Home Vape Tricks FireLuke Tank by Freemax Vape Unboxing And Quick Look

FireLuke Tank by Freemax Vape Unboxing And Quick Look

FireLuke Tank by Freemax Vape Unboxing And Quick Look

hey guys it’s Dale and so I was just handed this awesome new tank it is called the fire loop by free max there it is right there I just want to give you a little sneak peek and here’s what the tank looks like you there it is that I got it is an acrylic tank and it comes in like crazy amounts of colors I think it’s like five or six purple green blue red here’s what the tank looks like itself it has this massive bubble glass but inside the box under where the tanks it let me show all this cheetah here it is here there is another piece of glass which is underneath the screwdriver as well on this side there is a bits and bobs and pieces and then here is an RDA or an RTA deck for this particular tank which i think is awesome we will be carrying this tank but this is the first time I’ve got my hands on it we also will be carrying their coils their coils are called fire lock coils and they’re massive inside this box you get three of them and they come in little things like so I think it’s often they give us two different types of glass so the one that is on the tank now is the little bubble piece there it is but the one that comes in it is a little bit smaller I don’t know if you can see that it’s just a little bit smaller and it doesn’t have that like bubble effect really yeah so I’m excited to put it together and actually vape on it and stay tuned for my full review coming very soon yes and we’ll see you later bye guys.



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