Home Product Reviews Bord 02 Creme Anglaise E-Liquid Review (Soulvapes Reviews)

Bord 02 Creme Anglaise E-Liquid Review (Soulvapes Reviews)

Bord 02 Creme Anglaise E-Liquid Review (Soulvapes Reviews)

welcome back to salvage reviews I bring you another do to review number three and the boredom to genre cloud range that got sent to me freeing for purposes of a review from the guys of leap importers okay I think they’re kind of a distribution company for different people and stuff I think that’s the crack they’ve already got a website and stuff but yeah faith importers okay so this one is a creme Anglais okay these are all from the Bordeaux twos new well they’re probably not new but so this video goes up because it’s such a delay but there’s on that cloud rate alright so it’s on cloud maybe cloud chasing but these are 5050 juices I know cloud chasing yes you cloud chaser 50/50 but yeah 50/50 eyeglasses no so yeah this is creme Anglais okay rich smooth and silky this divine creme Anglais a liquid is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth which is not me if you have been watching my reviews as of late maybe time this goes out as of late I have come around the idea of a custody vape through one that certain juice company let’s see if this how this stacks up against it let’s go normal setup guys magnet drip one point for employer 13 watts on the LP feed mini version – all right here we go creme Anglais sweet and it’s custardy that is really i fat it’s really quite smooth it is a smooth thick vapor does that make sense definite custard on the way in on the way out is custody with just a hint of an in are not huge amount it takes cream and it kind of fills thickened cream in your mouth it does not make any sense whatsoever oh no sir it does feel nice that that’s just usual me and we will just crank the Watts up a touch just to see if it brings out anything else in this no more wipes it still is kind of exactly the same it’s all the way in very custody and creamy the way out it feels very thick in your mouth like the vapor for thick in your mouth on the way out just get a nice hint of vanilla with that creamy custard taste not overpowering not you’re not too much vanilla if you’ve watched my review not as good as the other custard I reviewed that seemed to have I’m not going on with it this is just crammed wrong yeah I can definitely get kind of a touch of vanilla in that yeah not bad one but not being a non custard fan yeah it’s hard to kind of you know taste is very subjective well I get from reduce you may not you know I do say this most of what you taste is so so subjective eliquid reviews certainly not the worst cuffs I’ve tasted but as of a few reviews back it’s certainly not the best custard I’ve tasted it is quite a sweet one I would’ve been a vapor for too long to be honest but all in all rather nice said it does it feels really thick in your mouth as well the faith I don’t know how they’ve done that or where it’s supposed to do that but it yeah it feels really thick in your mouth of apes rather not robbing those feeling that it’s gross so that we get a chrome on light you can get this up FitClub co2 UK I’ll set 50:50 juices these are $12.

99 420 ml and they come in zero three six eleven or 16 milligrams alright see you kind of 20 ml $12.99 these days that’s kind of there’s so much expensive juice out these days that’s kind of normal so yeah compare it to what I also per review it that’s expensive for what it is damas but yeah there we go all right sir there are creme Anglais from Bordeaux twos newish on that cloud range all right I will put the links in description as normal for the juice and for my social media outlets and for e-cigarettes you don’t go but UK if you’ve enjoyed the video please do get a thumbs up button it does make a difference please do subscribe to the channel if you want to see more videos lots more coming that’s it bye bye for now


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