Home Vape Tricks ENOVAP : le futur de la vape ???? 💨👌💨😎💨👍

ENOVAP : le futur de la vape ???? 💨👌💨😎💨👍

ENOVAP : le futur de la vape ???? 💨👌💨😎💨👍

Hey greeting to all! They are today for a new review. Today, this ENOVAP from ENOVAP is going to be tested As usual do not hesitate to put a small thumb overalls from above under this video! Leave your comments if you have questions I would be delighted to answer it.

Share this video a maximum, just to share the vape and then of course subscribe to the chain for not not miss the next videos Therefore this ENOVAP, they are going not to lose of time. She is right away going to be detail in full shot and then they are afterwards to see how is that vape.

Therefore to us here is in full shot for detail this ENOVAP a bit. Therefore this one, she arrives at you in this box with a bit the detailed description of what there is indoors, small one pub for application therefore when they open two are discovered small cases, that there is empty.

It is the case which contains the dust cover of ENOVAP; And here in the box, they find our ENOVAP, a cable usb micro usb, 1 second drip tip, intended for the a little more gripped vape. Here on the box you see that one a small detailed description of the ENOVAP has, quick detailed description and behind there is a qr encodes where it is explained to us that this sends us on the textbook of use which is online.

Therefore ENOVAP, here is! Here you see I put the dust cover which is given with and that is magnetised. Therefore she has as dimensions 120mm high, 47mm of breadth and 23 mm of thickness. They are on a capacity of two pods who make each 2ml.

It works with a battery 18650 that one just puts here. Therefore most from above. Here they have the usb port. The drip tip therefore they are on a drip tip 510. Therefore you can put the drip tip that you wish, this it is rather cool.

here they have regulating of airflow therefore when they are down just like that, they belong to the most opening and when they are above, they are on a gripped enough printing. Here, you see the switch.

there oh well they come to unbar simply high part, to have accesses in our two pods. Therefore what I find rather well, it is that they put two small drops here. One with one N as nicotine and other one without anything it which means that it is here that they put liquids without nicotine.

and here is there is him on both sides here you see that pod, they come to fill them by raising the small cork in silicone. for change of pods, very very simple. One dice clipse just like that They re clipse and they were made! Here you see the connectique indoors there on owing I am going to delay the high part there is a vision on what remains us there liquid in our pods, therefore this it is rather cool.

Therefore this famous is going to be seen menu. Therefore here you see, then I hope that they are going well to see in the camera. With light, it is not obvious Therefore you see that here they are in 10 mg of nicotine.

they simply come to change with arrows of the top. If they remain supported, this marches rather fast. therefore of zero until 18. then, I can go up only to 18 because I went in the menu that I am going to show you and I pointed out that my booster was in 18 mg.

Therefore if one once press on the central button, you see that they arrive here at management of the steam. Therefore the steam, it is in percentage. Then this I find this rather rather cool of blow it is rather simple for beginners here is they are in 100 % or 10 % more or less from steam it is of simple notions that everybody can include.

There is the indicator also of battery. ah you see here that they are in hit control. Therefore then if they come to support once again they are here. And there of blow you remain supported and you are going to be able to choose your mode.

Therefore auto mode, who unbars that at the end of 28 days of use. Then there is the hit control. Therefore who is mode management of nicotine where you go regulate your rate nicotine. Mode flavour mix who a mode in fact for example on is two pods there is one where you put a tobacco and other one some caramel and there you are going to have you go to be possible regulate a percentage of two.

Therefore if you want a little more of tobacco or a little more caramel. therefore this it is quite a lot of whole. If you press once again on the key of middle there you see that you regulate the nicotine in the left pod, therefore me 0.

