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Best Setup For Vape Tricks

Best Setup For Vape Tricks

What’s up vapers Tristan_Vapes here In this video im going to show you the best setup for vape tricks *Intro* I always wondered which setup works best for tricks when I first started out and I also see the question floating around the air too, so I’m just going to give you a better understanding of what works First off, let’s talk about e-juice so e-juice contains 4 things you got PG which is Propylene Glycol VG which is Vegetable Glycerin and you got flavoring and nicotine with flavoring, you get the flavor taste in you e-liquid with nicotine, you get your nicotine fix with the e-liquid just so you know, nicotine is an addictive chemical, it’s very similar to caffeine, it stimulates dopamine in your brain then you have propylene glycol or PG which acts as a base in your e-liquid, the more PG you have in your juice the more flavor you will taste.

Lastly, you got vegetable glycerin, VG, which acts as another base in your e-liquid. The more VG you have, the more cloud production you will get. You can trick on any e-juice out there, there isn’t a magical e-juice that will turn you into a vape god.

To be a vape god, that really comes from within. but there is a couple things in e-juice that will help and that is your VG to PG ratios. If your e-juice is at 50 VG and 50 PG you can still trick on it, but it’s not optimal because you are going to be losing a lot of cloud production.

If your e-juice is at 70 VG and 30 PG, that’s where most of the premium e-juices run. You will get amazing flavor and amazing clouds and that’s typically what I use. Then there is max VG which is the maximum amount of VG that you can have in an e-juice.

With the flavors a lot of the flavors are PG based, so you’re not going to have like 100% VG. I have had 100% VG just straight, no flavors and I can tell you it is not fun, you do not want to go down that route, but with max VG you’re going to get the most cloud potential you can.

Whichever e-juice you decide to use is up to you, like I said you can trick with any e-juice out there. Now let’s move onto the mods. For mods, you have pod systems, sticks/ pens, box mods, mech mods, and squonk mods.

You can do tricks with all of them, it just depends on your style. Pod systems are typically low wattage devices that hold a pod of e-juice in them, usually containing salt nicotine. Nicotine salts help mimic the sensation of smoking a cigarette.

I wouldn’t really recommend doing tricks with salt nicotine just because generally have a lot of nicotine in them, but if you do choose to do it, just keep it light. Sticks/ Pens these mods are great for any beginner vaper because not a lot of maintenance goes into it and also I started a lot of my tricks using a smok stick V8 Box mods are pretty much what you see everywhere, they are excellent for any type of vaper, they’re also regulated and they have a lot of safety features too.

Then you got mechanical mods mechanical mods are for more of the advanced vapers because you gotta know battery safety and ohms law to properly use this device, but on the plus side, you get a lot of control over your vape.

Then you got your squonk mods, it’s pretty much like a dripper without dripping because you put the e-juice into this little bottle, squeeze it, and it squirts up to your RDA. For mods, they all work, it just depends on what style you really like.

For me, I really like the box mods and the squonk mods. The last section that we are going to be covering in the video are sub-ohm tanks or RDA’s Sub-ohm tanks are the tanks you generally see on a vape they are pretty much the top part that holds the e-juice on the inside like in a glass container and they have a pre-built coil on the inside.

RDA’s are the tanks that you generally see with the built-in coils in there and they don’t hold e-juice. You just drop the e-juice on top of the cotton. You can trick on sub-ohm tanks, there is nothing wrong with that.

You get amazing flavor and amazing cloud, the only downside to tricking on sub-ohm tanks is you’re probably going to burn that cotton in your coil really fast. RDA’s are where the beauty lies, you get some of the best vape experience if you know how to set up your builds.

The moment I switched over to an RDA was an amazing moment, you get amazing flavor, you get amazing clouds. It’s like a straight kick to your mitochondria. Also if your cotton goes bad. It’s an easy switch.

Comment down below if you guys use sub-ohm tanks or RDA’s. Alright, YouTube that’s the end of the video. If you liked it, please like, share, and subscribe. There’s also a little notification bell over here and if you hit that you will be notified every time I make another upload.

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