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Cookie by FlavourArt – Review & 2 Recipes [DIY Ejuice Cookie Flavor FA]

Cookie by FlavourArt – Review & 2 Recipes [DIY Ejuice Cookie Flavor FA]

Welcome back to another review. Im john from diy eliquid recipes and today we are taking a look at a flavourart cookie . This is a very nice and light flavor. It will not overpower a recipe when used at the right ratio and it will just deliver a rich grainy taste with a small hint of baked caramelized sugar.

It can work very well as a base or just as an additional crust booster inside a recipe. It has a very clean and crisp taste that will deliver only a nice cookie flavor without any other flavors interfering.

You won’t find any cinnamon or thick butter flavor in this one like you would usually taste in a other graham cracker concentrates. Now If you are looking for making a simple cookie recipe you can use flavorarts cookie solo from 3 up to 5% for a nice and simple baked cookie taste.

If you want to use it inside one of your custom recipes then it works very well from 2 to 4% as a crust base and from 1 up to 3% as a secondary crust boost. With this flavor you can make a lot of different types of eliquids like cheesecakes, custards and even aromatic tobaccos.

But I picked to show you 2 very quick recipes that their main goal was to showcase the taste of the cookie and how well it works together with other flavors. The first recipe is an oven baked soft cookie eliquid.

We will start with 3% Cookie, 0.5% Acetyl Pyrazine TFA, 2% Vienna cream Flavorart, 0.25% vanillin TFA,1% Sweetener Mixed at 60%VG and 40% PG. Let it steep for about 5 days. This recipe will have a rich cookie flavor with a lot of grain and a sweet taste on the exhale coming from the Vienna cream.

You will be able to taste the cookie in this recipe without many other flavors covering. And in the end you will get a full tasting cookie eliquid that vapes very nicely. The next recipe is a strawberry milk recipe that uses cookie from flavorart mainly to build the vape body as a base.

So will start with 1.5% Cookie,5% Bavarian Cream TFA, 3% Vanilla Swirl TFA, 2%Strawberry Ripe TFA, 2% Sweet strawberry CAP and 0.5% Cotton Candy TFA mixed at 70%VG and 30%PG. Steep this recipe for 1 week.

After vaping it you will taste a very mellow and thick cream flavor following by the sweetness from the strawberries and then there will be the smooth cookie crust in the end. This is a full flavor eliquid that was inspired by other mother milk or unicorn milk recipes.

It’s a very well balanced recipe and currently one of my favorite vapes at the time so I might make few changes a make a video about the final version of this recipe very soon. Now before closing in a quick summary I want to say that flavorarts cookie has a clean, soft and slightly sweet taste that will deliver only a pure crust flavor making it very useful for creating new recipes.

It comes in the same range of TFA Acetyl Pyrazine and Inaweras biscuit making them all probably the 3 best tasting crust flavors available now. I Hope this review gave you a better idea about this concentrate, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments, and I will see you again next time.


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