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Flavor Review – Capella Sweet Cream [Shake&Vape + Notes]

Flavor Review – Capella Sweet Cream [Shake&Vape  + Notes]

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. Im John I Am a flavor compounder and today I will give you a quick review about capella’s sweet cream. The reason I am doing this concentrate second, after the vanilla custard video is because they are very similar flavors and are used together in many pastry and milk recipes.

Also most of my previous recipes have sweet cream in them so this video will give you a better idea why it is used so often. Now there are many other creams to use like Bavarian cream, Vienna cream, or malted milk and even sweet cream from other companies like the flavor apprentice.

But what is different with sweat cream from capella is the way they achieved this very good balance of cream thickness together with some sweetness but without any of the 2 flavors overpowering the other.

So in the end all you taste it’s a nice full cream with a good sweet aftertaste. Now I use this concentrate all the time. If I’m making a pastry recipe, this would be first to go on the list from anywhere to 2% all the way up to 5% some times, and after I make it and taste the eliquid for the first time I will be able to tell if this sweet cream fits in this recipe, or I need another cream for the profile I’m looking for.

When vaped alone you mainly taste the butter flavor but when added at a right ration to a mix it will smoothen it out, make all the creams and vanilla in the recipe stand out and give some extra sweetness already blended in; in a good ratio so you don’t have to experiment with sweeteners if you don’t know how much exactly to use.

There is some people that say they taste a little bit of cheese in this concentrate. The only time I could say I tasted something close to cheese was when I vaped it solo at 6% mixed with it 44% pg and 50%vg.

But I only did that to sample it and its not a normal use for it, inside a recipe there will not be anything close to cheese, but more like a sweet butter taste. Finishing I will say this is another very versatile concentrate and its worth experimenting with it.

If you like making creams, custards or similar recipes sweet cream will always fit in very well. Also it goes well with some fruits in lower concentrations, if you want a very simple shake and vape recipe just to try it out sweet cream at 3% with vanilla custard at 5% blended with 12% of propylene glycol and 80% vegetable glycerin is a great and easy mix to make on the spot and just try it out.

Now Leave a comment if you have any questions or just to say hello . Or give me your opinion about this sweet cream. The subreddit is also in the description if you want to visit it out. That’s all the information I have today for this concentrate.

See you again next time.


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