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Capella – Fuji Apple Review + Useful Ratios (DIY Eliquid Fuji CAP Flavor Review)

Capella – Fuji Apple Review + Useful Ratios (DIY Eliquid Fuji CAP Flavor Review)

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes and to another single flavor review video. Today I have a flavor to review that should be an interesting one. This is Capellas Fuji. Initially it might seem like capella is trying to copy flavourart but in reality I think they are just trying their hand on a new flavor.

Fuji Apple is a Japanese hybrid that was created for its very light and sweet taste. The original trees were Red Delicious × mixed with ‘Ralls Genet’. The outcome was fuji named after the local mountain a very light, slightly sweet and sour apple variety.

Flavourart is selling their fuji flavor for many years now and it has become one of the most famous concentrates in the world of DIY. Almost everyone at some point has tried it or read about it. It is used in many commercial eliquids and is one of the first suggestions when someone is considering buying their first flavors to start making their own eliquids.

After all this time Capella decided now to make their own version too ,so how does it compare to the original one? Well it doesn’t really. According to my taste , This is a totally different apple flavor.

Even though it has the same name its not that similar other than the slight tangy tast it has. The capella fuji is a much more lighter flavor, not only in concentration but in taste too. A good starting point for this flavor is at around 5% with as much as 10% needed in some recipes just to make it prominent enough.

It is more of an accent apple flavor that would work great when paired with other apples but its lacking character to be the main ingredient. Also it can be used at very low concentration at around 1or 2% just to lively up a recipe and add some extra tartness.

For a very nice and rich apple flavor I would suggest to use this concentrate for layering. For example a combination of 7% capella double apple with 4% of capella fuji will make a nice and smooth apple vape together.

If you want to use it inside a recipe as the only apple I would suggest starting again at around 5% and start experiment with other fruits first. From what I have tried so far, it will pair well with most bananas, watermelon, and surprisingly it tastes good too mixed with some tobaccos also.

In general my opinion is that this is a very good flavor but it cant compare to flavourarts fuji. I don’t think capella released this flavor to compete with them anyways. It is a great flavor on its own way and if you like apple flavors this is another good concentrate to try out.

If you are looking at this flavor as a substitute to flavorart fuji then it wont work that well for that. For the most realistic and accurate fuji apple taste I think the best one is still the one from flavourart.

But if you are looking for the best apple accent then capellas fuji wins that title. So depending on how you want to use it you can decide what would work best for you. Now if you have this flavor also leave me a comment with your opinion too and how you like to use it.

I hope this video gave you some new information, as always thank you for your time and Ill see you on the next one.


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