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DIY Eliquid – Frappuccino Coffee 70% VG (DIY Starbucks flavor eJuice Mocha French Vanilla Recipe)

DIY Eliquid – Frappuccino Coffee 70% VG (DIY Starbucks flavor eJuice Mocha  French Vanilla Recipe)

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. Im john im a flavor compounder and today we are back with a new interesting recipe to make. This is frappuccino coffee the eliquid. Inspired by the very well known drink I wanted to recreate the same taste but in the form of an eliquid.

I picked the mocha flavor to make, there is also the caramel one which could be very easily recreated using as a starting base this mocha recipe here. The main flavor in this drink is the cream, the use it as the base so I did something similar with the combination of Bavarian cream and French vanilla.

The rest of the flavors are mild coffee, a touch of chocolate and sweeteners. To get the coffee taste I used the French vanilla again with a small booster from the tiramisu from flavorart. And finishing with a hint of cocoa from flavourart again to get the chocolate aftertaste.

The sweetener is kept low at 1% but usually when I make this for myself I do it at 2% and it tastes almost the same. Instead of ethyl Maltol you could also use in this recipe sucralose, brown sugar or stevia same as you would do with a regular cup of coffee based on your personal preference for a sweetener.

About steeping for this mix I would recommend atleast 2 days. It is an eliquid that needs good blending so mix it up well with some extra shaking and let it mature for 2 or 3 days. For a long steep 2 weeks seem to be sufficient without much change to the flavor after that.

For nicotine I would recommend staying below 12mg since it will start muting out some of the cream at higher ratios. Same as the regular drink this is a very mild coffee eliquid, if you would like to get something similar to a regular coffee bean there is another recipe to try.

But if you like the a smooth creamy coffee eliquid then the frappuccino would be the recipe for you. Now after making it let me try it for a quick review. I have a batch in my mod here that is about 1 week old.

Let me try some very quickly. Ya its smooth already, I like it a lot. It’s a nice smooth taste that vapes easily and it has a lot of cream on the exhale. What I would like to do with this flavor is buy a cheaper mod like this one and always have it loaded just with this flavor.

I like how the way It vapes is very easy, it goes down smooth with a good vape feel and with a nice cloud created from the 70% vegetable glycerin. The chocolate is blended in with the coffee and you cant really taste any of them individually it’s a nice blend of sweet and earthy flavors inside a thick cream.

It is a definitely a good ejuice to try if you are looking for a new French vanilla or cappuccino flavor. If you have the flavors and make a batch let me know how you find it personally too. Once more I come to the end of this video.

I want to thank you for being here again. And I will see you next time.


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