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DIY eJuice with VapeFuse: How to Make Your Own Nicotine Vape Juice | VapeFuse

DIY eJuice with VapeFuse: How to Make Your Own Nicotine Vape Juice | VapeFuse

Hey guys, Matt here from VapeFuse.com, back again to help keep you up-to-date with the latest and best in vaping news and content. Now, when it comes to our devices, all of my vaping experience really leans towards dry herbs and concentrates and I’ve never really had much to do with e- liquids or e-cigarettes, but since we started stocking a few liquid products, like the CloudV Slim and the liquid compatible X Max V One plus picture next to me here, I thought I should have a look and see what this is all about, so we’ve been having a lot of questions on the VapeFuse blog about how e-cigarettes compared to smoking, what are e-liquids and how consuming your nicotine buyer and vape, is better than a cigarette, so I decided to have a bit of a look into it and some of the things I found that are actually pretty interesting.

One of the things that caught my eye the most, comes at making your own e-juices. So making your own e- juice has a lot of benefits, you can save a lot of money in the long run and pretty much just like growing your own plants, you know what’s going into the mix, so you don’t have no sort of unwelcome surprises, when you’re vaporizing you blend.

So, today for you I’m going to be breaking down how I’ve come up with my own way, from research and a bit of trouble now and how to make the best DIY e-juice. So when it comes to e-cigarettes, there’s a lot of benefits in comparison to smoking.

The only real element of a cigarette that you’re getting when you use your e-cigarette, is the nicotine, so it takes out all the tar, acetone, sort of drain clean and whatever else comes in your cigarette, is all out of the equation.

So, nicotine has actually been shown to have some benefits in terms of creativity, mental stimulation and focus. However, must be remembered that nicotine is in fact an addictive substance, so its care must be taken when you’re using your blend.

Now, for the e-cigarette and the e-juice, the first thing you need is a vessel. This generally comes in the form of a chamber so for the Cloud Slim it’s a relatively small user-friendly chamber that fits up to about half a mil of e- juice.

So, usually some of our other devices or some devices you’ll see on the market have much larger chambers, such as a general mod box vaporizer. But I find that the Slim just slides easily into your pocket, it’s a nice little chamber and half a mil is more than enough for a day or a couple of days consumption.

So, you’re going to get a few things to start with. Here, I’ve got a pre mixed up chamber, which I’ll test out in a second, but for your juice you’re going to need a base. So, the base that most people tend to use is a propylene glycol and a vegetable glycerin mix.

Here I’ve gone with a 50/50 mix, you can see the two combining in the middle and this is basically what you’re gonna mix your flavor or your nicotine into to get the desired effect. So, nicotine comes both flavored and unflavored ,but as I’ve got my own concentrate to mix with here, I’ve gone with an unflavored nicotine.

So, the general ratio, a rule of thumb to go off when it comes to concentrates, like this lemonade flavoring here, is use about 10 to 15 percent of concentrate, for every 85 percent of the propylene glycol vegetable glycerin base.

With nicotine it’s a lot more tricky, so in my previous article a few days back, I delved into how nicotine consumption can be quite dangerous and how you have to make sure that you’re limiting your consumption and putting in a specific measure or amount every time.

So, moving the nicotine out of the equation. To start with, the first thing you want to do, is get your vegetable glycerin propylene glycol mix or your base mix as I’ll refer to it from now on. So, you open your container, in most kits you can buy to make e-juice, they come with a little syringe or pipette, even though it says a single use only, as long as you’re washing it out, it’s going to be replaceable and you can keep it going for a long time.

So, for this mix, I’m gonna take my cup, with the required measurements, it comes in tablespoons, ounces, milliliters and teaspoons, but for this mix, we’re just going to be using milliliters. So, we’re going to take with our syringe, ten milliliters of the base mix, these are the thickness of the liquid it can be quite tedious to pull up, just make sure you’re doing it slowly, so you’re not pulling the plunger out of the top and making a mess.

So, as you can see I’ve got 10 mils of the pg/vg mix, just put that slowly into your cup, making sure it’s not spurting out the bottom, so you see they’re pure clear a little bit runny, we can fix that up, so when it comes to PG and VG propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, on their own they’re not necessarily too bad you can sort of create your different user experience by mixing up between the two.

