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Boston Cream Pie Capella – Review + 2 Recipes [ CAP Boston Cream PIE V1 & V2 Review DIY eliquid]

Boston Cream Pie Capella – Review + 2 Recipes [ CAP Boston Cream PIE V1 & V2 Review DIY eliquid]

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. I’m john I’m an flavor compounder and for today’s review video I will go over capellas Boston cream pie. This is a fairly popular capella concentrate and you will see it being used in a lot of recipes online too.

The idea behind this flavor was to create a complete Boston cream pie in just one bottle ready to be mixed. When you taste it you will find everything expected inside this flavor, there is a slight hint of chocolate, a nice amount of soft buttery dough taste and a rich cream topping.

Making this flavor a good option for a simple mix recipe. If mixing it alone you will have to start around 10% and go from up from there, until 20% maximum. As a general note I have to say that this is a very light flavor in taste.

So if you already mixed it at a high amount like 20% and you still think its weak raising the ratio will only make it worst and it will start muting it even further. So what I suggest to do in this case is find what you think it needs more of, lets say you want it to be more creamy.

Then lower the ratio by 5% and add in 5% of you favorite cream instead. As an example I will show you 2 very nice Boston cream pie recipes that you can make very easily. I will start first with a solo one, we will start with 15% Boston Cream Pie, 1% Sweetener, 1% Acetyl Pyrazine.

And I usually mix this at an equal ratio of 50%VG and 50% PG so I can get a better idea of the taste. Here im using the cream pie as the main ingredient just with a small boost to the dough and chocolate taste with the 1% of acetyl Pyrazine and finishing with a little bit of sweetener since I find capella made this flavor really light on the sweetness.

Next I will show you a full flavor, rich Boston Cream pie recipe, Starting again with 9% Boston cream pie, 3% Bavarian Cream TFA, 0.5% Meringue (FA), 2% Sugar Cookie (CAP), 1% Sweetener, 0.5% Smooth(TFA).

Mixed in at 60%VG and 40%PG. This recipe is a little heavy so it will better after a 3 or 4 day long steep. I didn’t add any extra chocolate since I would then have to balance it out with even more flavors after, but you could enhance some of the chocolate taste with a few drops of acetyl Pyrazine instead.

This recipe will taste very similar to the original boston cream pie flavor but boosted up. I kept the exact same profiles inside this flavor and just enhanced them even more to bring out a fuller vape taste.

On the inhale you mainly taste the cream and some of the chocolate and on the exhale the whole recipe comes together with the taste of the buttery dough, rich cream and sweet chocolate all mixed in thick vape cloud.

Its very nice all day vape that vapes smoothly and with a lot of flavor. Closing I have to say that I really like capellas Boston cream pie and personally I usually just mix it solo with only some extra sweetener, but in any case if you like pastry flavors this is another very good flavor to add in your future list.

If you can find the old V1 and you don’t mind diaketones I would recommend getting that one, but the capella has done a good job remaking this flavor as a V2 and I find it almost as creamy as the old one so get the one you can find and prefer personally.

If you already have this concentrate in your collection let me know how you like to use it in your mixing. Once more that is all I have prepared today for this flavor. I want to thank you for watching and Ill see you on the next video.


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