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Bold Burley Tobacco & Smokey Tobacco – Capella Flavors Review

Bold Burley Tobacco & Smokey Tobacco – Capella Flavors Review

Welcome I’m john and today I have a new double review video. So this is Bold burley tobacco and smokey tobacco from capella. These were the only 2 tobacco flavors from capella that I could find in Canada so I decided to review them after last weeks video before moving to flavourarts tobaccos.

Now I have had Bold burley and Smokey tobacco for only a week now so I haven’t been able to make any recipes worth sharing with them yet. And that is not so much about not having the time to steep them but rather because of the odd and unique flavor profiles these 2 flavors have, I’m struggling to find something else decent that I can pair them with.

Now for my testing I mainly used them as single flavor mixes and sometimes I only added 1% of TFA meringue to see if it brings any changes. Which it did but yet not enough to call it a recipe. In any case, let’s talk about how these tobaccos taste.

So the bold burley tobacco is probably my favorite out of the 2 here. It has a sweet dark chocolate taste with a hint of anise or maybe licorice in the end. If it’s not chocolate it tastes very similar to it,maybe espresso coffee bean.

Also I don’t taste much of the burley but I can taste something like oak wood or another wood. There is not a lot of it but just enough to mimic a tobacco flavor. All and all this is a good vaping tobacco without being overly bitter or bold.

Now the smokey tobacco is very different when vaped and it stands very true to its name. even at 5% of flavor I could mainly taste the smoke rather than any tobacco. This smoke taste reminds me more of a hickory or food like smoke, rather than a tobacco burned smoke but I could see it work as a smoke additive in other tobaccos.

It is a sweeter and lighter type of smoke not exactly the same but similar to Flavourarts black fire so I could see this capella flavor being used as an alternative. Now after this let me cover quickly the ratios Of use I concluded on after my testing on these flavors.

For the smokey tobacco, if you want to use it as the main flavor try it in your recipes from 4 up to 6%. And to use it as an accent or secondary tobacco usually 1 or 2% of flavor should be enough for most cases.

Now if you want to try this solo try it from 2 up to 4% for a mild eliquid and from 6 up to maybe 9% but that’s very high keep in mind. Now the burley tobacco, if you want to make eliquids with it then start from 5% up to 8% of flavor.

Also for a side flavor in other recipes you can use bold burley from 1 up to 4%. At 4% it will be pretty much a tobacco pair. And for solo try it from 3 up to 5% and for a stronger flavor use it from 7 up to 9%.

My recommendation for solo is actually 8% together with some sweetener. That won’t be incredible but still a decent flavor to vape around the house. Now regarding steeping, I’d say it depends for the recipe you are using these flavors in but as a guideline give them at least 3 to 4 days to settle down.

Now as I mentioned earlier I don’t have any recipes with these flavors as of this time but if you have something to share feel free to leave it in the comments. Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed this review and I will see you again next time.


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