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DIY Eliquid – A Very Yellow Cake Recipe 60%VG (DIY Ejuice Yellow Cake Recipe Alternative)

DIY Eliquid – A Very Yellow Cake Recipe 60%VG (DIY Ejuice Yellow Cake Recipe Alternative)

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. Im John I Am a flavor compounder and for this video I have prepared another pastry eliquid recipe to show you. I have been reading recently about flavorwest yellow cake and how some people are sensitive to it.

So I decided to give it a try and make a yellow cake recipe from scratch without using any of the yellow cake concentrates on the market. The idea of this flavor is kinda simple, a cake usually has butter, milk, eggs, sugar and a little vanilla extract.

Obviously there is flour too but we don’t really need that for an eliquid recipe. I decided to get the buttery taste from flavourarts meringue, since it’s a very nice and balanced flavor to accent pastry type of eliquids.

Then for the main bakery flavor I used Nonnas cake together with Biscotti both from Flavourart again and I boosted the crust flavor with a little bit of pure acetyl Pyrazine at 0.5%. For the accents and sweet taste I used a mix of different vanillas and creams layered together at 4% of total flavor for a smooth vape feel and then finishing with 1% of the much needed here ethyl Maltol sweetener.

All together its a nice and thick vape that comes very close to a yellow cake or a pound cake taste. You can use this recipe as an eliquid by itself or add extra flavors like fruits or chocolate to create a bigger recipe.

I like vaping this as a quick shake and vape but steeping it would definitely help this flavor. If you can wait give it a week of steeping and it should taste a lot smoother after. It is not a flavor that I can see taking high amounts of nicotine but I have tried it up to 8mg without many changes.

If you don’t have Vienna cream you could also use Bavarian cream from the flavor apprentice but you will need to use a little more around 2 or 3% instead . It is a simple recipe to make and it is a nice twist to the yellow cake flavor.

Im trying to pair it with milk chocolate since I feel together they should create a very nice combination but I still haven’t found a good balance so there will be an update with a chocolate pound cake recipe coming very soon.

Now after making it let me try the one I already have in my mod and give you a quick review about it. This is about 3 days old with 5mg of nicotine. Let me see. Oh ok it is good. I can taste the cake , all the cream its mainly in the background with the crust coming in strong.

I like it, it a full taste eliquid. It has a nice and strong cake taste with every inhale. This flavor feels like it creates a much thicker vape cloud than usual. Maybe its the acetyl Pyrazine that gives that feeling.

Since I don’t see much more vape coming out than usual. I have realized also that this flavor needs a little higher temperature to vaporize completely, its not so bad on the coil but it definitely feels thicker than a fruit vape for example.

In general if you like this type of pastry vapes and have all the flavors on hand, then give this one a try and Im sure it wont disappoint you. If you have any comments on the recipe or about anything else in the video let me know.

Thank you for your time and Ill see you again next time.


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