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DIY Eliquid – The Mango Juice 70VG (Fruity diy Ejuice Recipe w/ Capella & FlavourArt Mango)

DIY  Eliquid – The Mango Juice 70VG (Fruity diy Ejuice Recipe w/ Capella & FlavourArt Mango)

Hello and welcome to diy eliquid recipes. I’m john I’m a flavor compounder and today I’m back with a very nice and fruity mango recipe. On the last video I reviewed 3mango flavors but I didn’t include sweet mango for capella so I decided to make a video with a mango recipe That uses the capella flavor together with the costa rica mango from flavourart.

Starting very briefly I want to say that sweet mango from capella is very similar to Mango from Inawera, it is a bright, floral and strong flavor that works good as the main flavor but it will work even better when it is used as an additive.

It will brighten up other mangos and add some extra throat hit to the recipe. You can use capella mango solo at a very low ratio from 2% – 4%. Anything higher than that and it become very chemical tasting.

This is a relatively dry flavor that needs other flavors to help it if you want to get the most out of this flavor. In this recipe today I picked Kiwi from Flavourart to help mellow out the dryness from the capella mango and also add a slightly green and fresh taste to the whole eliquid.

But it is only used low at 0.5% so if you want to make the recipe taste even more fresh then raise kiwi further to 1%. Next to get a full mango flavor I use a combination of Flavourart and capella mangos.

They work together well and create a mellow mango flavor that tastes a lot better and it is much fuller than when using just one of them. And last there is a little bit of meringue that will mellow out the flavor even further and adds a touch of extra smoothness to the whole vape.

The last 2 enhancers used are MTS vape wizard and sweetener. They are not mandatory but definitely help in this flavor profile. All together you will have a full flavor mango eliquid that will taste very similar to a mango shisha.

It is light, sweet and with a bit of throat hit in the end. Let this recipe steep for about 3 days for fast steeping and about 8 days for normal steeping. When you vape it on the inhale it will taste slightly sweet and fresh with a thick vape cloud from the 70% vg and on the exhale you will taste a nice full mango flavor with a slight aftertaste of cream coming from the meringue and balancing out the fruits.

Its is a good all day vape and something nice to vape when you want a change from your regular eliquids. Now for nicotine I would recommend to try keep it bellow 15mg if possible since the bitterness of the nicotine will start to come out when it is at higher ratios since mango is relatively light flavor and can’t take too much of it.

Now I hope you’ll enjoy this recipe if you make it, and if you like your eliquids sweet you can raise the sweetener to 1% or a little higher That’s how I make it personally but it clogs my coils a lot faster than the 0.

5% version its really up to you. In any case, as always feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments and I will see you again next time.


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