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Easy Flavor Pairings For Beginner DIY Mixers

Easy Flavor Pairings For Beginner DIY Mixers

welcome to DIY or die today I want to talk about a few parents to help you along your mixing journey so this video is going to be quick I basically just want to talk about a few pairings that will really just kind of put you in the right direction maybe help you pick out a few flavorings when you’re you know loading up your car net at the DIY suppliers you want to start crafting recipes because you kind of don’t know where to start you don’t know which flavorings to buy you don’t know how things pair up you don’t know which flavorings go good with other flavorings and I just want to talk about a few pairings that should kind of push you in that right direction where you’re often you can start really crafting your own recipes so I got this box of flavorings and really what it is is a box full of flavorings that can pair well easily with other flavors there’s really not much to them they taste great on their own but they kind of need a little help and all you really need to do is just add a topping to them maybe add a fruit pairing to them and you’re good to go now the first one I want to talk about it’s the one that you’ll see a lot in a lot of recipes and that’s a vanilla bean ice cream by TFA now first off you might not enjoy TFA vanilla bean ice cream there’s a lot of people that get a peppery flavor from it’s just disgusting for them in that case you want to use flavor west vanilla bean ice cream or Capella’s vanilla bean ice cream or you can just use cappellas whipped cream or maybe a sweet cream by flavor west cappella sweet cream is good as well basically a dairy when you pair a dairy up with a lot of different fruits it’s just a very easygoing nice pairing that’s easy to kind of put together so for example we’re using TF a vanilla bean ice cream I’ll mix this up five percent I’ll throw some strawberry in it five percent or I’ll throw some flavor west blueberry or flavor arts bilberry in it you can add any kind of peaches for like a peaches and cream you can add any kind of it pretty much any fruit that you throw at a cream will be pretty damn good and you just want to think in terms of okay what do I like on my ice cream what kind of fruits do I like on my ice cream those are the fruits that you want to add to the order and those are the kind of recipes that you’re going to want to craft so purchase the right flavorings for them but vanilla bean ice cream you’ll see just a lot like I said if you’re not a fan there’s other vanilla bean ice creams out there that’ll be much better like Capella’s or flavor west also yogurts you can kind of do the same thing with Capella’s creamy yogurt or Capella’s Greek yogurt I enjoy the creamy variety it’s less tart has a little bit more of that dairy no it’s a little there as well creamy yogurt 5 6 % add any kind of fruit what kind of fruits you like in your yogurt throw those fruits in there you’re good to go it’s that simple same with custards Capello’s vanilla custard you know throw your fruits on their custard go well with a lot of different flavors out there so you want to pick this one up if you don’t want any D’s little or see your propanol and your eliquid you can use version 2 or you can use flavor arts custard or you can just skip the custard and go Vienna cream and fresh cream by flavor art mix those two together you’re good to go and that pretty much covers the cream varieties marshmallow is a big thing for people who like creams but don’t enjoy like any dairy note you kind of get all the benefits of a cream like it’s fluffiness its richness it’s nice and thick but there’s no dairy in it it doesn’t have some people get like a curdled milk flavor when they vape dairies if you’re that type of person marshmallows TS a marshmallow Capella’s marshmallow or flavor arts marshmallow or the best marshmallows on the market makes 3/4 percent out of fruit bang you’re good to go it’s that easy it’s just so easy we’re talking about simple simple pairing and that way once you get those pairings right once you figure out okay I like this marshmallow with this fruit then you can start to really develop your recipes and grow from there and they grow naturally to grow more organically and there’s a certain kind of evolution that you’re going to see where you start to add and tweak different things and that’s kind of your first steps of really starting to get into mixing so the creams were done with the creams next bakery so bakeries a lot of people like bakeries victory is a little bit more difficult they’re a little bit more demanding a little bit more complex and intricate but one of the best bakeries you can get is capella sugar cookie this is just a nice regular warm baked sugar cookie it’s more kind of fluffy in the middle there’s more of a sugar note to it more of a like a lighter caramel flavor to it top it off with any kind of fruits that you want or any kind of flavors that you want and then you’re on your way you know I enjoy this around like five six percent you kind of need a little higher there’s also needs a little bit of a steep but it’s an easy pairing in it so it’s a blank canvas and another flavoring like this that’s easy to pair is flavor arts cookie and flavor arts cookie is just a blank canvas it’s more of a crispier kind of store-bought plain cookie and it has an amazing texture to it you know pair this up with any kind of toppings that you want any kind of fruits that you want what kind of fruits do I enjoy with my cookies what kind of toppings do I draw up my cookies those are the flavorings that you want to I four and then you want to start to craft your recipes from their flavor our cookie kind of want to use really low 1% a half a percent if you’re