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Easy, quick 0.3ohm 26g Kanthal & cotton dual coil build Tutorial on IGO-W

Easy, quick 0.3ohm 26g Kanthal & cotton dual coil build Tutorial on IGO-W

hi everyone it’s right again I’m gonna go ahead and do a really like quick easy build something that I’ve actually did yesterday and getting great results its 0.3 ohm show yeah I’ll show you how to do this build right now that’s really easy I’m using 26 gauge Kanthal and cotton wick well let me get you down into close-up mode here my three grumpy cat shirt moon thing alright let me show you how to do this quick easy build there it is it’s basically just three wraps of 26 gauge Kanthal and cotton found this to be really simple the screw get back in the little screw this takes no time at all and really cotton is just so easy to work with and because it’s so easy I don’t mind wasting that coil so this is gonna be on my I go W my k1o mod so easiest things that you need you know these are the tools I use I have a bunch of little like computer screwdrivers and stuff like that I’m using this one I’m not exactly sure the size you know I want to say because that’s a 1.

5 a so let’s just say it is probably about three millimeter but you’ll be surprised how quick and easy this build is and you get great quality out of it first things first we’ll cut two pieces of twenty six gauge Kanthal this stuff loves to uncoil it’s really thick hey get back good in there alright I’m on video your people let’s get this going here we go so first things first since you are using cotton you don’t have to worry about wrapping your wick and then wrapping this around quick you just wrap it right around your screwdriver I start like this one two three that easy squeeze it kind of tight together you know try make your coils evenly spaced sure you there doesn’t even be perfect just yet you can really get it better but yeah there you go pretty easy well alright super easy anyone can do this alright so now let’s start the first one as I do with all my builds the top of the coil goes through my positive and the bottom of my coil goes through a negative and I’ll pull it close to your post you know even though you’re pulling it close to your post you still got to make sure that the coils are not touching your post that makes any sense all right take your wire bend it aside take the end to the side so I can tighten down my negative I’ll leave the yeah we’ll do this too I’ll just show you how I do my build all right so take the negative and positive tighten down to drive her out then I turned on my multimeter I’ll show you another easy way know if you can see this hopefully you can see this here’s a quick and easy way to do this yeah red lead black lead positive negative so again here we are gifting this point five all right not bad this might actually be a little bit more powerful than I’d like but there you see all right does coil ease coil so let’s go ahead and do another all right hoping to make this my shortest build video yet wouldn’t that be nice all right the same thing one two three let’s see when I first wrap them it’s ugly right I’m just tight and I said make sure it’s all nice and snug all right boom done thing run it through my positive right these positive wants to go through Gerner on our oh-hoo-hoo maybe actually to loosen that first huh yeah probably all right here we go I just put a towel down so I keep you know don’t know my tool down probably doesn’t sound that great sorry though that there we go anything pull a nice and tight I remember he can mess with your coil after you’ve inserted it all right it’s the same thing all right I like to tighten everything down after you do this you’re gonna want to tighten these a couple times I mean this is 26 gauge this is some hearty stuff so you can really crank on this and you’re not gonna break your wire like you will with the higher gages all right so there we go another coil I kind of straighten them out so they’re kind of flat and even out and before I do any of this let me go ahead and check it on my multimeter again I’m sorry I’m not showing my multimeter just makes it easier for me to do it this way I’m just doing this for my own safety and of course hey back on there I make another video on my YouTube page showing how to use these so that’s why I don’t really show them in every single one perfect point three so if you’re interested in finding out how to use a multimeter to read your palms on your builds go ahead and check out my youtube page you will find it there it’s going to straight that quite a lot again alright let’s go ahead and take these off and when you take off the extra leads tighten down again so I’ve noticed they loosen up once you take the wire off didn’t do it this way gets it closer to the post so you don’t have any excess wire just hanging around causing problems go quick easy take the screwdriver back in there I’m sure it’s all nice and straight and this is where I go and fine-tune the coil you’ll do it again after you put your cotton in but just a good way of gauging here so the spacer coils out as evenly as possible it looks good make sure it’s not touching any posts nice this one don’t look like it needs any fine-tuning I pulsefire it a couple times on a used battery don’t don’t put a fresh one on until you’ve fired it a couple times after your building let’s see what we get here and look at that beautiful at both fire perfectly on cue no no hot legs anything like that this also helps to solidify your coil makes it a little bit more sturdy all right look at perfect excuse me all right now I’m just using you know 100% cotton cotton ball I’m still from my girlfriend’s makeup kit some people use organic just you know I am not that picky about my cotton I think it tastes great maybe I’ll get some organic cotton and test it in the near future here but for right now this will do it’s so much cheaper than silica it seems it tastes better so twist your cotton up pretty tight and then feed it through your coil and the thing with cotton is it’s dry right now it is gonna expand once you put your juice in there but still try and get a nice thick amount in there to cover all of your coils so you get no hot spots and I just cut it close to the cap and tuck it in pretty easy so we’ll do it again from another coil and then you’ll notice some people in their videos they’ll or in their builds they’ll do a little cotton cloud with this build I don’t think you need a cotton cloud because your coil itself is pretty thick and it’s gonna hold a decent amount of vapor what I’ve come to find out with a couple of my builds I don’t know if I like using the cotton cloud it sort of blocks airflow this way you get air around your whole coil and you get a better hit that way it’s the more air you have into your coil the better clouds you will produce same thing is the last one tuck it all in one important thing you know check it again afterwards see if you can see that on camera or right if it’s coming in clear never dry fired this all right never so let’s go ahead and throw some juice on there and show you how this thing vapes if you dry fire cotton it will catch on fire and you just ruined your wick so you’ll just have to put more cocked in there so always make sure your cotton is nice and soaked and saturated before you fire her excuse me and how professional with me but hey [ __ ] it’s you Tim right who I said a bad word all right juice this puppy up make sure it get all up in that cotton wick and I’m using a was this honest it not masterminds I forgot the name that’s a pina colada six milligram it’s about a ATV g20 PG it is mastermind no standard its standard juice I just sort of my little stripper bottle alright um when you’re putting your I go W cap on or whatever cap you’re using make sure your air holes are lined up with your coil that way you’re getting direct air flow into your coil alright so let’s see we’re doing there you go not bad quick easy simple build with 26 gauge you can use 28 gauge if you want you’re not gonna get the same amount of ohms I like 26 gauge easier to work with but there you go quick easy simple build hope you enjoyed it vape on


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