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Boundless Tera Portable Vape Review | VapeFuse.com

Boundless Tera Portable Vape Review | VapeFuse.com

Good day guys, Matt from VapeFuse.com here. Back again helping to keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest in herb vaping news and technology. Now, we recently copped a bunch of portable vaporizers from Boundless Technology over in the States and I’ve had a blast trying them out these past few weeks.

Now we copped the Tera, the Boundless CFV which is the entry level Sidewinder and the CFX. Now, the CFX and CFV have been in the market for a little while now, have picked up a bit of market traction, but the latest device, the Boundless Tera, is really making some waves in the portable vape market.

Now, this device is super customizable, so it comes with three attachable mouthpieces including this traditional food grade plastic Sidewinder style mouthpiece. This glass mouthpiece with silicone grommet on the bottom for keeping the airlock nice and tight.

It’s got a universal 14 millimeter and 18 millimeter water pipe adapter, so it’s compatible with other yeah 18 mil bowl or your 14 mil downstem depending on which one you’ve got and it’s even got this big liquid pad as well.

for all of your concentrates. So the Boundless Tera is actually one of the first devices I’ve seen, besides like the Dr. Dabber which they come with a dual concentrate and herb mode. So, aside from just having that dual concentrate and herb capabilities with the inclusion of a liquid cardboard pad or something like that, they’ve actually included an extra temperature mode strictly for using concentrates.

So, that temperature mode sits at 500 degrees Fahrenheit roughly 250 to 260 Celsius and to get through it, you pretty much just turn the display on like this, should be in a traditional way five clicks and give you a nice big vibrate and it shows you just the current temperature setting.

So you can display the temps in both Celsius and Fahrenheit and if you wanted to click into concentrate mode, you just press this home button three times. So as you’ll see by clicking that the little honeycomb sign will appear on the display and then from then on after you’ve held the button down, it’ll cook up to it’s one set temp of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

So. atomizing concentrates in a portable vape like this, obviously it’s not going to be as effective as like a dab rig or a traditional concentrate vaporizer, but if you’re after a portable way that’s going to do it all, so dry herbs and concentrates, the Boundless Tera’s extra concentrate mode does make it a lot more viable choice than other devices that are strictly optimize the herb use.

Now, this device has an awesome flavor output, its chamber has a capacity to hold up to 0.35, 0.4 grams of dried herb, so a little bit tinier than the Storz and Bickel Crafty and Mightyl but bigger than say in an Arizer portable vape.

So, the chamber stainless steel baking chamber, utilizes a full convection heating method, which you can actually see on the box, they sort of outline the interior of the device everything with the air input down the bottom all the way up to how it’s cooled and filtered through the herbs here and then cooled again as it leaves the top at the bottom.

So, convection heating obviously, as we discussed in our Vaping 101 Video Tutorials involves air heating. So, it’s not like a heating element, so the chamber doesn’t come into contact with the herbs directly, merely that air that’s brought through is heated and that in turn atomizes the herbs and so it puts off the THC CBD any of the oils that we’re trying to vaporize.

So. I’m going to give this one a go now, I’ve yet to use it on concentrated mode, but only how to craft with their own herb mode. I usually start the session at about a hundred and eighty degrees Celsius.

So, it’s just five clicks to turn that one on and then you’re going to want to hit it back into herb mode. So, three clicks again on concentrated mode, you can set that in Celsius or Fahrenheit. So, I’ve got this in 180 and I’ll just hold down that button to kickstart the heating.

So, as I said, you can use this in a number of ways. The food grade plastic mouthpiece is the easiest to clean and it’s also probably got a little bit more of a restricted airflow than the others. So, if you’re looking for the larger sort of hits of vapor, the the food grade plastic mouthpiece is going to be your go-to.

If you’re a bit more sort of sensitive with taste and stuff like that and prefer that connoisseur grade flavor, I’d probably use the glass mouthpiece so that’s giving you a bit more of an airflow ,so you can pull a bit more vapor through, but it’s going to be obviously not as dense a cloud as you’d be able to pull through this food grade plastic mouthpiece.

The best of them although in my opinion, is the water pipe adapter. Now, there’s a bunch of vapes these days that come equipped with water pipe adapters but I am yet the find one that works as effectively as the Boundless Tera.

So. I’m gonna clip this in right now, it’s full convection obviously, there is not too much heat actually radiating from the chamber itself. So, I’m gonna chuck this aluminum alloyed water pipe adapter into the end of the device, which you see have packed tightly with herbs up to the top.

Just pop that on the top like that and as I said it’s got sort of a dual contoured wall on the side, so whether you want to chuck it into a 9 mil a 14 mil or an 18 mil, you’re gonna be able to get your airflow going through that.

So, I’ll put the 18 mil adapter in just for a bit more of stability. You just hold on to it while you’re inserting into the water pipe, there’s a quite a weighty device with the two removable batteries.

It’s got the air flow in latest on the end here, so you want to make sure that you’re not covering your finger without you pulling. So, the first hits obviously obviously is not going to be that much vapor that’s emitted, but after you’ve pulled sort of a full couple of hits through, you can start to build up a lot more of a cloud like this.

… This is not too much visible vapor of those first few hits, but if we’re gonna check the mouthpiece in now, you can see how much this thing actually rips, hold there with a glass mouthpiece for a bit of air flow and these mouthpieces are designed fantastically.

There’s a tiny magnetic component on the inside that helps that click in and each one’s just got that silicone grommet so it’s not a not gonna be overheated or warped or anything like that, pretty simple to clean too.

So, this definitely changes the flavor of the vapor as well. sort of each individual mouthpiece that you chuck on. As I said, I find of this one is definitely the most flavorsome in terms of the three.

The water pipe adapter helped you to bring forth sort of the biggest clouds and helps to cool down the vapor a lot more obviously. The mouthpiece it’s pretty close to the device, so it’s relatively wrong compared to say in a Arizer Solo or Air or something like that and with the food-grade plastic mouthpiece you’re sacrificing a little bit of flavor for that bit more of a cool down experience as well.

So, really there’s something for everyone with the Boundless Tera, if you’re a portable vaping enthusiast that is looking for a device, that’s going to be awesome for dry herbs concentrate, both at home and on the go use, the Boundless Tera is really the device for you.

So, keep an eye out for the Tera and the VapeFuse online store and remember to subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in herb vaping news and tech. Thanks guys


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