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CO2 vs BHO Vape Comparison from NWCS

CO2 vs BHO Vape Comparison from NWCS

Hi my name is Leo Gontmakher and I’m the president and CEO of Northwest Cannabis Solutions. Today I’m here to talk about the difference between our Evergreen BHO cartridge and our Evergreen CO2 cartridge.

Let’s start off with the CO2. The oil for this cartridge is derived using an Eden Labs 20 liter machine. The BHO is derived using a 2 pound extraction tach unit. In theory, this is the only difference between the two cartridges.

The main first process of how the oil is extracted. All the oil we make at NWCS is double extracted, so after it’s extracted originally, be it BHO, butane, or CO2, we take through a second cleansing process called winterization.

In this process we combine the oil 10 parts to 1 with pharmaceutical grade ethanol. It then goes inside dry ice inside the freezer for 24 hours. The end result is the oil and all the lipids, fats, separate.

Lipids and fats will remain on the bottom of the jar while all the oil moves to the top. We the oil in residual ethanol into a roto vape which is a machine that in essence sucks out the residual ethanol and leaves us with the pure absolute THC oil that has nothing in it.

No lipids, no fats, no ethanol, just pure oil. After all of the oil is ready it gets filled in our Evergreen cartridges which look like this. This is a standard 5 10 thread pattern cartridge and it will fit any 5 10 thread pattern battery which is commonly used for any e-liquid.

Our batteries under the Evergreen brand look like this. Process is pretty simple, we take out the cartridge, the batteries usually come precharged. You screw the cartridge on like this and you’re ready to go.

Next I want to talk to you guys about another product we have called the EZ Vape. This also comes in a CO2 and a BHO variety, and the main difference between this product and the Evergreen cartridge is the EZ Vape is a single use disposable unit that comes with a precharged battery.

After this unit is done, you can just throw it away and go ahead onto the next one. The multiple EZ Vape varieties are differentiated by colors. CO2 derived oil comes in a yellow EZ Vape, BHO derived oil comes in a blue EZ Vape, and a new product on the market for us right is the CBD EZ Vape which comes in a green color.

One of the other main differences between the screw on Evergreen cartridge and the disposable EZ Vape unit is that the screw on cartridge is limited at about a 6-8 second drag, whereas the EZ Vape single use cartridge has no limits so the user can take as long as a puff as they’d like.


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