You support once again, there see the pod of right. He is regulated in 18 because I have a liquid in 18 mg. Then, there he points out to you resistance. Therefore he points to us out that they belong to 0,6 ohm.

therefore it is rather rather well. and then finally they come back to the menu. Therefore you see, rather simple functioning. When they go to switcher, he is going to point us out the time of the puf.

therefore rather simple thing to be made. Application therefore everything will be enough simply to download it on playstore and to link you there bluetooth with your ENOVAP. By knowing that ENOVAP keeps little near two weeks of data.

You are not obliged for you link every day on application so that lock-up garage sends data in your application. To you are possible be connected one time every two weeks if you want. All these these data are then sent on a server that they call server health where data will be collected anonymously to be able having speeded mode up auto, to manage your nicotine and possibly serve for studies on the vape.

Therefore veiled a little this close-up on ENOVAP. They go find right away in broad plan to see how is that vape! Therefore to us revoici in broad plan for see a little how is that vape! Then I regulated in 3 mg of nicotine therefore you will have understood that there I am in mode regulation nicotine.

Therefore on the one hand I have a pod in 0 mg and from other one one 18 mg. Therefore I put on in 3 mg. I am there steam 100 %, therefore in the wedge, the airflow opened thoroughly and one are going to see what this gives.

then it is rather well this vape rather well. Honestly I expected unless steam but they have something that send. There is resistance 0,6 ohms if I say no stupidity. Soon, there will be resistance a little more mtl which ohm is going to arrive in 1 or 1,2.

Tastes are very well frankly them two pods worked well on who there is indoors, are good tastes. they go right away tested with more nicotine. Therefore for video they go go up enough high. I never go up so high in nicotine but they are going to put on in 10 mg.

I am going to put on in printing gripped and then then they are going to see what this gives! Therefore really right away there are 10 mg of nicotine. They really smell difference. You saw, I coughed.

I have more the habit of vaper so high there nicotine but it is instantaneous therefore this it is really cool. And there if I goes back down in 3 mg… I put on in mode opened thoroughly oh well they well belong to 3 mg! I do not have of rests of nicotine.

I did on purpose there to go up enough high to see if he stayed there and you have seen that there I did not cough. Therefore it is really instantaneous, this works well Therefore nice work of ENOVAP.

What to say to you about this ENOVAP? then I I am not undecided on functioning, this really works very very well. I have yet try automatic mode because it is needed 28 days of use but anyway this works very well whether it is in mode management of nicotine or in mode flavour mix.

Personally I I tested him by putting our vials chubby type indoors and in side a booster rocket. It is rather well, here is of blow one the mixture for does not need to make vaper in 3 to see 6mg there.

it is it is perfect I I am rather undecided in fact it is on price. Then I do not say that this is not worth them. Apparently it is worth 129 euro without problem. Afterwards I wonder in fact, but this him there will have that equips him with ENOVAP who will be able to say it to us where shops; it is if a beginner is going to put 129 euro for buy a setup of vape.

Honestly, me I am undecided over there. Afterwards to see what shops say about it. Do not hesitate if there is of shops who look at this video, hesitate not to put him in me in comment, yes here is if this is very well sold, if I to me horn either or if I am right and what it is rather means at the level of sales.

The point on which I am undecided also, it is his size. They have nevertheless something rather spacious and of blow I am afraid that firstly do not go over due to size. Here is generally they want about thing rather baby but why step.

Anyway the system works very well really. Here is they took time to take it out but this time they take one out produced finished well and which works well. therefore this it is cool. I I waited for him with impatience.

Honestly I use it and this walks very very well. No worry. Application works well also here is there is his average really of nicotine… Therefore yeah it is one very very good product. Afterwards I am really curious to know if this goes sell or not.

I hope anyway for ENOVAP where this is going to be sold. I think that I saw on one shot that they had already sold 2000 units therefore it is because this is sold rather rather well. Therefore good product will be seen but anyway! here is of what I thought a bit of this ENOVAP.

As usual do not hesitate in pass on the upset to discuss vape or others, he will have links of the server there in description as usual. I by waiting I go you wish all a good day or a good close of day according to at the hour that you look and especially: good vape and vape freely !


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