Home Product Reviews Best Vape 2018 Review | VapeFuse’s Best Portable Vaporizers of 2018

Best Vape 2018 Review | VapeFuse’s Best Portable Vaporizers of 2018

Best Vape 2018 Review | VapeFuse’s Best Portable Vaporizers of 2018

What’s up guys, Matt from VapeFuse here, back again hoping to keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest in herb vaping news and technology. Now, I’m super excited for this post, we’re gonna bring you guys our Best Herb Vapes of 2018, so this is the comprehensive list of all the vaporizers, that we’ve tried and experimented with.

We’re breaking them down into five individual categories, based on sort of attributes that people who associate with top-quality vaporizers. For the five categories that we assessed are: Best Flavor, Best Compact Portable or True Portable, Best Medical Device, Best Vaping Technology and Best Overall Portable Vape.

So, in front of me we’ve got five of our best-selling all-time portables. Some of them old, some of them are new. From left to right, we’re looking at the Hydrology9 portable vape by Cloudious9, this is actually the first vape I came across with an inbuilt aqua bubbler.

So there’s been a few devices, like the FocusVape Adventurer, The FocusVape itself, even the CloudV Phantom Premium, that have either optional or equipped aqua bubblers. This device is unique, the Cloudious9, as you sort of unscrew the top here and that’s how you load in your water, so we have Piece Water, which is a natural solution that sort of stops your glass pieces from developing resin and we use that in the Hydrology, you can get up to 400 sessions without having to change the water, so usually to put that in principle a little bit, maybe after every 10 or 15 sessions, but this Piece Water solution contains citric acid and other vitamins it’s just going to help keep the glass clean.

So the Hydrology we copped early this year, it came out in the end of 2017, so it just qualifies for this 2017/18 best portable vapes line-up and in terms of flavor, this thing is as good as it gets. It features a Teflon baking chamber in the bottom, which is nonstick and helps to generate a fantastic convection vapor.

So pretty much what you do, is you just load your herb up into the bottom, which also features this little turntable style mixer, so that has a little titanium pin in the bottom of chamber, so when you’re rotating that, it’s going to help sort of keep the herbs vaporizing evenly, instead of just sort of giving it a bit of a center vaporization with green around the outside, some vapes are prone to.

So as I said, load it up in the bottom, click it on a couple of times, though it starts flashing and you can just mediate between the five temperature settings ,so obviously starting on the lowest is the better to let you get all of those essential terpines and flavonoids, but this device in general, it takes a little bit longer to heat up, but once it is you can get a massive session and a few hits has already got you feeling that special type of vape, so pretty much just showing you how you’d hit it.

..once it’s heated up, it’s pretty reminiscent of an OG water pipe or beaker, so you hear that nice and bubbling and as you can see, as the vapor sort of flies out you see these individual bubble break and listen to the vapor path and you can take the long clean toke, so the Hydrology9, by Cloudious9, is designed in the US and it’s as I said been in the market for about a year now.

In terms of price, it sits around 380 Australian around 300 US and if you buy it up from VapeFuse, we’ve got a free leather carry-case that comes with that one as well. So the second device and this the Best Vapes 2018 lineup, comes in is the Best True portable vape we’ve come across.

So a true portable vape, is something that’s very portable in nature, so it’s obviously compact, good battery life, great vaping performance, has an element of discreteness to it and the Arizer Argo or the Arizer Go, has all of those qualities and spades.

Now, this is my favorite device, on the market right now without a doubt. It takes all of that amazing vapor quality and density. The Arizer tech line of portables, has always been known for and transfers it into this minute little package, that can slide directly into the pocket.

Now, with most of the Arizer devices, even like the Arizer Solo and Air, they’ve been criticized for not being exactly, “portable” so with the one glass protruding tubes in the end, people often criticize and say there could be a little fragile or if it’s in your pocket it’s gonna slip down and go, whatever.

