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DIY NET eliquid update

up YouTube thanks for swinging back by don’t have a review today what I’ve got is just a little bit of an update recorded a while back thick June some time a video about how to create your own naturally extracted tobacco eliquid from real tobacco leaves a pretty simple process you just treat the stuff basically like its teeth you steep the stuff let’s sit in a closet strain it out boom you’re good to go and at the end of the day you end up with a mixture that looks a lot like this my process is done and I’ve ended up straining the stuff out down to a two micron filter and this stuff is pretty dark now this is just nothing but propylene glycol and whatever natural flavorings were extracted through the process by the tobacco leaves and I mean you see this stuff is really dark really thin and running this not the strong don’t vape that straight that’d be a much less than pleasurable experience what you’re gonna want to do is mix it I recommend either a 3 to 1 4 to 1 or 5 to 1 ratio me personally I go to a 4 to 1 ratio bridge bridge which breaks down to 20 percent of flavoring versus 80 percent of base and the base that I’ve been using is just straight-up vegetable glycerin at three to one three parts based one part concentrate you get a much stronger flavor that ends up being something like 16 and a half percent and at five to one you get a 25 or other way around three to one you get a 25% concentrate and at five the one you get about sixteen and a half percent concentrates so it just works out in 3 2 1 4 2 1 and 5 2 1 or just easy numbers to remember because you can go straight by milliliters or if you’re measuring it out with the scale you can do grams me personally because I’m doing it for personal use I just do milliliters and I’d do it in a pretty easy way I bought one of these little glue bottles online never been used for anything else but it’s exactly 2 I like it because it’s got the little twist top makes it nice and easy to pour my juice out into a smaller container for one I’m using it and what I did is I took 40 milliliters of that stuff and then I put 160 milliliters of Basin here I basically just filled it up to the top after it but the concentrating and base that I’ve been using is this stuff I picked it up at Walmart because vegetable glycerin propylene glycol unless you end up buying the stuff in bulk it ends up being cheaper locally than it does ordering it and the reason being is it’s a liquid they got to ship it and the stuff that’s liquids are heavy if I were to buy say a liter of vegetable glycerin you know ounce per ounce I would probably save a little bit of money over this so for the most part unless I just decide I’m gonna make a massive batch of juice I don’t order a whole bunch of vegetable glycerin the shipping is just yeah a little cost prohibitive but if I’m gonna make a big batch then yeah if I know I’m gonna use 500 or milliliters or a liter of the stuff in one shot yeah I’ll go ahead and order it all in once I knew I wanted to do small batch so I bought a small batch you can pick this stuff at Walmart now if I remember to I’ll put a link down below if I can find a product page on their site rather and this is 99.

5 percent vegetable glycerin and on the website if I remember correctly this ends up being kosher blah blah blah I mean this is you know really high-grade stuff this is about as pure as Gibbs it’s pharmaceutical grade and it’s three dollars an 88 cents plus whatever taxes you pay and whatever state you’re in over across the pond and the UK I don’t know but I’m sure your local drugstores convenience stores whatever who might have something to this effect but this is the humko brand you might still see the older labeling that they have because I know a few of those are floating around it’s six ounces 177 milliliters which is just about perfect for this I end up having just a little bit of this stuff left over and I’ve got another one of these jars that I just pour the little leftovers into and eventually I’ve got enough to do something with I’ve been plowing through my final product but I don’t vape nicotine yeah I don’t do nicotine at all so for me it’s easy I don’t like nicotine and I like a very VG heavy juice so I did 20% of this stuff 40 milliliters dump this stuff into this bottle it tables full to the top closed it made sure that was closed and Chuck beautiful thing about most naturally extracted tobacco’s is that if you go through the steeping process correctly if you do this in your closet or whatever if you do a cold maceration process the concentrate itself it’s ready to go I mean it’s just good it’s solid and ready to go you don’t have to steep the final juice you you never really steep juice the the steeping process that people talk about when they mix their own juices is more of a just a physical combination process it’s just a mixture process all the little bits and bobs and stuff that are in the juice and it just kind of mixing together and making a more consolidated if you will a final product I have found that you don’t really need to do that natural extracted to that goes because the concentrate that is in this is as good as it’s gonna get it is gonna its tastes as good as it’s gonna get just because the process has been done as long as you steep it and you are properly steeping it in your closet as long as you steep it long enough that’s why I say do six to eight weeks me personally this particular batch that I did i steeped it for barely five weeks I started testing it at about the three-week process and about ten days before I finally cut the cut the process out it got it just reached a certain darkness and stopped it didn’t get any darker and I kept taking you know a little 1/2 milliliter samples out of it and filtering it and making a juice out of it and I didn’t notice it getting any stronger over the course of 10 days at that point I called it good and said all right it’s done I don’t know why this particular batch steeped that quickly it may have something to do with the particular cigar that I chose maybe it was the Maduro wrapper on there whatever the case is it end up being a very dark kind of a skunky smelling concentrate it really does smell kind of sky but I sent someone this over to Scott Bonner I get u69 he went ahead and mixed up a batch of this stuff and vaped on it he said the same thing he said the concentrate to smell they smell horrible but the final product they really really nice not as strong as I thought would have thought it would be again this is the CEO flathead carb v6 61 of the best rated cigars from last year by cigar aficionado and its really really good vape I did a dry pull on the cigar I didn’t light it up because I don’t smoke anymore I did a dry pole on the cigar before I mixed up the liquid or the concentrate with it and it was really nice it tasted really nice with a dry pool and I could tell that I was gonna produce a nice liquid anyway I put 40 milliliters in there I guess it was about up to that for maybe about there and then I just filled the rest of it to the top with the vegetable glycerin shake and vape and there you go this is the final product and my atomizer this is my pike Orta with my typical stainless steel 316 26 gauge I forget how many wraps I’ve got on there comes out 2.

