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DONUT DIY EJuice Recipe

DONUT DIY EJuice Recipe

Welcome again to the channel of YouTube, in this occasion we have another recipe of a very well-known eliquid concretely of this version we have already carried out several tests and we find that this it finishes version he/she resembles that of a maker a lot then, the version that we have made we are looking for a resemblance to but that to look for a resemblance that makes they are versions of commercial liquids we look for under our palate like that he/she tastes us that eliquid to reproduce it be concretely as always it leaves the name in the animation that you this showing now the problem that we find with this eliquids type is that all look for with this, with the glazing of the donut’s, with Frosted Donut they look for to obtain the flavor of the donut, but the mass or dough with which one makes the donut we don’t have it then that makes it is to mix a series of ingredients to achieve that flavor of donut mass with the mixture of Cheesecake graham crust, inawera cake using Cookies of FA and the other flavors that are come gives us something but resemblance to that donut this donut this fact on some strawberries, we use several types of strawberries like the strawberry ripe, and in the strawberries and cream, mixing these two obtains a flavor but soft and not so intense and we obtain a flavor but balanced as that of this maker we use Malted Milk and Dairy Milk like in other occasions to make a creamy base very in accordance with what is the recipe this, with the result of the mass of the donut having said that, we will prepare the recipe.

.. as you see there are different many flavors and it is because you cannot create with a single flavor they are needed to use several flavors to make a base of cream, it is exactly the same as to cook usually, you cannot use a single ingredient and to obtain a cake to create a cake we need to add a series of ingredients, because, to make a cream you need a series of ingredients, not with a single flavor everything, example, is believed to create meringue.

.. you need several ingredients with the eliquids it passes the same thing, to want to make a cream with a single ingredient one is not able to it is a lot but complicated… there are some makers as Atmos Lab that have a well created cream but depending on the use that is wanted to give, is needed to add but you tinge these two for example Dairy Milk and Malted Milk the whipped cream, the sweet cream the vanilla swirl.

.. they are needed several for the shades one can make an alone cream adding vanilla swirl, not… you will never obtain a cream using alone one… but he/she is ahead they published tutorials so that this understands each other well and those differences were explained good, said this small explanation, we will tie ourselves with the recipe of Frosted donut he/she requests us 4%, 0,4 mili liters 0,4 mili liters 0,4 mili liters this I have not prepared it of the strawberry ripe he/she tells us that we use a 3,5 % the syringe doesn’t arrive I have to take out the plug this has already opened it and I have already placed him/her the syringe to the other one.

.. of the strawberry ripe he/she tells us that we use a 3,5 % 3,5% for 10 mili liters is similar to 0,35 mili liters 0,35 if this is 4… 0,35 serious here of the strawberries and cream he/she also tells us 3,5%, that is to say, 0,35 are here 0,35 mili liters on 10 mili total liters of Cheesecake Grahant Crust tells us a 1 % 1% = 0,1 mili liters for 10 mili total liters of vanilla swirl he/she tells us a 3% 0,3 mili liters of Vanilla Bean Gelato he/she tells us a 2% it is worth, 0,2 mili liters of Bavariam Cream tells us a 1% 0,1 mili liters, like you see they are small shades but these small shades are those that give that peculiar flavor and they make them to be better the recipes of Malted Milk tells us a 2% 0,2 mili liters of Dairy Milk other 2 % 0,2 mili liters also of the biscuit of Inawera he/she tells us a 3% 0,3 mili liters and lastly we add him/her the touch of the cookie of FA that we add him/her a 1% and with this we already have the made recipe there is a lot of quantity of flavor.

.. because of flavors we have a 26% it is not that it is a lot of quantity, but to make this version of this eliquid this quantity it is needed with less ingredients it won’t leave similar, you can attempt it but it won’t leave.

.. of propylene glycol that I already have it preparation we need 2,4 mili liters for inside now I cover the bottle and I move it and I add the glycerine that I also have it prepared that they are 5 mili liters and with this we have our carried out version, I repeat again that it is very important then some partners think or they say.

.. and I cannot make instead of using so many flavors to use one alone to make… no, one is not able to there is not any ingredient in kitchen for example the one fried lightly of a paella it is made with many ingredients, with a single ingredient one cannot make with the eliquids it happens the same thing, wanting to make a creamy base with a single ingredient one is not able to then it happens that the differences of our eliquids with some makers are abysmal, because instead of using four flavors to make a cream, use alone 1 and for that reason they don’t leave them similar of flavorful the eliquids, good this it is our vision on this recipe, and anything, this is everything.

.. we see each other in the following one, see you later.


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