Welcome back to the YouTube channel, in this Occasion We begin this new stage, we begin this New phase with a recipe small But I wanted to start with this recipe instead of With others that I have already recorded, recording video A few months ago, to begin in June New To publish more recipes and i wanted to start with This, because this recipe has already been published I don’t remember when it was published, but it happens that this Prescription likes to Oscar, who is a friend of Valencia but for reasons Of this crisis that we have lived and are living the 2007, 2006 or 2008 Had to leave to Canada and had to leave To Canada with his wife and their daughters With Stefania and Carla Then from Canada we continue talking and Speaking of recipes Talking about how to improve the recipes that already We have.

.. this recipe that you like the I believe it was called Banana Custard I was told that I had a few flavors and wanted to improve that Recipe, originally had 4 or 5 flavors Now has many more flavors But I said .

.. With the flavors that he had Add more nuances, add more tones and improve the As a result, He taught me the flavors that I had and I Create a possible update But when you create the video, I see that using other flavors.

.. Using, for example, this Banana, its result is Best When Oscar you see it, you will see that I have made changes… It is good to use these flavors because Flavorah brings Real flavors Adding some specific flavors, we improve the Final result.

This recipe also had Vanilla Custard, but it turns out that the Vanilla Custard This company is very successful and not We need as much… Originally the recipe this would take 5% Vanilla Custard TPA but using a 3% of this other Vanilla I see the best flavor And I don’t need so much concentration of flavor.

.. therefore, We reduce the total taste of the recipe In principle I think we said for Oscar That was a 26 per cent of taste We have reduced to a 23% but i added more Flavors… The flavor of Banana Inawera In a very small amount, only I added a 0.

5% of Each one of them For these two, improve the other Add small nuances, leads to get tones The actual end result We have many flavors to add and will see How are added and why More details on this new stage.

.. In this new Stage we will also have background music in the Videos… I have always used free music from YouTube.. But I have a friend who is DJ, also of Mallorca And Mr. Ángel Méndez Normal to complain about the music that employment.

.. The music of the intro… And he told me to put the music to the videos… He is dedicated professionally to produce and work DJ… makes mixers very good and Others are very bad, hahaha… when you hear this Hate me.

.. and other topics have to Register will not be in the channel at the moment… but It will come out… Is a person that if you kept your end of line Being very good… And having said that, the music of the channel will be the responsibility of Ángel Méndez And nothing more.

.. I will continue With the same line as we were before but how All… we have evolved And we add more shades and tones to recipes… Adding more quality… I will continue doing the recipes With one hand.

.. the other is still evil… i can’t Grab anything with it… Until you have surgery will not be able to do Nothing… now the pain is better able to withstand and A hand go doing little by little.

.. Making the recipes and showing everything that we have Fact All that has been done here to back that is not He has published but that has been done and tested So you can see everything that is not showed.

.. we’re going with The recipe… We are going to do ten ml voucher The concentration is a 23% to 70% of glycerin and 30% propylene glycol… to use a 23 per cent of taste only Lack Add A 6% propylene glycol and is already completed.

.. That said, we are going with the recipe… Banana Cream, which was the main aroma Prescription, Now we have a 6%… a 6% are 0.6 ml For 10 ml total… Now we add more refinements… didn’t have the Banana Nut Bread and we will add it.

.. Before it was only banana custard and is now Banana Safe Custard… How to Mr. Oscar is called Oscar Safe, We put your name to the recipe… Banana Safe Custard Add the Banana Nut Bread to add the Pastel tones of banana.

.. that are completed with the Graham Cracker and Peanut Butter… The Banana Nut Bread, add only a 1% How to only seek nuances, we add very little For only having small tones… Now the modifications that Oscar is not going to Like because he doesn’t have these flavors.

.. Banana of Inawera only a 0.5% Because only a shade of the banana, nothing More… 0.5 %, For 10 ml 0.5 ml Total Flavorah banana, we use also a 0.5% Only are small nuances But those little nuances, are the ones who after We will give different flavors.

.. Graham Cracker Clear, we used Previously, we used a 2%… 0.2 ml to 10 ml Total The Peanut Butter, we give a tint of peanuts and We use the same amount as before, only a 1% 0.1 ml liters to 10 ml total The vanilla custard, we used a 5% and the use This vanilla that is much more intense use only A 3% In addition to being more intense flavor that have under my Point of view is much more accomplished Now we start.

.. this is what we have added To the recipe… With these flavors will add more creaminess and We can get a result more enjoyable Vanilla Swirl we added a 1% 10 ml 1% to total 0.1 ml When we buy flavors.

.. more Spending bought 30 ml, but only 30 ml is more than Enough… I have added another modification more and i have replaced French Vanilla Deluxe by French Vanilla Creme, to be a cream fits The Best.

.. And the French Vanilla Creme we use a 3% A 10 ml 3% to total 0.3 ml To make creams we use specific flavors… For example, Sweet Cream, Whipped Cream, Dairy Milk… With this type of flavors we get creams Of Dairy Milk a 1% Of Whipped Cream, a 2% .

.. 0.2 ml to 10 ml total And finally we add a tint of strawberry, but Soft… only a 2% … With the mixture that we have not dominated at all A 2% of strawberry Even the Strawberry and Cream, it would also be Appropriate Either one or the other would be good for this recipe.

.. Once we have the flavor added, a total of 2.3 ml For 10 ml total, add 0.6 ml of propylene glycol What we have here prepared… And now we need to add, as we have prepared the 70% of glycerin and 30% propylene glycol.

.. Forgiveness, with a single hand is very complicated for My… we add 7 ml of glycerine I have not moved before… if it were a citrus fruit, it would be more Important move it… as it is a cream does not pass Nothing.

.. Citrus fruit if they do not move take a little longer in Mixed We put the plug that i have prepared… Move it… And now this… This recipe, as i comendado before, we have Added more nuances and we have evolved As it was a Banana Custard or cream Banana.

Custard = Custard What we have done is add more tones to the Custard, add more roundness or softness… A more accomplished for it not to be so simple… You get with all this… add this series of Shades That you don’t get to use only 2 or 3 flavors, is Good to use 10 or 12 flavors instead of 3 or 4 ? Yes, the difference is very large.

.. It’s like everything, if We compare a commercial of the year 2014 eliquid with One of the year 2017 The difference is, you have more nuances than the Flavors of the year 2014, as well as the flavors that We could buy in 2016 Or in 2017 did not exist in the year 2014, we lacked This variety It is like comparing a basic Kanthal Resistance Of 0.

16 or 0.18 with the resistances of today curly … And the taste that provides that resistance does not Provides the other This is the same It is not the same a recipe so a recipe that is A 1 flavor The comparisons are odious as always But in this case What we seek is to have more satisfaction in The Palate Adding all of these tones we get more Satisfaction on the palate Well, this recipe is entirely devoted to the Secure Oscar woman and her two daughters, Stefania and Carla And we’ll see you on the next.

.. i hope with this recipe Start again to publish all the weeks i have Try to publish more than a recipe And see the evolution of my damn arm how it works and I hope in a few months or a year to use the On the other hand Well, having said that, we are in the next, until Then


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