9 ohms and it just baits solid 35 watts standard power mode man that’s good kind of a earthy maybe a little earthier than that then the last batch that I put together that I sent to Scott and surprisingly enough being as it’s a full bodied cigar it’s a little bit milder I don’t know if different aspects of the leaf or leaching into the propylene glycol a little bit differently but whatever the case it’s really Pleasant my next batch of this I might actually mix a little stronger or I might just you know do the math and calculate on how much more concentrated need to put this in and I might try a 25% with this just to see if it gives that little extra punch for a full body full flavored cigar and it tastes and veyts nothing like it smells as a concentrate which is good I mean even as a final product it smells far different than the concentrate does don’t know what the logistics behind that on I really don’t know what else to say I just wanted to follow up with my previous video show you the final juice after I’ve mixed up Jesus after I’ve mixed it up and go ahead and give you kind of a taste impression now I am a predominantly tobacco vapor I’ll occasionally dabble in other flavor profiles but it’s almost always tobacco and if I get a choice in the matter I go natural extract it I mean to that end this is doing a really good job you see the vapor is nice and thick but that’s more because I’m using 80% of this stuff the flavor saturated into the VG very well that’s all the concentrate the concentrates doing all of the work on that something you gotta keep in mind is the base that you use is gonna affect the flavor quite a bit this probably taste a little bit sweeter than if I were to do say a 50/50 blend if I had put the 40 milliliters of the concentrate in there and then top that off with another 60 milliliters of just pure propylene glycol and then top that off with a hundred milliliters VG I would still get the same flavor density I would to get the same flavor ratio but it would taste different because the propylene glycol itself actually impacts the flavor so keep that in mind you’re gonna have to play around with it unless you know particularly that I don’t like propylene glycol I’m not allergic to propylene glycol I’m very very slightly sensitive to it it leaves an aftertaste in my mouth that most other people don’t pick up and my throat is overly sensitive to propylene glycol a very heavy PG juice gives me I mean it’s supposed to give a pretty powerful throat hit but it gives me more powerful for Oh tip than most other folks which is another reason that I typically don’t use nicotine I don’t need it for throat it even the 20% PG and this is giving me plenty throat air now that being said if you’re looking for throat hit you’re gonna have to do something along two lines one use more PG than I did I don’t recommend thinning this stuff any debt further down then say 50/50 beyond that it’s gonna be really really punchy it’s gonna be really potent stuff even without a nicotine or two you’re gonna have to put some nicotine in it I just prefer not to use nicotine if I don’t need I’m no longer addicted to this stuff I haven’t bathed on it in quite a while now that’s not saying that I can’t babe nicotine if I find a juice that I’m interested in and it tastes good I like it and all that’s available is three milligrams I can pick that stuff up and vape it fine I just gotta be careful with it because I don’t typically vape nicotine and I’ll Nick myself out even on three milligrams six milligrams juice I’ll dig myself out very quickly because my body is no longer used to them I don’t work quiet I’m no longer addicted to it so just keep that in mind really not sure what else to say the flavor on this is really nice it’s an earthy and I don’t want to say a mild cigar I would say it’s a medium bodied cigar at this point but it’s really well-rounded and you could definitely tell this as a cigar it doesn’t taste like a pipe tobacco doesn’t taste like an analogue cigarette tobacco doesn’t taste like a whole leaf this definitely has a cigar flavor to it which makes sense it came from the cigar so play around with this if you want to do this process that I did to make this stuff so that you can use it to make this stuff go to a tobacconist that’s probably your best bet in my previous video I’ve had a couple one person ask me what if I tried this with the cigarettes you know I know you said don’t do this with Marlboros yeah definitely don’t do it with a Marlboro a pack of Marlboro Reds and try to make a juice out of that it’s gonna taste like you know hot monkey ass what goes into this is ultimately what comes out of it so use a high-quality tobacco and I mentioned in the comments in there and I’ll go ahead and put it here vocally that you gotta be careful what type of tobacco please forgive the noise that’s outside they’re doing house construction on the street over I live in a new neighborhood and apparently they’re doing power sawing right now so if you’re picking that up in the camera sorry anyway what I mentioned in the comments there is processed tobacco the more processed it is cigarettes being about process as they can be they are given more treatment they are giving more lacings with chem Cole somewhat not even roll-your-own tobacco is typically laced with something your best bet if you’re willing to do it is to go get whole leaf tobacco I mean you literally know shit by the leaves and then just big gigantic sheet of tobacco and it’s typically