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Breaking Down the Flowermate Portable Vape

Breaking Down the Flowermate Portable Vape

What’s going on guys? Matt from VapeFuse here, back again to help keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest in vaping news and content. Now, the device I’ve got here today is one of my all-time favorites, this little thing sticking out of the stem of this water pipe, is in fact, the Flowermate V5 Pro Vaporizer.

Now, this thing is totally handheld discreet and portable and is as discreet that it actually takes on the appearance of a power bank. This is the first device I saw it actually come with a water pipe attachment and slots easily into the end of a 14 millimeter or 18 millimeter Bong stem.

Now, the Flowermate also comes with a borosilicate mouthpiece, which can be really important for something that’s a vaping connoisseur and looking to have no metal or anything like that in the vapor pathway.

Now, the Flowermate comes and equipped with a ceramic chamber, the borosilicate mouthpiece, your titanium water pipe adapter, as well as a bunch of unique accessories. The Flowermate I’m messing around with today is the mini series, however, the line also has a larger model, if you’re looking for a bit more battery, power and a shorter heat up time.

Now, this model also comes with a water pipe adapter, borosilicate mouthpiece and that’s a pretty decent sort of battery life on it, for device of this size. The mini, however, I find performs fantastically, you can slide it into your pocket, into a bag, take it to a concert, no one’s going to think any different because really, with the cable that comes with, and no mouthpiece, if you slide this into the bottom, it just looks like a general everyday power bank, you wouldn’t have a second glance at it.

This device comes in an amazing amount of accessories, for a pretty decent affordable price. So, with the device, you get the Flowermate itself, it’s water pipe adapter, the borosilicate mouthpiece, USB micro charging cable, a few spare screens, an extra little cap for the lid, in case the first one comes too caked with resin, a cleaning brush, packing and cleaning tool, dosing capsule, for micro dosing and minimizing your herb consumption, as well as this waxy cart, for concentrates and waxes.

Now, we have a couple of products from Flowermate in our VapeFuse online store and they’ve been around for quite a while, but I think this is really a fantastic investment for someone who’s looking for a first time vape or even a connoisseur that’s looking to have something to take away for them, for long journeys.

This device is ultra portable, ultra premium and ultra affordable. Check out the line of Flowermate vaporizers and accessories on the VapeFuse online store. Thanks for watching guys, see you next time.


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