So, for example, propylene glycol is used to carry the flavor, so it’s more of a you know base element whereas a vegetable glycerin is a lot thicker and it’s working is it going to cause those dense clouds of vapor when you’re using your E-cig.

So, now that I’ve got the base mix, I’ll take my concentrate and I say that about 20 drops is equal to a mil so I’m gonna look for about 15% ratio so I’m gonna put in 25 drops, might have been a few more in there, but give or take 15 percent ratio to what I’ve got of this propylene glycol vegetable glycerin base mix.

So, you give that a big mix up with your syringe and the flavor of bowl made lemonade you can just smell that coming out of the top. It’s it’s kind of like a cordial, these mixtures, the very high concentrate sort of aromat, adds a flavor element to it as well.

So, the hot summer’s day, beautiful. Okay, now, this is the stage that you generally add your nicotine, after this video I’m gonna go for a nicotine freebase, because that can also be a helpful equivalent for something that’s looking to quit smoking.

So, for this base, I’m gonna to get my Cloud Slim, which is got the empty liquid cartridge on top, now just a quick note on the Cloud Slim, this is what sort of puzzled me a bit to start. Most vaporizer cartridges for e-cigarettes, like this generic one I’ve got here, twist to the right so it’s an easy opening for you to insert your mixture.

The Cloud Slim, unlike other models, offers an adjustable airflow, which twists both ways, to reveal a few holes so you can sort of adjust how much air you getting in with your blended take out of bigger or smaller hits.

This one, twist clockwise, which took me about five minutes to figure out and I thought that it was broken ended up contacting CloudV and they informed me that in order to sort of clarify conclusion with the airflow, they’ve twisted it to the left.

So, I’ve got my empty cartridge, I’ve got my mix of the concentrated flavor, you take your syringe or micropipette or whatever you’re working with, measure up about a mil and this is the half mil container.

Put it down the side and slowly, watch as it fills up. You’re only going to want to fill it to about two-thirds full. There we go, so replace my mix and there you have it, your very own DIY e-juice. Now, most e-juice kits you buy, come with a little dropper, which is obviously useful for storing the liquid that you’re not going to put into your ecig.

Just use your plunger, suck up all that liquid from the cup and you just put in your dropper for safe storage. The drop is point was also pretty narrow so you can actually use it to fill up your cartridges as well.

You’ll just get the last of that mixture up, okay now, one interesting thing that’s actually come out of the legal cannabis market in Canada in America, is making your own a juice with concentrates. So, if you’re living in a country where concentrates illegal, all you need to do is take the base mix your required flavoring, if you want, if you’re working with some concentrate material thats not that flavorsome as low terpenes and flavonoids, you might want to add a couple drops of concentrate, but you can always add more, so it’s trial and error.

So, basically what you do, you get a little cup like this, use a double boiler method get a saucepan full of hot water, try and have it around 90 degrees, not too hot nothing like 100/110, you don’t want your concentrate to start decarboxylating, but you just get your base mix, your concentrate and you add it about a two to one ratio, so it may be half a gram of concentrate for every gram of pg/vg base that you’re using, just heat that up to a level where it’s viscosity is pretty liquidy, mix that around, get little combined and it’ll form a nice sort of golden liquid.

At that stage, I recommend testing out your e-cig, before adding any of your flavor concentrate mix, as it could just take away everything all the terpene profile and stuff that you’ve got. So, here, I’ve got that e-liquid that we made just before in the CloudV Slim and I’m just going to show you how that works now.

.. So, you can see it adjusting the airflow, allows you to take a much bigger hit. Now, the same thing can be said about this one I prepared earlier with the X Max V-One Plus. Now, the V-One plus like most cigarettes, comes with the 510 thread, so the sides from having a concentrate atomizer, you can fit in basically any universal e-cigarette cartridge too.

This one now, I’m going to use the blend that I made before, put it on top of the V-One plus… pretty decent clouds. Now, the Cloud Slim like most a cigarettes, comes with adjustable voltage settings, however, for this one I’ve selected three point two volts, which is the temperature setting, which is generally what I use when I’m using my e-liquids.

There you have it! DIY e-juice, affordable tasty, super easy. If you have any more content review questions that you guys would like us to source out or if you have any ideas for any potential vaping tips videos, drop us a line and VapeFuse.

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