folded up until like a little cube or something you got to wet it unfold it and do all the stuff with it the problem with that is you’re not gonna get a cigar taste you’re not gonna get a pipe tobacco taste because pipe tobacco’s use multiple types of tobacco which are treated and fermented in a particular method and cigars did the same thing now cigarette tobacco including roll-your-own tobacco is typically treated in a particular way to make it taste like a cigarette that’s why cigarettes have a distinctive taste to them and they do this by typically lacing them with chemicals or other products that contain chemicals cigars and pipe tobacco generally the way those are manufactured or they pick the tobacco leaf they put it either in a barn or shed or something whatever depending on the fermentation process that they use however that tobacco is cured it’s just cured err cured smoked cured what if son cured however they do it whatever the process is the only to varying processes that I know of off the top three that I know of or Latakia which is a smoked cured a sun-dried then smoked cured tobacco still pretty much all-natural but you’re getting some stuff from the smoke and then your to pressure fermented processes Cavendish and Parikh they’re both similar processes but different enough to be produce different tastes Parikh basically they fold the leaves up to the little nubbins they show them in a barrel and they get a big gigantic screw jack and press it down until air can’t get in there anymore and then anaerobically firmance that gives it a really really potent really strong peppery taste very distinct to Parikh Cavendish is pressure fermented under blocks but typically Cavendish is also cased beforehand they take the tobacco leaves they case it and some flavorings you know cherry vanilla whatever and then they allow the fermentation process to happen under blocks but not necessarily under a screw jack or something like that similar process that’s about as unnatural as any pipe tobacco gets cigars they’re typically just air cured sun cured whatever cured rolled up into a cigar that you smoke and that’s it that’s why I recommend those products a the work is done for you you know the very subtle degrees of flavored between the four different types of tobacco thatís a gardens or in that cigar in the right ratio same thing with the cabinet or same thing with the Parikh I don’t recommend vaping breathe straight by the way that’s a strong stuff but whatever your choice of pipe tobacco is it’s all in there already and pre-mixed so your ratio is going to be proper and at the end of the day the ratio in your juice is also gonna be proper in a cigarette you know I was also asked about well what about those bad chemicals you said that the nicotine and the tar aren’t leached out into your concentrate that’s true nicotine and tar are not PG or VG soluble if they are I mean it’s negligibly soluble this at the end of the day has such trace amounts of nicotine and tar that they’re practically not measurable I mean we measure nicotine in the industry and milligrams per milliliter the concentrate here is less than one half of one milligram per milliliter and this is the concentrate if I mix this out of 20 percent ratio I’m getting about 0.

1 milligrams per milliliter nicotine in the final product maximum that’s the max I’m gonna get out of that the stuff just isn’t soluble in propylene glycol similarly neither is tar the stuff just stays in the leaves cuz it’s got nowhere else to go if you do a heat maturation process typically that involves some use of alcohol tar and nicotine are both incredibly soluble in alcohol ethanol you know drinking alcohol that we use and that’s why I don’t recommend doing the heat maturation process because it typically requires a little bit of ethanol and I don’t recommend doing a straight-up ethanol extraction process because then you’re gonna get a shit ton of nicotine in it and a little bit of tar now backtracking a little bit as to why I don’t recommend using cigarettes the other chemicals that they add into this many of those are soluble perfectly in water vegetable glycerin propylene glycol so some of these additives you’re gonna get you just you’re not even gonna notice them I really don’t recommend it even an organic cigarette you know I know what was mentioned in the comments was American spirit organic requires only a growing process it doesn’t require a manufacturing process casing process and is in anything that effect for them to label the product organic it depends on what kind of pesticides are used on the tobacco typically those are the exact same pesticides that are used in commercial grade tobacco simply because only a few pesticides work on tobacco tobacco itself is an incredibly good pesticide because of the high nicotine content so that’s something to keep in mind Organic does not necessarily mean it doesn’t contain all the other shit that cigarettes have it’s a label to get people to buy stuff and there is some truth to it you know the growing feeding fertilizing and pest control processes do have certain guidelines they have to follow but it is not the end-all be-all it’s not a super safe cigarette what was mentioned specifically as a question was the American spirit Parikh cigarettes American spirit is a brand of cigarettes if anyone doesn’t know that are organic in nature you know when I was a smoker I tried them and they were pretty good the Parikh cigarettes contain a small percentage about 