Home Product Reviews Bang Bar Disposable Vape vs Puff Bar Disposable Vape Review

Bang Bar Disposable Vape vs Puff Bar Disposable Vape Review

Bang Bar Disposable Vape vs Puff Bar Disposable Vape Review

We got the bang for the one and only. We’re gonna fight the puff bar slide that out. what’s up my ducklings and welcome back to my channel my name is fumb duck and thank you for tuning in on this lush, beautiful day.

Today we got the bang bar the one and only sexy sexy bang bar and we’re gonna fight the puff bar and see who wins in this battle it’s gonna be the puff bar bang bar battle. But before I unbox these vapes if you want more vape reviews vape unboxings and to stay up to date with the latest vape information subscribe down below to my channel and hit that bell notification icon for the latest updates on my videos.

So we got the sexy sexy bang bar i finally got one and we’re gonna unbox this bad boy right now the flavor i got is banana ice. Slide that out, sick we don’t need that box. Look at the package though damn man.

That is a really nice looking package they’re the same as always you know you just rip it from the top you pop them out probably has the silicone. Yes it does it has the silicone on it and we’re just gonna pop these off just like that and we got the bang bar looks very very similar to a puff bar and the puff bar we’re gonna be using is the sour apple, the colors are almost identical it’s unreal.

So it’s the sour apple puff bar and this is the bang bar. Led indicators are both at the bottom of the devices. The air holes do look a little different kind of cool how they have different shapes. Now, the battle and analysis starts right now.

The puff bar has 280 milliamps of battery the bang bar has 280 milliamps battery. The puff bar has 1.3 milliliter pod size or liquid size and so does the bang bar so that’s kind of interesting the puff bar has around 200 to 250 puffs bang bar has about 300 puffs and of course they are both five percent nic.

So the only one that’s gonna win this battle is the one that has better clouds and better flavors. So we’re gonna start with the bang bar banana ice let’s try our clouds in flavor of this bad boy! Oh clouds are nice the flavor is nice too no wonder you guys are recommending me banana ice this is sick dude! I like the flavor, i love the clouds tastes exactly like a banana now for the puff bar sour apple let’s try this bad boy as well! Good clouds and the sour apple has slapped me in the face.

Ow, ow, oh that last one was way too hard but yeah the clouds are great flavor is great and they’re both very very similar they’re both also kind of the same price they’re around 10 to 15 depending on where you get them.

So that is kind of cool but i’m going to have to say the flavor for the bang bar is slightly better than the puff bar you know this being the puff bar that’s the scale of how good they’re. Not very good scale.

Yeah, it’s a good device definitely recommend the pop bang puff or bang puff. Yeah they merged into one the bang puff bar! I gotta freaking wake up all right the last thing to do with the bang bar is to max it out i’m gonna cough you’re gonna make fun of me in the comments and you guys are gonna love it so don’t even harass me.

Okay let’s max out the bang bar right now! All in all they’re both great devices if you want to try vaping to quit smoking i recommend any of these devices especially if you want something on the go something that’s quick and you can just buy at a corner store.

Again depending on where you are be responsible don’t buy these if you are underage. But the bang bar has the slighter edge for flavor and it does hit a little harder and does have more puffs so if you want something maybe a little bit better than the puff bar go for the bang bar but again puff bar is still a sick device and i absolutely love it.

Thank you my ducklings for tuning into this week’s video, thank you to my new viewers and new subscribers for also tuning in i love you guys. If you want more vape reviews, vape unboxings and to stay up to date the latest vape information subscribe down below and hit that bell notification icon for the latest updates on my videos.

On that note fumb duck outtt! Fumb duck on the track with a little rap i’m here to celebrate because i did something great thanks to all of you i’ve got a bunch of views i hit 1k and i’m here to stay


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