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DIY Eliquid Recipe – Maltesers [Malted Milk & Chocolate ejuice diy ADV] 60vg 40pg

DIY Eliquid Recipe – Maltesers [Malted Milk & Chocolate ejuice diy ADV] 60vg 40pg

welcome to the yourself irregardless apiece I’m John I’m a flavor compounder and today’s recipe is Maltesers if you’re not familiar with it Maltesers are whoppers dipped in malted milk or cream and then covered with milk chocolate there’s an alternative in few countries called whoppers it is made by a different company but the main idea is the same this liquid will be similar to the KitKat recipe or a chocolate cookie but with the difference of the more emphasis on the malted milk profile something that I like about this e-liquid is the smell of the babe it smells slightly sweet but it’s not an offensive smell so it’s great whipping around other people that don’t smoke or at gatherings I have been vaping this recipe for the past week in one of my mods and I can say that it matures fast just a few days after it will require some stepping anyways to reach the maximum potential but at the shaken vape it definitely also works too now a little about the recipe the soot cream I used this time is from TFA the flavor apprentice I usually go for the capella sweet cream for almost everything I make but this time we don’t need the vanilla side profile and the extra butter taste from TFA helps a bit also in here the water interior is made with a combination of TFA crust and a sidekick of Cabella waffle concentrate for added fluffiness the chocolate is the fudge brownie from capella because it has a nice thick chocolate flavor that helps blend everything together better this recipe needs a sweetener you can make it without one but it doesn’t taste better with a little sweetness added instead of sweetener you can substitute it with whipped cream or a tomahto I have listed the sweetener at 1% but if you think your car can handle it then raise it at 2% this blend is a 60% vegetable glycerin 40% propylene glycol I use it like Alma blends high in VG but with this recipe the extra propylene glycol not only helps with the flavors but it adds an extra roughness to the vape I tried making it an 80 percent VG but the flavors were a little muted now have a ratio calculate in the description you can experiment with the ratios if you’d like also there you can adjust the nicotine ratio this time I kept the nicotine at 3 milligrams because this is a recipe that doesn’t take high concentrations very well it makes it taste a little bitter but also kept the nicotine low because this is amazing to be liquid and what I mean by that is just in the last 4 days now I have used about 5 milliliters of the first budge that I had originally made that happened because I usually vape it when I’m on the computer doing stuff so I don’t pay attention to the tank and it goes down very fast alright so now that I’m done making it I will let it speak for a little bit for about 30 minutes and then I will be back to give you a very quick review of this fresh mix ok so it’s been about 30 minutes I will give it a try now I will first use this mod it’s a mouse 2 Blanc coil and it is my all-day device so will be able to tell the taste a little easier so we’ll shake it a little bit to blend it and then yeah let’s try it yeah yeah I like it I can taste that it is fresh but it is pretty much exactly what it should taste like but yeah another stepping even overnight will definitely help it also I think of this recipe is a little harder to blend so give it an extra-long shake than usual alright now we’ll try the second mod and here it is the first batch that I made last week this this are the last 5 milliliters left from it so I will wave it now at 16 watts and yeah let’s try to quickly let me do a third one again alright yeah again you can tell this is a step illiquid now it tastes different I’m not sure exactly if it’s the vapors that have escaped or that the flavors combine better over time or even a combination of both but we definitely say it tastes smoother so give this recipe some time to sit out and that will help it mellow out – how the taste is very good it has a smooth waffle flavor with an after tone of mainly the chocolate and some creaminess combined in there behind I like it too sweet vape and I’ll be using a lot so it’s one of my favorite recipes so far now if you have the ingredients give it a try – and if you make it let me know how you find it also I mean what temperature tasted best to you I have all the links in the description if you want to see the recipe thank you again for your time I hope this video helped you in some way leaving a comment just to say hello and see you again next time


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