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Daily Dose Eliquid Review On TVC

Daily Dose Eliquid Review On TVC

have you gotten your dose today daily dose stay tuned welcome to the finish hello and welcome to the vapor chronicles we are back yet again this time juice review daily dose a liquid w w le dose a liquid calm is where you can get this delicious juice that I’m about to share with you if you watch my content if you watch my reviews if you’ve watched the vape team you’ve seen me vaping on daily dose morning for a long time now daily this morning I actually got the first time at my local vape shop greatest vapes in Cherry Hill New Jersey and I got to tell you at first vape I fell in love strawberry cream strawberry cream pie is actually the the description of it it’s a strawberry cream pie but it’s exactly what I like it’s a dessert sweet succulent strawberry cream it’s flavorful it’s rich I love it okay so if you go to their website each bottle is 60 milliliters it comes it comes in zero three and six milligrams of nicotine daily dose see liquid three different flavors morning which is a sweet strawberry cream pie night which is cinnamon sugar toast drizzled and caramel and noon which is a smooth berry medley we’re gonna reveal I have them loaded up so the first up we’re gonna do night and then we’ll work backwards I have this on the area built Aeon I believe it’s called and they sage v2 alright yeah that’s a delicious mate very often we have our dessert napes our cinnamon sugar vapes sort of tastes like sugar bear or a taste and is aleca a cinnamon bun but this has the caramel front end which changes it all right it’s definitely a sweet but but rich flavor it’s it’s not creamy definitely cinnamon sugar and caramel I think it’s delicious now a lot of people love it that’s their favorite my favorite is definitely morning than this then the mid which is noon but that’s the night next up noon and I had this on the TBL I just picked this up at the vape Expo the tube and the cap so this is noon this is the berry medley new okay not with coffee vape not my type of ape but summertime springtime refreshing flavor pop of just a citrusy berry mix it’s delicious it’s just it’s sweet in its summary that’s the best I can say it’s delicious but it’s not my flavor profile last but not least is morning strawberry sweet strawberry cream pie and I have this on the dot my petrie mod and Donna Petrie I love it strawberry cream I’ve gone through so many sixty milliliter bottles of this liquid that I can’t even tell you I can’t count I’ve probably gone through 30 of them 30 60 mils I love it it’s a great baby it’s it’s tasty it’s different than the rest but it’s not that cheap strawberry it’s just a real creamy delicious strawberry babe so if you like strawberry creams you like good value $24.

99 for 60 mils it’s pretty damn good you can go to their website you can pick these up mornings my fave by far then night then noon that’s it daily dose great juice great price great company I’ve met them I see him at the babe Expos that I go to and they’re always really helpful and they always have good pricing so check them out if you like my channel please subscribe and you can also find me every Thursday night 10:00 p.

m. eastern standard on the vape team channel on YouTube me Mike vapes mark Bateman Fagan we do it live every Thursday 10:00 p.m. on the vape team channel subscribe to that also you can also find me on all the social media twitter facebook Instagram and we also have a vape team Facebook page private group you can join that too alright guys I really appreciate it I will see you real soon right here on the vapor chronicles have a good one


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