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Ethos Crispy Treats Round Table Review

Ethos Crispy Treats Round Table Review

hey guys it’s Dale we’re here for another round table flavor discussion and today I have Dave and Callie with me and we will be trying and talking about ethos or ethos vapor as a lot of people call them but it ethos and then we’re excited to try them and we’re going to start with I guess the crispy except with the phone calls we read the crispy please crispy treats it’s exactly like the sweet chewy marshmallow rice cereal treats we know and love sweet marshmallow cereal bar treat and a vapor that will make you crave more so what we what the what the tank I’m ASA it’s a a freak show freak show with the captain and the I joy I’m captain hi and 6161 66 prosecutor for the good times like a respite features net are crispy or with it any marshmallow rice you remarks Merrill oh yeah chewing marshmallow rice cereal treat chewy marshmallow rice cereal treats janice like yogurt like there’s a little more of your the sternal border when i give you some marshmallows you do what you didn’t expect but it’s not overwhelming now it just have that like bread feeling to that very much fine let’s move on to strawberry strawberry marshmallow cereal rice i got really into the accessories you know the tree flavor you know and love infused with strawberry dips and tastes exactly like the sweet chewy marshmallow rice you don’t treat would you with fresh right strawberry so it’s a I’m not sure yet I want you all me here keep this with you just okay Thanksgiving that was like the biggest letdown ever correct drum roll and everything yeah that’s me no so the strawberry is different in this one okay the hilum paste is much of the crispy treats of it at all and I don’t know if it’s a candy strawberry what is that you know what it tastes like it tastes like you know the dumb dumb suckers yes it’s that kind of strawberry yeah it is but I don’t get any other cookin treat I get a little marshmallow but no none of that bread miss like the first one had its via chewy right cereal treats is a little bit low on that one are Franken berry cereal Oh a little bit of that to it yeah yeah I’m gonna say you know the cut without sugar up at all the trademark like special pea berries and whatever that is yep definitely tastes like Special K so if you like dicey right no but I do like I a cereal this is for you okay fine strawberry Quik I want to mix it with that first one yeah maybe a little more bit like it needs a little bit more of the actual race cream agree with that you know it’s just fun that Thank You bacon in it so how’s your something I think we just set the bar too high with it as crispy slippers yeah and that one is their original I’m assuming probably because it seems to be the base I want to mix them together yeah that would make that would be perfect for me let’s do that at the end okay we will so this is blueberry Callie go on we doing marshmallows and rice Kurtz rice crisp cereal make tasty bedfellows with lucious right blueberries for a flavor mash up your cases and never experienced before let’s make bedfellows yes you can definitely tell we’re not done yet someone else wrote this description let me contain us you say Berlin crystal wrote that one cuz we’re all through what is this order dear amalgamations okay crystal thank you we haven’t seen an amalgamation of this caliber 712 ever I am 25 years old and I’ve never seen an amalgamation and I wait to college what this means like a mix a mixture a perfect blend I’ve been callin a limit on a log of a day on whatever points out like a mountain cause I’m already all right beautiful I like this one more than the strawberry this is blueberry yes it’s like a jelly filled donut well that wouldn’t blueberry as someone who can use jelly filled donut you know I don’t eat carbs anyone that’s why we haven’t had donut that’s right exactly why we have an egg donor car I thank you but it’s very much like it is I can’t describe that blueberry it’s like a blueberry blue my oh yeah a blueberry kind of a little dessert or pastry you know the blueberry doughnuts I guess yeah this was a fight not the jelly-filled ones just the cake the blueberry cake ones I love your favorite blueberry shot yet it tastes like a blueberry cake donut so just adding for the amalgamation adding that’s really good it’s not my favorite that was not my favorite of the three I like the original I now want to make these two no I okay but I like blueberry cake doughnuts my favorite food ever but you don’t like but that one is like because you can’t chew it it’s because I can’t chew it all right can you read fruity please yes it just called fruity some call them open sugars and then amusing service discovery fruity pebble deliciousness mixed with your already favorite rice krispies treats perfect for breakfast or the display will keep you satisfied what a perfect amalgamation haha what the fuck so for this one I’m really hoping that it tastes like this just with a little bit of pretty fast pretty bubbly deliciousness you can taste the rice krispies does it taste like a rice sissie Fruity Pebbles rice krispies treat it looks like a fruity pebble rice krispies treat it needs to be mixed with that first one so everything comes back to the first one okay yeah wait no you can think the right to try it again it changes its going to change on you it does it changes it gets better I’m gonna try to I want to get I like it smells like rice krispies pretty pebbles it does the first time I tried it it was a really strong fruit and so I decide to kind of mellowed out a little bit yeah yes I like that one too the motors yeah man I like it I like this one I’m not sure cereal guy sounds my favorite right and when I tip my flavor profile my face by is whenever we taste fruity cereal like fruit juice or even the scallywag even things like that I get a lemony weird aftertaste with like a cereal yeah I don’t get that from any of these there’s a slight tinge of it on that one but it’s because of the it’s such a mixed up amalgamation of fruits right but for the most part I don’t get that with any of these and I think they’re all really good I like this one a lot I think you exact same player of that if you mix it with like half and half fruits and this flavor it would be almost bought on yeah yeah so I thought I liked them all but definitely use the strawberries on the side like crap my favorite just she had another shoe many on the market but what would you do Renko what would you have a job how everything I would rinse him the original the blueberry the fruity and then in strawberry same good money one off one to 34 okay see you like the free do for the app blueprint almost yep and these are 60 ml bottles I don’t know if I let you all know that these are 60 ml bottles and they are like these plastic bottles I like it and they’re in my bubble there yeah but they’re not as heart like our table bottles are really hard they’re not like that they’re not rotted yeah a little softer bottle I’m going to find out what the blueberry and the original would taste like right now yes okay there that sorry blueberry so now I’m going to put a little bit this original on top $13.

99 they’re easy $18 for a 60 ml bottle it’s not bad at all of those at all like what’s baffling sight so if you’ve got two bottles you would get free shipping that’s true and vape all three B’s and freebies yes I mixed the blueberry with the Brazil that’s money what I was used to yes yes money right that’s like yeah which it kills that like sharpness of that blueberry doesn’t make it so offensive yes and you can still different races that okay if it is one flavor that would be perfect good you want to do this one the strawberry one it’s a little bit of a little yeah oh my god that’s really good fun oh yes now basically everyone is better with you with yeah but they are they are good flavours but I think that if it’s super good if I change the whole thing yeah now I want to chat with women hands and let’s say that you had these all of them but the original in a tank I think they would taste just a little bit different not as like straight for me on the flavor I think you would be able to taste that base yeah mix develop man that’s yeah really good overall what would you rate the brand now let’s do that real quick after we mix them and I tasted a mix of the original I would give it seven point five eight I agree with that I’m going to agree with that – I think it’s probably an eight and there is I think it’s an eight one thing I love is like once you beat vixen together there it wipes as good as it was by self if you got to mix them together we would evolve into seven yeah but then you throw in the original with some of that changes there yeah I agree I bump it up a point oh my gosh we’d agree we agree it was okay um yeah no good nation look at that Daniel paper brought to you by amalgamation and it with the word scoop to make sure to pick up your ethos vapor treat crispy ethos crispy treats of a wild calm


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