Home DIY E-Liquids DIY Eliquid – Nutella Spread 70%VG (DIY Nutella flavor and eJuice Recipe)

DIY Eliquid – Nutella Spread 70%VG (DIY Nutella flavor and eJuice Recipe)

DIY Eliquid – Nutella Spread 70%VG (DIY Nutella flavor and eJuice Recipe)

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes, Today I have something different for this video. I will be making a flavor instead of a full eliquid. You could always vape a single flavor solo but this concentrate would be suited to be used in a mix like the regular nutella spread.

You could mix this up without any propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin just the flavors, and then you can use 3 or 4% of that solution inside other recipes. A good example would be the yellow cake recipe I made recently, or something similar to that flavor.

Its not that nutella will taste bad by itself but its definitely better together with biscuits, fruits or maybe even icecreams. This recipe was created with the intent to replicate the taste of nutella as accurately as possible in an eliquid form.

I haven’t used any creams in the recipe since I find the other flavors contain enough of the cream taste already. For the chocolate I used a combination of two smooth chocolate flavors and I picked the hazelnut from flavor west since I find it has the perfect amount of creaminess needed for this flavor.

Instead of acetyl Pyrazine you can also use 1% of graham cracker. For the rest of the flavors You could try substituting other companies instead for those I have listed but the ratios after would need a small adjustment.

In general this is more of an accent or novelty flavor but You could maybe add more nuts or few other ingredients and make it a full recipe itself. Its an unique tasting vape and if you have the flavors try a small batch to see for yourself.

I have been vaping it solo for the past few days in between other eliquids and it’s a good change of flavor after the flavors I vape usually. I have noticed for this recipe that the taste will get smoother with some steeping.

I haven’t had the chance to steep it longer than a week since I never made any larger amounts other than the 20ml test batches, but for the few I left to steep after 5 or 6 days they seemed to have blended much better.

Since this a chocolate flavor it would always benefit from a long steep, so if you can wait aim for about 2 weeks for the best result. At last I will talk a little about nicotine, I find this eliquid will not work well with high amounts of nicotine.

I have tried it up to 6mg and maybe I could have gone up to 8mg but after that I can see the taste changing and becoming bitter. For the best balance of nicotine and fullest Flavor I find that 3 or 4mg is a good spot.

I just have to say that I have meant to make a video about this flavor since the beginning. It was supposed to be the 2nd or 3rd video when I first started on youtube since I had this recipe for long time now but I always though it needed some finalizing and I never got around it until very recently.

Now I find it much better tasting than the original one and I hope if you make it you like it too. The recipe is here, but I also have it in the description of the video and also there is a link there too for this picture Im showing you now.

Leave me a comment about this video or anything else you might want to say. I try respond to everything even if you just say hello. Now I want to thank you for watching and Ill see you on the next video.


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