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E-liquid Review – Vape Heads – Ace of Vapes

E-liquid Review – Vape Heads – Ace of Vapes

what is up guys my name is Tyler I’m from Detroit vape city you can check us out on Facebook our links will be in the description I’m here on behalf of mr. vapor I have a short review for you guys today and let’s get into it today’s review is on vape Ed’s blue razz this is a blue raspberry candy you liquid guys you can pick any of these products you see in the video up at any local mr.

vapor Wild Bill’s so glance at the bottle you got there Instagram you can check them out on Instagram it is intended for adult use it has a nice detailed logo your flavors right underneath the actual label itself it’s 3 milligrams nicotine that I’m dripping on this also comes in 0 3 6 and 12 you have your ace of vapors logo and website there you can check them out at www.

thekingofrandom.com this is definitely a juice for you quick thoughts on the flavor there’s no flavor loss in this at all guys and is a straight blue raspberry vape all the way through inhale exhale there’s no harshness no throat hit whatsoever and as smooth as smooth can gets guys there’s no weird taste with PG or VG any event it’s mixed and ratioed out very well guys I don’t know if you can see this I’m going to try to point my light towards the bottle the liquid inside the bottle it’s a very kind of thick but liquidy type of liquid as you can tell I’ve been vaping on this for quite a bit I really like the bottle how they mixed it up with the blue bottle and the red cap kind of opposite from everything else definitely know that what this flavour is very pleasant vape guys and go ahead and subscribe hit that subscribe button up there and drop a comment below and the links will be in the description go ahead and check out Detroit bass city and guys


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