So, with the Argo, Arizer combatted that beautifully, with this little go button on the back, so pressing that, pops it up so the whole glass tube can actually be sealed, so that’s never been a sort of a thing that Arizer being known for, it’s always been this protruding glass tube, now you can have the safety, by just popping up the go button, putting it in your pocket, going hiking, fishing, biking, whatever you want, you can just have that peace of mind, that your device is going to be safe and sound in your pocket.

So, the ArGo, like the Air 2 and Solo features that new Arizer OLED display, so it’s moved away from the traditional analog temperature guide and we’ve moved on to a full spectrum digital temperature display model.

With that as well, it’s also got the removable 18650 3500 milliamp battery, so this is a genuine Samsung battery, we stock them in the VapeFuse store as well , so if you’re looking to get away for a couple of days away from the hubbub of society and power, you just want to load up a couple of extra batteries take them away with you, you can keep vaping for up to two three hours and an end, so this device as it is because of the strength of the 3500 milliamp battery you can sit comfortably, for maybe 50 minutes to an hour off a single charge ,so that’s up to say if you’re doing a five-minute session you can get 10 to 12 sessions before we have to chuck this bad boy back on the charger.

Like all good premium portable vapes, the ArGo, also features pass-through charging, so you can charge it up in the car, by your laptop, via a power plug, power bank and safely enjoy your vapor wireless charging.

Now, the next category we assessed was Best Medical Device now Best Medical Device, that has a few little characteristics that make up this category. So, after something that turns on quick, blows vapor quick, has a strong dense vapor and is also quite user friendly and easy to operate.

Now, the Storz and Bickel Crafty, aside from having its own medical patent thing that the company Storz and Bickel in Germany specifically got for its portable and desktop devices, the Crafty, Mighty, Volcanoes and Plenty, this Storz & Bickel Crafty, would blown vapor within a minute of turning it on, so you can load up with the filling aid into the chamber 0.

2- 0.3 grams of dried ground herb, lightly pack it down, chuck on your cooling unit at the top and then either using the smart phone Bluetooth enabled app, you can set your temperature and fluctuate through temperature modes or if you just don’t want to use your phone, simply click the device on, it’ll light up and then it’ll start on your bottom temperature and a click of the button each time, you can set a booster temp, by 5 to 10 degree time.

So this device is legit, it offers full convection vaping, so it’s got an aluminum baking chamber in the middle and as you breathe air in through the air holes in the side, it’s being heated to the temperature you’ve got it set up, atomizing your herbs, delivering you a consistent stream of super tasty vapor.

Now, this one almost competes with the Hydrology9 and the only reason I really could classify that one as our best flavor portable vaporize,r is that it does have the inbuilt aqua bubbler, so it’s helping you to take larger hits and giving you a bit of extra density and stuff like that with the clouds as well.

This Storz and Bickel Crafty though, it does offer the same vapor profile and flavor as a Volcano Digit and Desktop vaporizers, so you can be assured that the vape you’re getting is top quality and the best medical grade around.

Now, our next device and category that we assessed is Best Vaping Technology. Now, when we look at vaporizer technology, coming from back in the Vapir and original Arizer days and like the early 2000s 2010, as long as it turned on and vaporized the herbs that was good enough, but as now, the more and more advanced portable devices have started to come out, it’s set a bit of a precedent, for the kind of technology, that’s included in our top range portable vaporizers.

So in terms of vaping technology, we look at sort of heat up time, maintaining temperature, what other sort of additional usability features it has like if it’s Bluetooth enabled or manual or it offers full spectrum digital temp control and the DaVinci IQ offers all of those things.

So this device in particular, it’s so technologically advanced that when you’re hitting it, you can hear the individual clicks of the temperature’s going down, the temperature going down, as it adjusts to sort of heat your, meet your toke, basically.

.. so on some devices as you’re taking a toke, sort of you’re enjoying your session, it won’t even click the temperature down, so it’s showing that the temperature reader is not accurate, whereas the ones unlike the Crafty and The DaVinci IQ, you can literally tell that it’s cooling down everytime you’re pulling your vapor, which is it’s only a little thing, but it’s just good to know that they’re putting thought into every facet of, how they could advance this thing to suit the user.

