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Banana Flavor West Review & Recipe [FW Banana Flavor Review and E liquid DIY]

Banana Flavor West Review & Recipe [FW Banana Flavor Review and E liquid DIY]

Good day and welcome, I’m john from diy eliquid recipes and today I’m back with another flavor west review. This time we are going to take a look at their very nice banana flavor, I will give you some quick notes on the taste, a solo ratio to use and 2 full flavor eliquid recipes that you can make with this flavor.

So first I want to say that over all the other banana flavors available I picked to start with the flavor west version first because I find it to be the best all around banana concentrate. I’m not saying is the best one, since You can find other more realistic or more concentrated banana flavors like the banana ripe from tfa or the inawera banana, but the flavorwest banana I find that it can stand alone very well and has a good overall taste.

It has a good balance of natural and artificial banana flavors, it is not too concentrated or overly sweet and it will vape clean and with a good amount of flavor. Of course I can’t say that the flavor west one should be the only banana you should own, but if this time you are looking to order only one banana flavor that you can use inside all your recipes then this one would be my suggestion.

So now about the taste, this is a very clean and light tasting banana flavor. It will never get too strong even at higher ratios so I can’t say it’s the most potent one, but it has a very good and realistic taste that vapes very well.

For solo use I would recommend using it from 4% up to 10%. After 10% it will start having a slight chemical aftertaste so I wouldn’t recommend going any higher. For an RDA build I would say 6% a good solo ratio to use and for a RTA 8 or 9% is good ratio for the fullest taste.

If you try it at 10% and you still find it weak, then raising the ratio won’t really help you so what I would recommend in that case, is to use 1% of banana ripe from TFA as a booster in your recipe to get the fullest banana flavor possible.

Now next I want to show you 2 recipes you can make with this flavor so you can get an Idea of how it can be used inside an eliquid. The first recipe it is a full flavor banana cocktail eliquid that is vapes smooth and fruity and the second recipe is a thick banana cream eliquid with a lot of banana flavor and rich creams.

SO here are the recipes, the first one uses the flavorwest banana as the base with a combination of a few other fruits and 1% of dragonfruit that is used here not only for its bright taste but also as flavor emulsifier.

The sweetener in this recipe is 0.5% of ethyl Maltol which it will also add a little bit more mouthfeel to the recipe so it is recommended to be used here over sucralose. At the end all together this is a good eliquid that vapes very smoothly, on the inhale you will taste a slight fruit flavor and on the exhale you will taste a sweet and fruity cocktail vapor that smells and tastes very well.

It will need only 2 days of steeping but I find for the maximum banana experience the best way to use this eliquid is as a shake and vape. Now about the second recipe, this is a combination of banana and cream flavors creating a thick and full tasting eliquid.

If you have the loran banana cream you can use that here too since it’s a very nice alternative banana cream flavor, but for vaping make sure you use the clear version only. The rest of the recipe it is a smooth cream base created by the marshmallow and French vanilla with a touch of vanillin at the end to add some extra smoothness to the vape.

This is a eliquid is a little bit more advanced and will need some extra steeping to mellow out so I would recommend steeping it for at least 5 days if you can wait. When you vape it you will taste on the inhale some of the banana and a little bit of the creams, and all the flavor comes alive on the exhale where there will be a thick and full of flavor vapor with a good balance of banana and a cream taste.

Especially if you make the recipe using the lorann concentrate which makes this eliquid almost taste like the real desert. Both are nice recipes and use the same flavor but in different ways. Depending what you like to vape and which of the ingredients you own already, make the one you like more and feel free to share your thoughts about the taste in the comments.

Hopefully this video gave you an insight on flavor west’s banana and a few ways that it can be used. As always leave your comment or your thumbs up below. And I will see you again next time.


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