5% I think of Cory Quebec oh and it gives it a distinctive flavor I think you would get a decent tasty juice out of it but it would still have the extra chemical-laden stuff that the cigarette tobacco side of it has I personally think you’re better off if you’re interested in Parikh getting a whole leaf Burley golden Virginia something like that grinding it up and then get buying a bag of poori you can go to any good tobacconist and get the stuff and it’s a little more expensive than other tobacco’s but it’s not prohibitively expensive because you’re not gonna use a lot of it again Parikh is incredibly strong stuff mix it up that about a five to ten percent ratio pop it in there and see how you like the juice you know five to ten percent ratio Parikh to the other tobacco then do your concentrate you know like I showed you in the previous video and I think that’ll give you a nice per week flavor you want more kick let’s go up to about twenty percent and that’s gonna be some strong ass tobacco so yeah I would never use a cigarette tobacco and to answer that question just because you don’t know what you’re babying on Parikh it’s nothing but pressure fermented tobacco most other pipe tobacco’s you’re gonna get some sort of sun cured air cure flu cured whatever cured tobacco it’s been hung up somewhere and allowed to dry a cigar tobacco the same thing it’s just they choose tobacco’s that are grown in different regions with different flavors our flavor characteristics and they put the stuff together in different ratios and then they roll it in a tube that’s all they do cigarettes yeah I don’t know that I would go through all of that I just don’t think it’s safe but anyway I’m gonna stop rambling on that because this video is getting long enough this stuff actually turned out very well I’m very surprised and I can’t wait to move on to my next thing I haven’t order this stuff yet but I’m working on a map Otto Glendon anyone that doesn’t know what my Pacho is it is a blend of Nicotiana Rustica it’s the strongest tobacco on earth while I was in the Navy I had the opportunity to visit Peru and I still smoked at the time and you know went around the local shops and I remember seeing these macho cigars and I did a little bit of research on it before I decided to smoke one found that Nicotiana Rustica is a cousin brother made possibly a parent plant to Nicotiana tobacco that is the common tobacco plant and what I remember about this is two things one the nicotine content of that thing laid me on my ass really fast typical nicotiana tobacco maximum of about 3% nicotine content typically more around about 2% Nicotiana Rustica has an average of 9% nicotine all the way up to as much as 20% and in South America Peru especially this is where the stuff grows really well jungle grown at Rustica typically has about 12 to 15 percent nicotine content and I bought a couple of these cigars one was just straight-up lapacho and one was called tobacco des moines which is a breed of Mapocho that is treated differently cured a little bit differently both of these cigars laid me on my ass we’re really quick I mean just a couple of pulls on them and then my head was swimming out stunned off of the nicotine also what I remember before getting stoned and loopy is that they had a really nice nice and mellow flavor so I’m gonna use my cold extraction process I’m gonna get some Nicotiana to back them and some tobacco des moines I’m gonna mix these in a particular ratio that I’m gonna come up with on my own and I might sprinkle a couple other exotic tobacco’s in there because you know there was an Indian tobacco’s there are some tobacco’s in different regions of the world I’m gonna get some fuck law which is a a breed of Nicotiana Rustica that grows in Vietnam I’m gonna mix these up and I’m gonna make a really strong exotic tobacco juice and we’ll see how that works out that’s gonna be months down the road though so one whenever I get to doing that I’ll let you know and I’m gonna try something different with the the extraction process I’m going to try to more finely grind that tobacco and see what happens anyway I’ll go ahead and stop this video is almost 25 minutes so with that remember today is August 3rd five days five more days until the deeming regulations kick into effect that the FDA have instilled on us here in the United States we don’t have time to have these stopped in the next five days however the fight isn’t nowhere near over and like I said before we’ve got a good fighting chance contact a representative email bug they ever living crap out of them Kasab tzfat o not blowing smoke AMSA right to be smoke-free August 8th org go to his website pledge your support if you can’t afford a penny that’s fine pledge your support give a testimonial spend your time doing something and contact a representative to tell them to support HR 2058 Nicole bishop amendment all that stuff’s still active right now and if we don’t support advocacy on our end they’re not gonna support it on theirs they need to see that and you need do it I’ve done my part you need to do yours as well if you’re at all passionate about vaping so soapbox gone I’ll go to stop talking about that yeah do your own tobacco turns out pretty well so with that I’ll go ahead and get off of this and leave you so if you found this video entertaining and/or informative like share subscribe and I’ll see you again vape on ok turn it on first man that’s good stuff you


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