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Dry Herb Vapes vs Oil Vapes vs Liquid Vapes | Vaping 101 Educational Video Series

Dry Herb Vapes vs Oil Vapes vs Liquid Vapes | Vaping 101 Educational Video Series

Good day guys, Matt from VapeFuse Australia here, back again with another introduction to Vaping Video, part of our Vaping 101 Web Series, where we introduce our Aussie VapeFuse customers to what vaping is all about.

Now, on my first couple of videos, I touched on what vaporizing is and how it’s better for you than smoking and now we’re going to sort of delve into the different types of vaporizers that are available.

Now, the most common vaporizer is the e-cigarette, which is basically just another name for a liquid vaporizer. Now the Vivant Incendio, which I’ve got here, is a dual liquid and oil vaporizer, but with this atomizer on top, it’s used to atomize the liquid tobacco or liquid nicotine, that will go inside of it.

So basically what that is, that is the blend of vegetable, glycerin and propylene glycol I believe, those two mixed together with a base flavor and some liquid nicotine. So, that’s obviously a lot healthier for you than a cigarette, as it doesn’t combust a tobacco and many people use that sort of as a lead-up to quitting smoking or quitting ingesting nicotine.

So, the liquid vape as I said most common. The second most common after that, is the Dry Herb Vaporizer. Now, dry herb vaporizers which we specialize, here in VapeFuse Australia. I used to atomize herb substances like Damiana, Chamomile or even Lavender, which we have here.

So, this is done just by inserting herbs into the chamber, preheating the device, the device anywhere between 50/ 70/ 80 degrees Celsius around that point and what it does, is that will extract the essential oils from the herb material and result in a vapor like substance that will emit through the mouthpiece.

So, Lavender what that does specifically as a herb, will help you to relax, if your’e having trouble sleeping you have a crack vaping some Lavender. Now, the third type, which is probably the least common and most unknown especially in Australia, is the Oil Vaporizer.

Now, here I’ve got the X Max V One Plus and this is one of our best oil vaporizers, my personal device, this can be used to vaporize essential oils like Lavender, Oil, Peppermint Oil, even Bergamot Oil.

So, pretty much what you do is, this one’s got a atomizer in the middle. A little different to the herb and liquid. Liquid is more like a tank, the herb chamber is pretty much just a little basket for the herbs to sit in for the hot air to pass over and the oil tank, has a little oil insert, which you just put a few droplets of oil in and that’ll help you match your desired atomization temp.

So, that’s pretty much it, guys. We’ve got the Dry herb vape, Liquid vape and the Oil vape. Thanks for watching and remember to check out the rest of our Herb Vaping 101 Videos to get in the know about vaping.

Thank you.


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