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DIY Eliquid Recipe – Apple RY4 [Apple Tobacco Ejuice DIY] 75%VG 25%PG

DIY Eliquid Recipe – Apple RY4 [Apple Tobacco Ejuice DIY] 75%VG 25%PG

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. Im John I Am a flavor compounder and for today’s video I have a simple but really tasty recipe. I haven’t made a recipe video for a while and this is what I have been vaping for a about a week now.

It is a mix of RY4 double with a side of apple. Usually RY4 you see it mixed with vanilla, or caramel and rightfully so since it goes so well with them, but I wanted to see how far I can take this flavor with fruits.

I cant decide on a banana RY4, but this apple recipe I find it to be very good all around. There are 2 recipes, the second one is a more strong tasting eliquid for people that like the extra flavor or vape on pen style vapes.

The recipe is a mixture of RY4 double from TFA, with the capella apple pie as the side note and with fuji mellowing out the apple taste. For this recipe a sweetener is required at at least 1% with 2 or even 3% to be ideal.

Also vape wizard is used to blend the flavor of the RY4 with the apple a little better. The recipe is at a high vg of 75% but with still enough Propylene glycol for a good taste. This eliquid will require a good steeping of at least 1 week.

But when you have vaped it for a while and got used to the taste, after a 3-5 day steeping you will find it to be sufficient. This mix will need a good blending so shake it well or stir it for a little longer than usual.

The nicotine was kept at a commercial level of 3mg per ml but I have mixed it with up to 18mg without any problems. It is a nice and simple recipe that works well as an all day vape too. Now I will let it steep and Ill give you a quick review of the recipe.

I let it stay for about 1 hour in the warm water, now let me try it very quickly in the mod that I usually vape this all day. I will give it an extra shake and fill it up. Let me turn it on and give it a try.

Alright ya it’s a little rough, it will need some more time to settle but I can see where is it going. I like the apple flavor but now its covered but the RY4 a lot so it will taste a little better when they all blend later.

Now I used only 2% sweetener as it is in the recipe, but I usually when I make it for myself I use 3%. So this tastes a little bland to me but I vape everything very sweet in general. Now give it a try if you have the ingredients too and let me know how you find it yourself and the amount of sweetener you liked best.

I hope you find this recipe interesting, thank you again for watching, And see you, next time


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