just see that ceramic five pin chamber.

So as I said, it acts in a little bit of a hybrid style, as you draw air through it, does have those air holes in the bottom, they’re gonna help to atomize your herb and get you those essential vapors, but at the same time that chamber does get quite hot and being a thin vape, you see this in most portable vapes of this size, it’s gonna be running quite hot in your hand when you’re exceeding temps of like 180 – 190 Celsius around the 400 Fahrenheit mark.

So with this one I usually started off very low. I’ve actually been starting this at about 165 Celsius which is around the 345 – 350 mark. Now, most of you will know the general temp starting portable vaporizers off at it’s like 170 – 180 degrees Celsius.

So if this one here, that conduction element really does have an effect, but most small devices of this size, like I said, so like the Grasshopper vape or even like the CloudV F17, vapor quality quite high, but the heat of them, it’s just after a little while.

You only want to use thing through a quick session, if you’re planning a sitting having a whole ten minute blast, isn’t the device for you, but if you’re looking just for something that kicks start your day or as I said pack up this session take it out and about, the AirVape X is gonna be perfect for that.

So i’m gonna pack this one up, while it’s heating up we’ll go through, what’s in the kit and stuff a little bit, but just like most good portables, three clicks on the front and you see this little emblem pop up.

Now originally, I thought this thing was like the PUFFiT X and had an inbuilt fan because as this little blowing fan on the front, but what’s that really is just indicating is the temperatures heating up.

So this one, pretty basic display. It just displays the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. Pressing the power button and the down temperature buttons together, will help change that over to Celsius so obviously if you’re in Canada or Australia like us, you can get that readout in Celsius.

Session timer as well it’s pretty cool, it’s just to the right here underneath the battery. So indicate that you’ve got a five-minute session, if you want to switch that between a three and five minute session, you just press the up arrow and the temperature button so, even though it’s only got a pretty sort of average display, you can change up a fair bit with this one.

So I’ll turn it off, so that’s bloody temperatures, not going to be too hot while packing it. It’s pretty simple to pack, it’s got this little ridge in the top pretty similar to the XVape Fog, if you’re just dropping your little herb particles down into the middle.

The chamber as well, it atomizes evenly, so compared to some other devices with the circular chamber, where you’re getting those hot spots in the middle, this one will give you a pretty even vaporization.

You can easily get away with a half pack chamber. So just using my GrindeROO for that sort of medium fine to coarse grind. I’m going to pack that up into the chamber here. Included in the kit, you get little packing tools and tweezers and stuff like that, but if you’ve got a hand grinder like this with the bottom compartment, it’s always easiest when you’re packing up a vape, it pretty much just chucked bowl over there, any spots that you’re missing can be covered up.

So we’ll pack this one down nice and deep, so we can get some pretty thick clouds there, get the last of that herb in there. And also as you saw when I turn this one on a second ago, very quick temperature heating up.

So that’s very reminiscent of most conduction vapes, pretty sure the X Vapes, X Max Starry, does the same thing will heat up pretty quick. So, I thought this one’s flavor profile would be very similar to the Starry, which is one of our best entry-level devices, but it’s actually a lot more sophisticated than that.

So the terp profile that comes through this is exquisite while you’re remaining at a low temp. So as that temperature increases a bit, you are going to get that element of conduction, it’s gonna result in some not charness, but a little bit of toastiness I’ll say.

So this one if you’re looking to harvest that AVB, maybe go pulling this pulling the chamber at about 190 Celsius, I wouldn’t pump it too much higher. So as I said, three clicks, I’ll chuck this one just down to 170 to start with, so we get some clouds for you guys.

So 170 Celsius, let that do its thing, it will vibrate to let me know. So what else we’ve got in the kit here. We’ve just got these accessories here, so they’ve got a chamber screen for the base, just so making sure no herb particles are getting stuck in those little holes at the bottom.

It’s got this single airway mouthpiece screen, so with the mouthpiece, the air intake is on the left hand side, which then filters through the right hand side and pops out of the mouthpiece, so that helps to cool it down a little bit.

We’ve got this silicone mouthpiece cover, which I’m going to chuck on now, that helps if the vape’s still a little bit hot, so to retain that coolness to it and obviously this oval-shaped stainless steel liquid pad for all your concentrates and liquids.

Just have a hit of this one, now the smell is a lot more prominent than you expect from so most convection vapes, obviously, you’re not gonna get any smell out of it, until you’ve been drawing through for quite a while, but this one there’s definite sort of herby smell in the air.

So a decent bit of visible vapor of that first hit, that’s pretty, pretty common with most sort of dual conduction convection vapes. Let’s take another hit now, see if you can get a larger cloud, the flavors that I’m getting off this are really really something else.

. It’s the early two hits in on 170 Celsius, we’re getting pretty decent clouds from that and as I said starting at that lower temperatures that you’re getting the majority of those terpenoids and flavonoids, you can really enjoy that flavor.

Just breaking down the rest of the kit now, inside the box, you’ll also get this micro USB charging cable, so it’s just the regular sort of star with the AirVape emblem on the front there. So if you’ve got any power bank, laptop, USB port wall charger, whatever, you can keep this one locked and loaded on the go.

Also included, is just this general sort of cleaning and packing kit, the tweezers are packing, loading tool and this cleaning brush. That’s pretty much it guys, the Air Vape X, is a premium vaporizer, in a very very small package.

So if you’re looking for an awesome quality portable vape that you can load up, take on the go and enjoy terpy clouds of vapor, check out the AirVape X in the VapeFuse store and subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in herb vaping news and tech.

Cheers guys


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