Home Coil Builds Euphrat RDA – Octa-Coil Wickelanleitung | Tutorial (w/ english subtitles)

Euphrat RDA – Octa-Coil Wickelanleitung | Tutorial (w/ english subtitles)

Euphrat RDA – Octa-Coil Wickelanleitung | Tutorial (w/ english subtitles)

Hey guys, nice to see you to my second video of the building tutorial series with the Euphrat RDA. Today we’re gonna do some advanced building, in fact an octa-coil build. That means, with the Octacoil-Centerpin, which is available additionally for the Euphrat RDA, we’re gonna build eight coils, and we’ll see how it vapes.

Right. Now we have a look on how to build it. Let’s get started. We need the Euphrat RDA with the Octacoil-Centerpin installed. In this case it’s the old version without the slot, but it doesn’t matter.

Except for the slot they’re identical. A spacer is also installed because we need the extended space. First, we’re gonna wrap some coils. I’m using V2a/Stainless Steel, this time 0,3mm diameter, because we need a much higher restistance per coil to not get too low with eight coils with the resistance.

Now it’s getting a bit tricky. We start to wrap with 3,5mm diameter and 9 wraps. First coil finished. Then, we use the winding jig tool with the same piece of wire with 1,5cm space to the first coil and do 9 wraps again.

There we go. Cut the excess wire. Don’t cut too much on top of the wire, I’ll explain in a second. Now we have two coils, which look like this. We can put them in the Euphrat at once. And now you can see why I build two coils out of one wire.

We take this spaced middle part between the two coils, and wrap it around one screw, and tighten that screw. Two coils already installed. Now we’re taking the other end of the wire, and put it through the centerpin.

One time. Two times. Pull the wire until the coils are reaching the centerpin, and bend the excess wire upwards. Now it should stay in that position. It doesn’t have to look good now, we’re gonna take care of that later.

Now we only want the eight coils to be installed. I prepared the other coils, of course. Here are the other three coils. In fact, six coils, but three pieces of wires. Now we’re installing them, too. Put it around the screw, bend it slightly.

Tighten the screw. And again, put it through the centerpin. Pull the wire, bend it upwards again. Next one. The more coils are installed, the trickier it gets. But we got this. No.3. Around the screw, tighten it.

This one slipped a bit. No problem, just loosen the screw, fix the wire, and tighten the screw again. Looks good. Now I’ll have to use the tweezers, its getting really narrow in here. Bend the wire upwards.

This one won’t come out on the other side. Whoops, I’ll try to work inside the frame. Now for the last one. Put it through. Put it through. This one slipped off of the screw, i put it back. Bend it slightly again.

Hold it in place, and tighten the screw. Now we got all coils installed on the base. All wires are coming out of the centerpin. Tighten the centerpin-screw with an allen key. And now we can cut the excess wires on top of the centerpin.

Done. Now we have to align the coils, the coils are very close to each other. We have to align them really neat. That’s the way we want it. I’m using these tweezers to align them better. The coils are a little bit warped from the pulling.

This will take a while, so I’ll make a cut. [ALIGNING INTENSIFIES] Now, all the coils are aligned, so it shouldn’t be short-circuited. I put it on my mod to measure the resistance. The build with the octacoil came to 0,19 Ohm.

That’s not bad. Even with only 120 watts it starts to glow. Doesn’t look bad at all. Now we gonna put some cotton in it. As usual, I’m using Cotton Bacon. Simply because its nice to pull through the coil.

That’s a real advantage with such narrow coils. One thing less to worry about. If you take a string like that, you can cut it in the middle. That’s enough for two coils. I give it a few turns between my fingers, so it fits through the coil.

Now, pull it through a coil. Put it in, grab it with the tweezers at the bottom, and pull it through, until the cotton reaches the ground. That’s all you need now, later there will be enough cotton if all coils have cotton.

The cotton on top of the coil will be cut later. Put cotton in each coil as shown. This will take a while, too, so I’ll make another cut. All coils have cotton now. I had to align the coils again. On top, there is this pile of cotton now.

If the topcap would sit on there, the cotton would block the airflow. So, we have to cut the cotton. If this scissors would cut it. This wire cutter will do. A little buffer can stay. This way the coils have a connection to each other.

The centerpin should be visible. Looks good. Saturate the cotton with juice. We need a lot of juice. A little on the top. On the coils, everywhere. Wait a little until the cotton has soaked, and go on.

Yup, there it goes. Nice. Now I’ll put it on a reasonable mod. Put on the topcap. It’s important that the air can flow all around the topcap, so set your afc screws like that. Otherwise you won’t get a good taste.

It’s a complex build, but it’s worth it. The taste is amazing, it produces huge amounts of vapor. Look for yourself. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe and share! See you soon!


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