mixing it it’s a strong flavor Hank this is not as strong so you can use a lot more this one so use this one any way you see fit next we have anywhere’s biscuit now this one’s more of a buttery lighter kind of almost like a pastry flavor this is great for those who want bakeries but don’t want too much heaviness they don’t want too much texture they kind of just want like a light bakery on the backend also is great with lighter flavors like lemons and pears any kind of flavor that has a lot of subtleties to it in or disc is a better option than these other heavier bakeries now when you’re using these bakeries keep it simple just pair it with one other flavoring and try to work that in and then you can grow from there see where you can get it where you enjoy it and then maybe the next batch you can start to really tweak it and add to it and kind of get more complex but keep it simple at first now I want to talk about fruits fruits are pretty fun to play with especially when you’re talking about pairings because you can pretty much pair anything you can pretty much pair any fruit with any other fruit it’s really up to you in your vision and also it’s up to the flavorings and how well those flavors pair up with other flavorings but you’re not really limited in fruit you can pretty much go crazy and you pretty much have a really good vape now the percentages depend on the flavorings use the 5% rule TFA Capella’s flavor West are generally around 5% where flavor are anywhere you want to use that 1% but that also varies so it’s just you know it depends on each flavoring how much you need but generally if you’re just doing a to flavor pairing with fruits you want to push as much flavoring as you can into that so really take those flavors to the max of their ability for example if I’m pairing a Capella’s cantaloupe and TFA pair candy I’m going to want to use compose cantaloupe at 4 or 5 percent that’s pretty much the top end of this flavoring and I want to use CFA pear candy Alec five six seven percent I really want to max these flavors out because we’re not putting anything else in there all we’re putting in these recipes are just these two aromas and then again once I figure out okay these two flavorings pair really well I really enjoy this flavor let’s start to get a little bit more complex in our next next batch let’s see what else we can do what other flavors can we add to it can we put this on top of the bakery can we put this on top of an ice cream but when you first start crafting your own recipes you want to keep it simple you want to keep it short and concise and you want to just really test your flavors and just see what your flavors can do the more you do this the more understanding you’ll have of flavors and they’re more you’ll be able to really push the boundaries of what you can do the reason why I’m telling you to go down this route when you start crafting your own recipes is because I don’t want you to waste money I don’t want you to waste flavorings I don’t want you to waste supplies I want you to think a little bit more carefully about your recipes that way you’re saving the most money and you’re having the biggest budget if you just start going in haphazardly and just trying to create super complex and intricate recipes nine times out of 10 you’re going to come up with a dud you know you’re going to fail a lot of those times that’s a lot of money you’re wasting now if you’re someone who doesn’t care about the money or the time that you’re wasting then have at it you know go crazy but I know a lot of you guys do I know a lot of you guys get into DIY for the cost-saving benefits of it so you want to think a little bit more carefully take things a little bit more slowly ask around and just be a little bit more attentive when you’re crafting your recipes you’re starting to create your own stuff once you get away from you know mixing other people’s stuff so on the fruits side you have a little bit more leeway it’s a little bit more fun but you also can run into a lot of you know contrasting flavors and you’ll quickly find those the cream side is pretty much the easiest you just take an ice-cream out of fruit or whatever you want on top of it and you’re good to go and the bakeries are a little bit more complex than all of them because they do require a little bit more tweaking a little bit more fun find adjusting but they also pack the most impressive flavors I would say just because they incorporate that texture in there which is a whole nother dimension that you want to add to your recipes and bakeries are an easier way to do it so that’s the video for today guys remember this is more of a beginner style video there’s a lot more pairings out there and were going to get to them but I really just want to start on the very tip of the iceberg the super basics of paring and just help you guys out who are looking to start ordering flavorings for crafting your own recipes and you you kind of don’t know where to go you don’t know which really brings to buy you’re kind of stuck in this limbo state where you’re like God where do I go where do I go from here you know do I just buy a bunch of fruits i buy some bakeries or I by supporting flavors these are the flavorings that you definitely want to add to your car and then you want to add the toppings on after that because then you’ll be able to craft things then you’ll actually have an arsenal flavoring to tweak and adjust and do some the real recipe development I’m going to get out of here guys don’t forget to check out DIY or Die vaping comm for many articles about mixing I’ll just put up an article about cost saving tips your top 10 cost-saving tips also about mixing terms so make sure you check it out and yeah I’m gonna get out here keep mixing much love


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