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Capella Vanilla Custard – Flavor Review V1 & V2 [Notes and Info]

Capella Vanilla Custard – Flavor Review V1 & V2 [Notes and Info]

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. Im John I Am a flavor compounder and today I will give you a quick review about capella’s vanilla custard v1 and v2. I decided to start with this concentrate fist because it is fairly popular flavor and it can also be used in a lot of recipes.

It can go very well as a base or you can use it to add fullness to fruit recipes. I have been using this for long time now and it was one of the first eliquid concentrates I ever bought when I was starting.

It is sweet but not too strong. There is a good vanilla amount in the concentrate together with some cream to make it a little smoother. This is a custard has very little or almost no lemon or citrus like other custards from other companies have usually mixed in.

The version 1 can feel a little more concentrated than the 2nd version 2 if you have tried more. The reason is the version 1 has DIACETYL,ACETOIN,ACETYL PROPIONYL in it so they give a more strong or intense flavor to the flavor when you mix it in.

Now capella about 4 years ago came out with the 2nd version of the vanilla custard which is free of all the chemicals that I mentioned in the first version. They claim that there is no difference and I agree with them you cant really tell the difference unless you have been vaping both exclusively for long time but If you are making a recipe that needs vanilla custard v1 in it for example lets say you are making something that needs 4% of the version 1 and you only have the version 2 then maybe add a little bit more of the version 2,so instead of 4% then maybe make it a 4.

5% or even 5% to have equal taste that the version 1 provides. But by now most people that make recipes usually use the version 2 so if you find a recipe that needs the first version it is probably from before of 2013 or the compounder that made the recipe used the version1 because it is needed for a specific profile that they are going for with that recipe.

As I said this is a very versatile concentrate and if you like making milks, or pastry like eliquids either the version1 or version2 is a must have in any collection. Now Leave a comment if you have any questions or just to say hello .

Or give me your opinion about this vanilla custard. The subreddit is also in the description also if you want to visit it out. That’s all the information I have for this concentrate. See you next time


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