So the DaVinci IQ, a few clicks on the side turns it on, it’s got these three buttons two for setting the … Two setting the temperature and this one at the top for the power. So like the Crafty, this device is also smartphone enabled, so you can link it up to your Bluetooth device and come up with some custom temperature paths, look at your session timer and lifetime sessions and even buy a new IQ and some parts in the store.

This device of fantastic flavor, it’s got a bottom loading ceramic chamber, with a Zirconia insert in the top, which helps to regulate the temperature and add a little bit of additional flavor to the mix as well.

Now, this device is the first that I’ve come across to feature an internal flavor chamber, as they refer to it as. So, this little tank in the middle, is also constructed from full Zirconia and you can use it to load up some fresh herbs like Jasmine, Lavender, Damiana or even the herbs from your next session to add a little bit of residual flavor to the mix.

Now, as this is a full convection vaporizer, loading your next session to this isn’t going to atomizer, so you’re gonna get a little bit of brownness and a little bit of that residual vapor flavor, but you can feel free to pack that right into the bottom of the chamber and go again, this device is really centric on flavor as well, almost up there as I said with the Hydrology9 and wtih just water pipe adapter you can chuck it into a 10 mil water pipe and enjoy it with the same sort of density and filtration as you would a Cloudious or FocusVape or something of the like.

So this device could almost classify for every category that we’ve got, but I decided to stick it in the Best Technology Category, as it performs well in everyone. Now, when we’re looking at our Best Overall Portable, without a doubt the device that takes the cake, is the Arizer Solo II, now the Solo II was the first of Arizer’s new line of premium portable devices to hit the market back in 2017.

So what followed was the Air I and subsequently the Argo, but the Solo II sort of stands out to me a little bit more, just for its premium battery power and just the way the durability of the whole thing and I do quite like the extended aroma tube as well.

I find that it helps to cool the vapor down a little bit more than we would say the ArGo, the Air II, so the best thing about the Solo II, is most definitely, its battery. Now, this thing features a DC battery, so it’s a 12 volt battery that’s inside the device it’s not removable like most of the other 18650 batteries, but it does allow you to have up to 2 to 3 hours of continuous session time, of a single charge.

Now that is at least twice of any other portable vaporizers that I’ve ever come acros, this thing is just ultra premium. It features the same unique user interface as the Argo and Air II, so it gives you a bunch of different functionality presets, you can go through and change the session timer, time on delay, even the background and the noise that it makes when the chamber’s ready to be vaped, it is insane.

This to us, it has the the same patented Aroma tube technology, that all the Arizer devices have got. So, it utilizes a full convection method of vaporization to produce vapor. Now, this in particular has yet to be replicated from any other device on the market and I think that’s why this Arizer, sort of category of portable vaporizers still reigns supreme.

So, pretty much to use this device, what you do is, you just pack a little bit of ground herb .1 to .2 of ground, so it’s very economic compared to some other portables or definitely more economical compared to a desktop vape, so you packed up to the ground herb, into the bottom of the aroma tube, have your device preheated to the temperature, generally starting around 175/180, invert it, insert a tube and you can just sit there token on the thing for up to 20 minutes off a single chamber.

Now, if you consider what that wasn’t taken like a water pipe or even a joint what like 0.2 grams of herb would amount to, maybe like a minute 30 seconds, with the Arizer Solo II, you can get up to 15 minutes, it’s just insane, like when I first came into vaping, I started with the device that was relatively simple, so I’d been consuming herb, for a number of years and I found that sort of a simple vaporizer, an entry-level one, did do the trick, but it wasn’t until I tried devices like the Arizer and the rest of the the vapes, in this category, that I really started to consider, what I liked about vaping and what I found to be a premium portable vaporizer.

So the Arizer Solo II, definitely fits that class and stands supreme as the Best Portable Vape that we’ve got right now. So, I’m super looking forward to what’s to come for the portable vaping market and look forward to bringing you guys a bunch more posts in the year to come and catch them up with you next year for our best portable rate review of 2019.

As always guys, thanks for checking out the video and remember subscribe to the channel, to stay up to date the latest and greatest in herb vaping news and technology


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