Welcome again to the channel of, YouTube, in this occasion has another recipe also looking for or in the line of others that we have put that they are with Fruit Circles, looking for the flavor of the cereals with the milk and it is this way of type creamy.

.. here we add him/her but you tinge and we include a flavor that we had not even used… he/she has given a lot of game and us to us had contributed interesting shades… and we have thought that mixing both the result can be very interesting.

.. Fruit circles with Berry Crunch for that reason we have in this recipe berry Crunch that we have it here we also have Dairy Milk we also have Fruit Circles and we add him/her some Marsmallow and we make the cream with Sweet Cream and Whipped Cream with these two among Sweet Cream, Whipped Cream and Dairy Milk and the marshmallow, we make the mixture to obtain the softness inside the recipe to be able to say after he/she reminds you the group to to give that creaminess touch.

.. with Marshmallow it is rounded or it is even softened but obtaining but shades of softness… we believe that one obtains a recipe but elaborated… of Berry Crunch tells us that we use 2%, therefore, to make 10 total ml we need 0,2 ml 0,2 ml stops to inside.

.. of Berry Crunch of Dairy Milk tells us 3%… to notice that it is always about those porcentages… it is never added but of a 4% because if we exceed ourselves it is instead of pleasant, unpleasant, as if it was sour.

.. it is not a real flavor of milk and if we add a lot we obtain a flavor like sour… then, of Dairy Milk 3% = 0,3 ml to make 10 total ml… of Fruit Circles tells us a 7% 0,7 ml to make 10 total ml 0,7 mili liters of of Fruit Circle like you see we always use big quantities.

.. from 10% to 7%, but always with big quantities… because it is looked for that Fruit circles prevails on the rest of flavors… of Marshmallow he/she tells us 2%, to make 10 ml we need 0,2 ml… here.

.. of Sweet Cream that they will be the flavors that contributed the creaminess… a 3% that is to say 0,3 mili liters, here it is worth, 0,3 mili liters of Sweet Cream and lastly of Whipped Cream that will also contribute creaminess other 3%, therefore, 0,3 ml for 10 total ml.

.. 0,3 are here these two, among the one among Whipped Cream, Sweet Cream, Dairy Milk and Marshmallow make us the union of… the mixtures to obtain creaminess when joining it with Fruit circles and the one Berry Crunch that adds that flavor that has Fruit Circles total quantity of aroma, we have 20% that anything is not bad if we have 2 ml of total flavor and we have to add of propilenglicol 5 ml in total, serious, 5 ml – 2 ml = 3 propilenglicol ml to add then of propilenglicol we add here we have the propilenglicol bottle.

.. of propilenglicol we add 3 ml it is here we lift the tube… and we add the 3 propilenglicol ml we remove the propilenglicol that we no longer need it we move… the result this way we make that the propilenglicol already mixes with the flavors to think that all these flavors are diluted on propilenglicol, then in more than the same thing we don’t alter anything.

.. but when we add the glycerine, if he/she loses temper the composition of the molecules… glycerine here and we catch 5 ml of glycerine this recipe concretely doesn’t take anything of molecules and adding the glycerine is already finished glycerine 5 ml of glycerine and we lift the tube so that it lowers the surplus and with this we have our made eliquid.

.. the mixture is this way less… fewer say it is as annulling a step for already to have the propilenglicol added with the flavors we close well we move and that it is our result as you see it is not difficult to prepare and it is a variant to the previous ones, on those that we have worked of of types of cereals and adding but you tinge or different shades and this time leaning on on Berry Crunch he/she gives a touch extra flavor and the creams with Dairy Milk, Marshmallow, Sweet Cream and Whipped Cream he/she makes us a quite homogeneous mixture leaving a very rich flavor I can add him/her.

.. ? Vanillas can always be added but small quantities, for example 1% of French Vanilla that we have it here or 1% of Vanilla custard it would not be bad inside the recipe… but not adding much, other flavors.

.. if you have more than enough or you have 1 ml of some loose flavor, example Vanilla Custard, add it… you won’t ruin the recipe for that reason… but care with what is added… good, this is everything and we see each other in the following one, see you later.


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