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Bavarian Cream Vs DX Bavarian Cream – TFA taste Comparison & Review (DIY Eliquid Flavors)

Bavarian Cream Vs DX Bavarian Cream – TFA taste Comparison & Review (DIY Eliquid Flavors)

welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. Today I have a quick video comparing the same flavor but in 2 different forms. When ordering flavors there are so many of them to buy that when I see a single flavor being offered in 2 versions it seems inefficient to order the same flavor twice so I usually settle for one of the 2 versions but this time I got both and I will try to answer the question if there is any difference between Bavarian cream and DX Bavarian cream? I will start first by taking a quick look at tfas website where they describe the DX as a diaketone, acetoin free version of the original Bavarian cream.

Which I believe this is information most of us will know already, but how about their taste? So I tried both solo and inside a recipe to see if I can find any difference in taste, for the solo test I tried them both mixed at 5% and they taste very similar or almost the same with the DX tasting a little sweeter not a lot just a little more sweet and also a little bit smoother on the throat with less of a throat hit but again not a huge difference.

Next I tried them inside this recipe at the same ratio again both times, this is a very common and simple recipe that you can find in many different versions online. This time I only used 7% of Bavarian cream, 3% of dragon fruit tfa and 3% strawberry ripe at an equal 50%vg and 50%pg.

I have been vaping them on and off since yesterday but I will do a fresh comparison really fast now so I get a fresh taste to describe to you, first the Dx , alright, and then the regular Bavarian cream.

Ok so the main thing I can taste is that the DX version is a lot smoother than the original one. It has a very mild throat hit compared to the regular one and vapes much lighter even when mixed at the same concentration.

Now in taste they are pretty much the same, they both have a nice rich cream taste with subtle vanilla notes. But where they different is on the vape body, as I said the DX is smoother and lighter and the regular one tastes a little more thick and slightly darker or earthier.

For steeping or maturity, Ill say that the DX matures a little faster. These eliquids are both 2 days old and the Dx version has already started tasting more finished than the original one, so that another difference.

In general what I would have to say is buy the one available at the time where you are shopping, here locally most times the original Bavarian cream is sold out so I can only order the DX version but if both are available to you the get the one that would go better with your style of vaping based on the earlier description.

If you have anything to say about this comparison leave me a comment and once more thank you for watching.


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