Home Product Reviews Elements E- liquid New line | Far E-liquid Review | Part 1

Elements E- liquid New line | Far E-liquid Review | Part 1

Elements E- liquid New line | Far E-liquid Review | Part 1

today I will be reviewing elements new eliquids I’m not gonna have a lot of information for you because it’s not yet for sale to the public that’s I got this from the Expo the bait Expo in London it’s the sample pack of their two new ranges which is I think it’s far and tonics so I’m going to put this this e-liquid in two separate videos one video for far and one video for tonics so these videos will be a lot longer than my usual review videos so this is basically soon get an idea of what the new eliquids won’t be like so we’ll go with them far first in this video I’ll get all those ones out which is 5 I think is 5 and then tonics will be 5 as well right so let’s go with the first one pineapple bliss see if there’s any information on these bottles that we can go with no there’s not really a lot to give away but it does have the name which is pineapple bliss I’m liking the labels on these bottles or graffiti type and at the expo they Adam but they had their easy liquids in a graffiti can and it looked really cool so hopefully they will be too expensive to buy when they do do start sending them to the public I’m unsure whether they’re gonna be a vape jam soon when smoke jungbaek jams the fourth the fourth of May I think they promise and I’m unsure if they’re gonna be there but if they are gonna be there and you’re gonna be there and you like the sound of any of these in eloquence and grab one cuz I’m sure they would be like a discount price Big John I’m not going to percent but I’m sure they would be cheaper that they Jam then they would be in the shops that’s a really nice one it’s erm obviously pineapple you get the pineapple on the inhale but it’s kind of a refreshing on the exhale so I’m guessing that’s the pineapple versus them this is quite yeah blissful it’s nice and refreshing on the exhale it’s not like menthol or anything like that it’s just it’s hard to explain it’s just a nice refreshing exhale yeah so it’s so definitely for their de fruit leathers it’s quite a nice flavor I can’t fault that one so we got grape vape never nice leave I like the writing on them a nice paper on there throw it on it’s a it’s not a horrible flavor but there’s a little bit of weirdness to it that I can’t explain I’m getting though great it’s got this odd taste to it so I don’t know if I’m gonna like this one too much yeah I’m not I’m a bit unsure about this one the grape has definitely been changed a little bit not a lot of sweetness to that and it’s not very fruity so I can’t really say I’m much of a fan of this but it could be fair for somebody else so I can’t really say it a lot about this one all I know is it’s not for me this one it’s gonna go neon green slushy Abby no waiting on a slushie one waiting on a good slushy one for the summer I’m going to Greece next month and I would like another a few nice summery liquids to take over with me I like this one this is nice really really nice so I’m getting like a lime on the inhale it’s probably got a bit of aniseed in there just a touch about a seat though it’s not strong at all and I’m getting that cooling effect as well on the exhale this is definitely a nice summer vape really really nice some of it it’s probably a bit over my lemon in there too but I’m mostly getting lime from this yeah really like this one thumbs up for me this one gorgeous if I if they are a fake jam now I will definitely be getting a a big bottle of that to take to to grease with me so while we got strawberry cupcake shall we cupcake that’s okay that one I’m tasting a straw be inhale and I’m getting quite creaminess on the exhale and that sort of baked flavor on the exhale as well it’s not strong it’s not a lot of flavor to it but I am getting the strawberry cupcakes which is what it says so that’s pretty good oh yeah not too bad nice flavor so we got here candy punch can’t seem that should the fan of this one Eva fer candy punch I would have expected a lot of sweetness to it or sort of familiar to sweets like candy but I’m not really getting that not really getting much sweetness off that at all actually I can’t even explain what it tastes like this is not not going on there it might actually be better in a tank I don’t know but on my dripper I’m not tasting a lot from that sorry guys can’t really explain what that tastes like I’m just not getting anything no anyway so that’s there are five eliquids in elements new range far and high this two that are not first on I wouldn’t pick candy punch at all grape yeah maybe but it’s just a bit odd to me but the other three have definitely got a thumbs up from me and neon green lush and so yeah I hope you look forward to them now come in out into the shops and like I said keep it keep an eye out for them that they’ve done I’m sure they’ll be there and but yeah so keep an eye out for the next one now part two of the titanic’s keep an eye out for that now I’ll get that done soon and yeah hope you enjoyed guys please subscribe and vape on


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