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Crave Onix Portable Vape Review | VapeFuse World First Exclusive

Crave Onix Portable Vape Review | VapeFuse World First Exclusive

What’s up guys? Matt here from VapeFuse.com.au. Back again to help you keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest in herb vaping news and content. Now the vape that I’ve got for you today, comes from our mates down in Melbourne Crave vaporizers and it’s the third line in their lustrious range of portable vaporizers that kicked off back in 2017.

Their pilot project, the Crave Air. Now, the Air was longer than the PAX 2, had a pretty similar vapor experience, it was ultra discreet and offered a sweet quality vapor. There wasn’t too much of a visible aspect to it.

We weren’t really exhaling huge clouds but they did managed to perfect that with their second vape, the Crave Cloud aptly named. Now, has a bottom loading ceramic chamber which offers super-sweet vapor and you can use it either like the PAX, by just using sort of the domed mouthpiece at the top or it also has an extendable glass straw which is great, if you’re trying to show your session with mates and pass it around.

This is a fantastic little device if you’re a portable vaper, it’s got five preset temperatures, you’re not fiddling around with buttons all the time. It’s got a removable 18650 batteries so you can pick up a couple more batteries, load them up and go away for days at a time camping or fishing without even having to worry about bringing a charger.

This really is a fantastic little device but it’s better.. I only by the newest edition which recently just dropped, the Crave Onyx. Now, the Onyx is pretty similar to the DaVinci IQ, it’s got a fantastic optimized flavour chamber, with the bottom loading ceramic chamber and in the middle here so sitting in between the chamber and the mouthpiece, it’s got this ceramic vapor path fluctuated or something like that I have to say, I’m not too sure how it works, but it filters through at the bottom, cools down the vapor a little bit and makes for a much more pleasant vaping experience.

Now, I know from the Davinci IQ, that if you get some ground dried herb before it’s going to be baked and load it up into the chamber here above the conduction or convection vaping chamber below, you’re going to get a bit of that residual flavor coming to it, so as well as the vapor that’s being generated in the chamber, you’re getting a little bit of the airborne terpenes in flavor from the herbs that are sitting in this chamber, you can load it up with like lavender, damiana, lemongrass, other herbs like that that are going to affect the flavor of the herb, so if you’re dealing with herb isn’t that savory ,maybe doesn’t taste that fantastic, you can sort of think about switching up your vapor experience a little bit.

Now, this one as I said before it’s got a bottom loading ceramic chamber, so what you got to do is just twist open the school of catch and so you can see the 5 pin chamber, this is a really easy device to clean and maintain.

It’s just all straight up and down, you clean the chamber from the bottom, you can clean that vapor path from the interior flavor device from the top, then the mouthpiece itself comes apart and just a little silicone underneath.

Now, this features full spectrum temperature control a little bit doesn’t have a removable battery, you can get up to like six or seven sessions of a single charge, which is pretty decent in my look, if you’re looking to take it on the road for a day or so.

Now, the Crave Onyx generates a flavorsome vapor, it’s very tasty, it’s very reminiscent of the the plant itself and the terpenes that you’re smelling, you also taste them and inhale them as well so, the Crave Cloud was also able to generate some vapor like that, but after a while it did get quite hot and intense.

So with the Crave Onyx, you’re starting at low, maybe one hundred and seven hundred and sixty-five degrees, so generally a little bit lower than you would be with the traditional vaporizer. But at that load temp, it is able to generate a very subtool and sweet vapor and then as you crank it up 510 degrees at a time, you’re gonna start getting this big visible clouds, that the.

.. the Crave Cloud is known for. So if you guys are out there to support an Australian vape designer, our mates down in Melbourne Crave vaporizers, you can check out our whole range of vaporizers in the vapefuse.

com.au online store. So, check them out and pick one up and get vaping today and remember to subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in herb vaping news and content. Thanks guys, we’ll see you next time


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