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DynaVap “M” 2018 Edition Portable Vaporizer First Impression | Australia First

DynaVap “M” 2018 Edition Portable Vaporizer First Impression | Australia First

What’s up guys, Matt from VapeFuse Australia here, back again to help keep you up to date with the latest and greatest in herb vaping news and content. Now, for this week I’ve got an absolute doozy for you guys.

I’ve been waiting to cop this vape for a while now and so I’m super stoked to have a first-sesh video choke on YouTube, for all our faithful VapeFuse viewers. So, the vaping question is the DynaVap, which is arguably one of the most sort of talked about and trending vapes right now.

It’s been huge in the f*kcombustion forum for a couple of years and so I’m super stoked to have this Australia’s first review for YouTube. So, the DynaVap is a super awesome concept, it’s just a low cost vape, comes in under 100 bucks for the basic model and it’s super easy to operate.

It’s just as user-friendly as it gets. It’s manual, has no power interface at all, so no battery or external power supply. It’s heated up by the use of the torch, so similar to what you’d be experienced to it like a nectar collector or a dab rig, if you’re into concentrates and yet to actually try it out, so it’s gonna be sort of our first session toget her,but I found that there’s a couple of ways that these bad boys can operate.

So, you don’t actually have to break down your herb, to consume with the DynaVap, so, I’m pretty accustomed to breaking down my my herb with my GrindeROO, so I’ve actually broken down the herb, for the first session.

So, it’s a pretty similar sort of chamber to other vapes that I’ve seen just like a sort of pen style vape, it’s about maybe a centimeter deep, so about a third of an inch and then sort of similar width.

It’s cylindrical, the whole thing, so the device itself when it comes in at about probably 10 or 11 centimeters, so it’s actually quite compact compared to what I was thinking and it reminds me heaps of a one-hitter, which I used to use back in the day which is pretty much just a little sort of single-use pot that packs in the end like this.

So, machinist could actually be used as a one-hitter as well, but as I’m into vaping I wouldn’t mess around with that .So we’ve got here as well as the Dyna stash. So the Dyna stash, is a handy little tub for it, so it has a little magnetic hole in the top, so you can hold the end of the vape against it and it pulls off the cap like that.

So the Vap cap, so it’s referred to, is the heating cap, so basically you whack it on top of the device, when you’re going to heat your chamber and atomizers, the herbs within. So, it’s super easy and useful to have that magnetic little hot spot there, because after you’ve sort of finished a session if you want to break the vape down, you just pull this cap off and you’re not like getting your hands over heated up.

In a box as well, so this is just the normal size, they also make an extra-large version for the extra-large DynaVaps as well, as sort of the longer wooden versions. So, this one here which is the M as I said, the 2018 and just slides directly into the box, so there’s two separate holes as well, so this hole here which is sort of like a Has stash- once you’ve popped off that little vap cap, you can sort of just like take off the atomizer or the chamber on the end here and just like like JVB blow it out or whatever and one of the things I love about this vape is just how much modular it is like, everything about that DynaVap is modular, it’s the perfect vaporizer for a craftsman or a tradie or something that’s a bit used to sort of playing with the hands, likes to customize their devices a little bit, so I’ve seen some awesome sort of like custom things that people have come out with the DynaVap online in the f*kcombustion forum it’s like induction heaters specialized stashes, custom stashes, so you can fit your own sort of like custom mod DynaVaps in there.

So I’m super excited to try this vape out and get it in stock, so we can get the Australian market pumping with these manual devices. I’ve got a lot of faith in this brand, it’s American-made coming from California and it’s pretty much there guys, there’s not much more I can say about the DynaVap, except it’s tested out.

Before I get to that though, I’m just gonna leave this in here for a second before I hit it and introduce you guys to the Vong S, so this one, has got pretty much the similar Vap cap and head to the end, so just constructed from stainless steel and it’s got this removable moisture condenser in the middle, so some people are a bit iffy about the condenser, they think that it sort of limits the vapor that you pull into a bit, but I’m yet to try it out to make an assumption, I’ll probably get to testing this one out next week, but as you can see the put a lot of work into the design of the Vong S, there’s a dark wood and a light wood version and as you’ve seen before pulling it out at the end of my piece it’s got a 14 mil water pipe attachment, so I’m not too sure if you pull the condenser out to use it, I assume so it gets a little close to the water if I don’t, so just pull out this moisture condenser, you can pack either a little dab or a little bit of ground herb into the end, back on your Vap cap and just chuck it into the end of your water piece like that and you just hit it with the torch for maybe six to eight seconds depending on what kind of torch you got.

So, that was the Vong S. Now, we’re gonna move on to the M guys, so this is my first session with the M, just going off the user guide here. It’s an awesome user guide, easy for anyone from, if you’re —50, you get your head around.

It’s a lots of big pictures and stuff reminds me of the PUFFiT X – just more of a guide inclined towards the medicinal user possibly or a new vapor that hasn’t tried it out before. So, basically on the right hand side, is sort of maintenance and on the left hand side over here is just the general instructions.

So, it just it says to load up your Vap which with ground herbs, so that’s not poking out at the end. Hit it with the cap and then hit it with the torch, until it clicks. So let’s gonna have a crack at that now.

So, DynaVap is actually sell a bunch of torches in their website. But since we’re in Australia and customers is a bit iffy, hesitant about sending us some torches, so I just picked up this one from my local tobacconist, it’s just a single torch they recommended a Joule or Tri torch to start with, but I’ve looked into some some videos and stuff on how to heat up the Vap, so I give it a crack with a single torch, so yeah we go.

.. so what heats, people have been telling me, is when you’re heating it up, try and hold it, like a 45-degree angle, so it’s in between the 90 and the zero and just want to hit it with the torch from the side.

.. double-click Damn, okay, that was a lot better than anticipated. It was sort of a, similar experience to an Arizer vape, so they’re very sweet, the cloud was there as well. So, what I’m used to in like, some of these, ah it’s just clicked again, there you guys we’re still ready to hit.

.. So there’s definitely a bit of vapor there, that’s super impressive. So the DynaVap, my sort of final a couple of notes, that I put together on it. If you’re someone that’s looking to sort of vaporize on the go, this might be not the perfect device for you, obviously, having a torch and stuff like that, it’s more like smoking, so if you’re looking to heat up in public market, a little bit exposed, for someone that’s just looking for a low-cost vape, and have some awesome vapor production and a fantastic flavour, just sort of an at-home model.

I can see definitely the DynaVap, is gonna take the Australian vaping— store….Hey guys, thanks for checking out my review on the DynaVap. We’re gonna have a bunch more reviews coming in the next few weeks, including review on this long S through the water pipe.

So, make sure to subscribe to the channel, to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest in herb vaping news and content. Thanks guys, we’ll see you next time.


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