Home DIY E-Liquids DIY Eliquid “Strawberry Thickshake” Full Flavor Milkshake Recipe & Notes

DIY Eliquid “Strawberry Thickshake” Full Flavor Milkshake Recipe & Notes

DIY Eliquid “Strawberry Thickshake” Full Flavor Milkshake Recipe & Notes

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. I am John Im a flavor compounder for 6 years now and in these videos I will mixing with you and show you my best recipes, Today are making a great eliquid called strawberry thickshake.

It is a one of my mainliners, I have made this one since the beginning and I have mixed it so many times I consider it perfected at this point. So I decided to show you this one firstIt is beginner friendly but also full flavor recipe.

I like vaping this mix a lot, and it makes a great all day vape not too heavy and can take higher nicotine very well. If you like smoking higher levels. This is the type of liquid that when you usually vape it around other people they will always ask what it is that smells like sweet pastry.

you probably had that before, ya That�s what this recipe is going for. That sweet mellow smell with a thick vape feel. So Now about the recipe I kept it at 70 30 with 30% propylene glycol to keep the flavor riche since PG can carry the flavoring very well.

But also with a 70 percent vg base to keep the vape soft and wih a great body. Ok so Lets start mixing it, Im using a smaller scale for this since my normal scale couldn�t pick up the tiny amounts that i am going to use today.

You can also do this by milliliters or drops or with a scale that reads micrograms. That would be easier too I will recommend only a week stepping. After you are done But you can leave it longer if you can wait.

In the video description I have the link for the recipe and also in the same link I included an alternative version of what I call a double shot. I do this with every recipe Its not exactly double but it has a very intense extra sweet taste if that�s what you are looking for.

After we are done making I will vape the one I just made now after I have another one that is about a week old one and I will vape both and do a quick comparison for you. The mix I’m going to make it�s the all day vape version at only a 5ml sample ratio.

I do this on purpose. So That way if you want to try it you don’t have to use alot of your materials and also if you made it and now you want to scale it lets say to 25ml just multiply everything by 5 and its easier that way.

I choose to mix it at 3mg nicotine for a less sharp taste and more flavor but you can adjust that for your liking. Ive tried up to 12 mg and doesn�t effect it much. If you don�t have any of this ingredients and just starting out you can get everything I have here for about 25$ , and you will only use a tiny portion for this recipe.

. and you will have a lot left over to try other stuff out. So i started with VG nicotine at 48mg, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin usp, and then for the flavorings, I have Sweet strawberry from cappela, you can also use another strawberry if you have another one on hand�.

Then we add Ice cream vanilla bean from tfa at 4%. Vanilla custard from capella again, you can use any other vanilla custard but this one probably is the best one., then I used capela graham cracker you could also use cheesecake or another cracker from another company.

But this one again I think is the best one. And finished with a 1% creamy coconut from Flavor West . Now You wont taste the coconut much but what will this do is bring out the milkshake flavor that we want and add a little bit of creaminess to the vanilla bean ice cream .

This is the only must used ingredient for this recipe. I have tried other coconut flavorings to see what difference it makes and this one the creamy coconut brings the exact profile that we are going for the milkshake profile.

So I will steep it now for about 15minutes and then vape it . Ok so its being about 20 minutes now it stayed in the warm water. lets try it out, Will try it out on the first mod. It�s a 25watt mod a 0.

5 stainless steel coil. I will fill it up and ya give it a try after the 20 minutes. I like this mods it�s a more mouth to lung mod but it gives you a really good flavor. So lets Adjust it and give it a try.

ya It was pretty nice actually, very smooth and I could taste the strawberry. Now lets try the older one really quickly, I will set it at 17watss and ya lets give it a try quick. Ok so The first one its actually pretty nice.

The strawberry comes out first. And then everything else I like it its more fruity. The 2nd one older one, it�s definitely more smoother. The vanilla comes out more you can taste more the sweetness of the vanilla in a milkshake kind of flavor.

And then the strawberry is more in the background. So If you can wait its worth it, it adds a more deeper profile to the whole milkshake flavor we are going for.. now I will post all the links for everything I used in the description, There is also a link for our subreddit.

Leave your comment or questions about the recipe I will read them all and I would like to try your approach for sure. That�s it for today. See you and on the next episode when we are making Soft baked cookies


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