Home Coil Builds Electronic Cigarette Quick Tip #5: 510 and Ego Threading for E-Cigs

Electronic Cigarette Quick Tip #5: 510 and Ego Threading for E-Cigs

Electronic Cigarette Quick Tip #5: 510 and Ego Threading for E-Cigs

Hey there vape fans, and welcome to another Mt Baker Vapor Quick Tip. Today I really want to go over threading. The threading is what connects your tank to your battery. So, Mt Baker Vapor, thankfully, only carries two types: Ego & 510.

Now a really easy way to remember is boy vs. girl. So, when you have a 510 thread it’s gonna look like a boy, and then it’s going to be reversed on your battery, which is gonna be the girl. Now you can’t quite see it, but if I put my hand up close, you can really tell that it’s a 510 thread.

It protrudes like that like it’s a boy. If we look at all these other 510’s, and I can bring it really close up there, if you see in there, there’s a little bit of threading on that inside, kinda center pin where the coil connects to your battery.

That’s going to be the same on your iClear 16 if you look really far in there, I know this is pretty hard to tell, but it’s going to be on that center pin area. Now, if we move over to Ego threaded, on my left, here are our ego threaded tanks.

Now, if we look very closely, and I’ll hold it up, you can see the threading right there, it’s right along the edge. And when you put it onto your battery, which I can pull up here. We have our lovely MVP battery, wonderful, variable voltage, variable wattage.

You’re going to put this and it’s going to wrap around the neck right here, it’s not going to go in, it’s going to wrap around the neck. So, as you can tell it screws on just fine. Make sure not to cross-thread, make sure not to tighten too tight.

Once you have it nice and snug, wallah beautiful. So, the tank is the girl, and the battery would be the boy. Reversed for ego. Now, a lot of our batteries are 510 and ego threaded. It is stated on our website if it’s 510 or ego threaded, you can see it on each of the pages.

We will only have very few batteries that will be one or the other. Now, review: boy is the 510 on the tank, girl ego is on the inside and then it’s reversed for the batteries. If you have any questions, please feel free to write in the comments section.

And also remember to subscribe to our Mt Baker Vapor tutorial series. Have a wonderful vape day.


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