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Welcome back to the YouTube channel this time we have another recipe very simple with very few flavors … specifically it leads three flavors, but added, diluted in propylene glycol menthol … we have it here and add ethyl maltol, which do not put at first if not once marinated .

.. This recipe is very tropical, is very rich, worth … mixing … peach with mango and pineapple, I find it a mix very well suited very successful and very rich finish leaves a taste … is added 3%, Ehtil maltol, why is added 3% ethyl maltol? because these fruits for themselves .

.. They are sweet but in this case we do not provide enough sweetness … we need to add a 3% ethyl maltol because otherwise be too dry mix … from our point of view That said, we proceed to make the recipe and remember to add a 3% ethyl maltol once macerated add menthol natural, voucher or diluted in propylene glycol mint .

.. and add 2% 2% 2% is 0.2 ml, which is, here … 2% = 0.2 ml for 10 ml … add, peach and peach says 8% ie 0.8 mili liters … 0.8 to 10 milli liter total are we doing … 0.8 milis 0.8 mili liters peach mango we have it open, 2% tells us very little .

.. here is the 2% handle = 0.2 mili liters … this is our 2% mango … and pineapple Pineapple INAWERA it I like a lot, asks us 5% 5% pineapple, would … here is 5% pineapple = 0.5 mili liters … 5% pineapple .

.. ready… and this must be added … and to this we must add 3% … 0.3 ml ethyl maltol … Because this is added 0.3 to avoid that is not as dry fruits … I think it happens by natural menthol rather than by the mixture of fruit .

.. leaves everything drier … sorry … it cools and leaves a very cool touch mixed with tropical fruits … lacks sweetness, if we do not add 3% is too dry the result … the overall result is only 20% flavor 2 ml of flavor least 5 ml of propylene .

.. 3 ml to add, that is, we make a mixture 50/50 our 5 ml of propylene glycol that we have here back … 5 ml of propylene … will deduct our full flavor …. our full flavor in this recipe are 2 ml, therefore, we need to add 3 ml of the recipe .

.. Here, three mili liters of propylene … we put this … We put our propylene we took the bottle … our flavor and mix vigorously propylene … return to open we have our our propylene glycol mixed with flavor and finish the recipe we add .

.. we add 5 ml of glycerin because we do to 50/50 without nicotine … Remember that all these recipes are without nicotine … filled syringe … we remove the air and stayed with the mili liters unwanted .

.. and here we have 5 mili liters of glycerin … we come down … glycerin come down the tube down … and thus, does not drip … we introduce into our bottle … and we have completed our recipe …

glycerin out … plug closed well move vigorously … and we have made our recipe … as you can see is a very quick recipe to prepare, are just 4 flavors and a molecule ethyl maltol … is a very quick recipe to prepare .

.. and very rich will repeat, aftertaste mix peach with mango and pineapple … is a very rich tropical flavor and add it 2% diluted in propylene glycol and menthol gives an impressive freshness, add another 3% of ethyl maltol and is bestial .

.. failing if you have no ethyl maltol, you can use Cotton Candy, it’s exactly the same … some colleagues sometimes ask … you can use alternative flavors Cotton Candy because it leaves the same taste as the ethyl maltol .

.. It can be substituted for each other and follow her recipe as good … as you can see it is simple and fast … another recipe for more stock … come on … this is all and go into the next, until then .



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