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Fantasia Mary Jane E Liquid Review

Fantasia Mary Jane E Liquid Review

hello this is mr. bananas eliquid reviews enjoy your stay hey whats up guys say I’m going to bring you an awesome review from you already heard and this review is square of the products the product fantasia mary jane this product is freakin awesome man it’s freaking oh wow it’s it’s amazing why is it major amazing I amazing why is this product amazing it’s a premium PG PG ratio we infused guava what does that mean what does that really mean all right PG thickness VG then PG PG put together confusion fusing that creates perfect a perfect blend you know a blonde that’s just very calm you know it’s very stable it’s a stable blend because it’s both stir it’s different and then the fusion of the gaba is actually what’s giving it flavor so the PG readers they don’t have flavor you guava gives us the flavor VG kind of gives it more like punch like a punch in the flavor but the PG is just the thickness in it and what creates the smoke I’m in the vapor and the BG does that too they both do that a no so p gb g ratio it’s a u.

s. brand freakin awesome I think as France fantasia it’s freaking awesome um a company like i said is awesome they treat their customers respect and they um they’re actually uh sending like I didn’t I pick this up for about five bucks or six bucks I think goes way worth it you know because it tasted pretty good okay so what do you think about that like what you think about the buzz light but it felt good I like seeming from you ceiling for me it’s a light buzz it feels good it’s like a um it’s kind of like Oh feels good but it feels like if you took like too much you know if you did too much you’ll get a headache you know yeah but it does it is a good brand and I respect the brand and it does feel good when you take this when you take this product if you like my music I’m going to leave a link in the description / my page that i have my music on and hope you enjoyed the video and enjoy the rest your day Pharaoh


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