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Apple Pie Capella – Review + 2 Recipes [Apple Pie Cap V1 & V2 Review DIY eliquid]

Apple Pie Capella – Review + 2 Recipes [Apple Pie Cap V1 & V2 Review DIY eliquid]

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. Im john im an flavor compounder and for today’s review I picked capellas apple pie. I will give you a quick review on the flavor and 2 easy recipes that you can make with it.

This flavor has been available in the market for a few years now already and due its popularity it was one of the flavors that was also updated to a diacetyl free option with the V2 line. I have used both flavors and are very similar so pick the one you prefer personally.

Now about the taste, this is more of a combination of flavors instead of a single flavor. I find this concentrate is mainly the filling inside of an apple pie and not so much the whole flavor. When vaping it solo you taste the sweetened apple and cinnamon first, following with a little bit of brown sugar and finishing with a small amount of baked crust.

It tastes very well the way it is but I couldn’t call it a complete apple pie eliquid just by itself. Also I find this flavor alone is sweet enough that when used inside a mix that has 50% of vegetable glycerin or more then you don’t really need to add a sweetener, since the natural sweetness of the highVG combined with the brown sugar should be sweet enough as is.

Similar to other capella flavors, this is a little bit less concentrated So You will need 5 or even 10% just to get the flavor in your mix. Now I have prepared 2 recipes to show you an example of how this flavor is used.

The first one is using it almost solo, with 16% Apple Pie V1 or V2, and 1% of Acetyl Pyrazine ,mixed at 65%VG and 35%PG. This recipe is almost just the capella apple pie paired only with some crust to create a simple and smooth apple pie ejuice.

The taste it will be a little mild compared to a fuller recipe but that can be expected since there is only a single layer in this recipe. Also this can be a good starting point for you to make your own apple pie recipe, you can start with these 2 ratios here and add more of your own flavor and make your own twist.

Next the 2nd recipe is a combination of few different flavors for a different and more bold apple pie taste. First we start with 10% Apple Pie CAP, 2% Sugar Cookie CAP, 1.5% Butterscotch FW, 3% Fuji Apple Cap, or 1% Fuji FA, 1% Milk & Honey (FLV), Cinnamon Crunch 2%, mixed with 60VG and 40PG and with a 5 day long steep is enough for maturing.

As you can tell this is a much fuller apple pie recipe, this time I used an additional combination of 2 flavorah concentrates that will bring an excellent depth to this recipe. The milk and honey is used for its smooth earthy taste and the Cinnamon Crunch is there to add some extra crust in the recipe and also give a lithe boost to the cinnamon flavor inside the apple pie.

On the inhale you will taste a very nice thick apple pie filling and on the exhale you will taste the crust and the earthy cinnamon. Making this ejuice also very aromatic and with a pleasant non offensive vape cloud inside a room.

Finishing I like to say that capella apple pie is a good flavor and something nice to try if you like this type of flavors. You can use it just to make simple all day vape recipes or as an accent flavor to other recipes.

It wouldn’t be the first and only flavor to buy from capella but if you find it available and looking for something new then it will make this flavor a good option. If you are using this concentrate let me know how you like to use it in your mixing.

Again I come to the end of this review. Thank you for watching and Ill see you on the next video.


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