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Welcome again to the channel of YouTube in this occasion we have a recipe a recipe that is, a version version that we make of the recipe that this the name in the animation that you leave now. what is pursued of flavor in this recipe is basically they are some padded donut’s of vanilla of custards but they are not alone some donut’s but rather they are also glazed of sugar and I eat in previous occasions we have the problem of to obtain the flavor of the mass of the donut’s that is it complicated in this case we have Frosted Donut, but with Frosted Donut alone we add the flavor of the glazing of up of the donut’s, but we don’t have the flavor of the donut’s, then mixing Biscuit, with the cookies and the coussant obtains a flavor of very pleasant dough and we use the same ingredients again that other times to make a cream of vanilla custard we need to add several flavors to obtain an appetizing and very flavorful result, because adding single vanilla custard is not enough we make a mixture with the sweet cream and the whipped cream and we even round him but with the French vanilla creme then, mixing the whipped Cream, with Sweet Cream, French Vanilla creme and the vanilla Custard obtains a very similar flavor to the eliquid that emulating are I repeat again that it is our version, because we don’t CLONE ANYTHING, we make versions good, we go to the recipe he/she tells us that of vanilla custard we use 8%, like you see this it will be the flavor that prevails but being predominant will even be very blended with the rest of flavors and he/she left us a very real flavor, 8% of vanilla custard Sweet Cream tells us a 2% 2% is 0,2 ml for 10 total ml of French Vanilla Creme, he/she also tells us 2% 0,2 ml Whipped Cream tells us 2% also, 0,2 ml of Frosted Donut he/she tells us that we use 6%, 0,6 ml for 10 total ml here and now we begin with the cookie.

.. of the cake of Inawera, he/she tells us that we use a 3% 0,3 ml of Cookies of FA, he/she tells us that we use 1%, 0,1 mili liters it is worth, 0,1 mili liters and of Croussant of FA 0,1 ml also 0,1 mili liters of the flavor Croussant of FA and with this we have our version of this eliquid this version as much as it takes of flavor, because it takes in total 25% of flavor that is not for anything little quantity therefore, if it takes 25% of flavor we will have to add him/her that we already have them prepared, 2,5 propylene glycol ml because this fact at the 50/50 and of glycerine, no, pardon.

.. first move it and of glycerine like this fact at the 50/50 add him/her 5 ml that we already have them prepared 5 mili liters of glycerine and we already have our made version and this it is our version of this eliquid, it is worth I repeat again that we don’t make a clone if it doesn’t unite version trying to emulate to the possible low maximum our approach the obtained flavor of the original eliquid and they are looked for this way the results under our approach we find that it is very similar but each one has a palate good this is everything and we see each other in the following one, see you later.


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