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DIY Eliquid – Banana Nut Bread 60%VG (DIY ejuice flavor and full Recipe)

DIY Eliquid – Banana Nut Bread 60%VG (DIY ejuice flavor and full Recipe)

Welcome to another video. Im john Im a flavor compounder and today I have a very nice and realistic tasting recipe to share with you. This is banana nut bread eliquid. This recipe was created when I was trying to make something that doesn’t need too many flavors and can be mixed up quickly for daily use.

After trying a variety of different recipes and vaping them for a while, I settled on the banana nut bread from TFA. It’s a good approach to the full flavor of a banana bread and can make a good recipe on its own too.

I tried it up to 15% and it tasted really good for a solo flavor but I found that it needed a small boost in certain areas that you couldn’t get by just raising the ratio higher. So I decided to layer all the ingredients together to make the flavor more rich and full.

I started with the banana nut bread at 8% as the base with a small boost on the fruits with some banana ripe from tfa. Then I raised the creams a little higer with some Bavarian cream and meringue and in the end I added a small touch of acetyl Pyrazine as an all around flavor enhancer.

In the end there is 14.5% of total flavor and the result is surprisingly very good from such a simple combination of concentrates. The smell of the eliquid too is incredible, it smells almost like banana syrup and if I didn’t know better it would be very tempting drinking some.

The taste of this eliquid is very interesting too, on the inhale you will taste mainly the banana and a little bit of the cream but on the exhale is when you will get the full banana bread taste with some hints of brown sugar and butter pecans in the end.

For steeping, this recipe is ok as a shake and vape and it will taste fine after 5 or 10 minutes after mixing it. For a longer steep you can leave it for about 5 days when its about the time that the creams are starting to mellow out and about 10 days to get the whole flavor fully matured.

If you are looking for a new simple recipe to make or if you would like to add one more pastry eliquid to your all day vape collection then this would be a very good recipe for you to try out. Now after making it I will try it and give you a very quick review.

Ok ya so the banana is the first thing you taste but it doesn’t stay for long since right after you get a taste of the whole banana bread flavor coming in smoothly and finishing with the crust in the end.

The creams are blended inside the rest of the flavors and you cant really taste them individually, same with the banana. You only get the whole banana nut bread taste together with a vey smooth vape delivery.

This is a full flavor pastry eliquid that doesn’t have that thick flavor that some other pastry eliquids have, its rather a mellow eliquid but with a very realistic flavor. The ingredients used in this recipe are very common except the banana cream nut from tfa.

So if you have all the flavors and make this recipe too let me know how you find the taste. If you have any comments or questions about this recipe let me know bellow. And As always thank you watching.


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