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Atman Pretty Plus 510 Thread Herbal Vaporizer Review

Atman Pretty Plus 510 Thread Herbal Vaporizer Review

So what’s up guys, Matt from VapeFuse here, back again helping to keep you up-to-date with the latest in herb vaping news and tech. Now we recently copped this Atman Pretty Plus 510 Thread Dry Herb Vape.

That’s right 510 Thread Herb Vape. Now you can chuck your 510 thread cartridges onto the same vape you use to vape your weed. That’s pretty radical this 510 Thread movement. It really started with the introduction of disposable dab cartridges in the States and mod vapes and ever since it’s moved into the herb spectrum as well.

We recently reviewed the RBT Splinter which was a mod based dry herb attachment. They went into the top of a cigarette, and this is a pretty similar concept. This has just got this 510 thread herb pod, which goes onto the top of this 500mah battery.

You just screw that directly into it, you can see that it actually forms the basis of your vaporizers chamber. So inside it’s got ceramic walling and it’s got that five pin hole at the bottom for sort of improved air flow.

So it’s a semi convection/conduction vaporizer, but I’d go out on a limit and say it’s majority conduction. So I generally load my chamber up roughly halfway. You can fill it all the way to the top, which is about a quarter of a gram of dried ground herb but I find this thing works a little bit better if you pack it a bit less.

Now, it is an on-demand vaporizer, so you do have to heat it up during each hit, but it will stay on for a one-minute session. So it’s a little bit in between a session vape and on-demand vape. It’s pretty simple to use as well.

Once you’ve loaded it up with dry herb literally, just click the button five times in two seconds and it’ll flash to indicate that it is turned on. Holding the button down for a couple seconds, it will flash and once it’s red it’ll turn green and let you know that it’s ready to toke.

Heating up to its one temp of 210 degrees Celsius. So that’s 400 degrees Fahrenheit, 210 Celsius, so it is quite a high temperature. What I like to do while it’s heating up, I generally get my first couple of hits in, so I can get that initial sort of terpene release that’s coming from your herb.

One thing that you’ll see now, that I didn’t mention about this device, it actually has color-changing metal. So as it heats up, it’ll glow orange to indicate that the chamber inside is of course hot.

So that is a pretty unique feature, some people find pretty cool. It’s got this glass mouthpiece that goes into the top, which was an updated version 4 of the Atman Pretty Plus. Before that, it just comes with of this food grade plastic mouthpiece, so you can obviously still just pull that out, both got o-rings, you can slot that in.

The plastic has a little bit more of a restricted draw, so if you’re looking to get maybe some bigger clouds. Whereas, this all-glass mouthpiece has less of a restricted airflow. So you can just put right on through that, sort of ceramic filter at the top.

Terpenes and everything on this one, obviously having that really high temperature, it’s not as great as something that’s more terpene driven, but it is fantastic for on the go. It’s super discreet, slides directly into your pocket.

The only thing I’d recommend, is getting something that is heatproof, like a heatproof vape bag or something like that, as the end does become very hot and if you’re trying to sort of get into quick session maybe in a train bathroom or something like that, you’re gonna want to shove it into something where it’s not gonna burn you, so yeah any sort of like heat proof pouch is fantastic for this one.

So the Atman Pretty Plus comes equipped with some pretty basic accessories, like what your find of most sort of entry level herb vaporizers. It’s got this five pin USB charger, which plugs directly into the base of the device.

Obviously being a five pin micro USB charger, it’s pretty similar to a lot of smart phone chargers these days. So you can keep it loaded up and charge on the go or at home via either smart pod or power bank, anything like that.

Also included is this traditional wire cleaning brush and this pretty innovative little packing and scooping tool, which can be used to stir your chamber mid-session something that I definitely recommend with this vape.

Now, if you’re packing it the way I’m talking about, so roughly packing the chamber half way up and sort of stirring it in between. Each set you should roughly get two sessions out of it so two one minute sessions.

So obviously this isn’t something to sit around and pass between mates for up to five to 10 minutes. But if you’re just looking for something it’s gonna help get you a little bit baked on the go in a hurry, this Atman Pretty Plus is gonna be the perfect device for you.

Now, keep an eye out for the Atman Pretty Plus in the VapeFuse store. Remember to check out the description and subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with the latest in herb vaping news and tech.

Thanks guys.


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