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FlavorReview Meringue – Flavourart [How to use Notes + Recipe] “One of the best DIY flavors” FA

FlavorReview Meringue – Flavourart [How to use Notes + Recipe] “One of the best DIY flavors” FA

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. Im john im an flavor compounder and today I will give you a quick review about a very interesting and useful flavor. This is Flavourart’s Meringue. This is one of the most popular Flavourart concentrates and one of the most popular flavors in DIY.

If you have been mixing for some time now chances are you have or had some meringue in your collection. Even if you don’t do diy mixing yet and buy you ejuice, you have most likely vaped this flavor before since it is used in many commercial eliquid recipes out there .

I can’t really give it a definition of what type of flavor exactly this is, since it wouldn’t be fair to just call it a cream, and also calling it marshmallow doesn’t fit it perfectly. So What type of flavor this is? Id say meringue is a creamy type of marshmallow with hints of butter and maybe a little bit of vanilla.

It is a soft and airy type of flavor that doesn’t work that well by itself by shines when used in recipes. The most common way I use it is when I want to add a little bit of creaminess to a recipe but without adding an actual dairy cream.

It also works as a substitute for marshmallow in recipes. Now depending what company you are substituting keep in mind Flavourarts flavors are a little more concentrated than lets say TFA or capella. So if you are using meringue to substitute marshmallow from a different company start with using half of meringue to the ratio of marshmallow in the recipe and adjust it from there to your liking.

As in real meringue pastry there are eggs and butter also but in this flavour here these profiles exist in very small amounts and you can barely tell the eggs are there. Now If you are wondering if meringue would benefit your mixing, I would say it depends on what kind of recipes you like to vape.

For example if you vape exclusively tobacco eliquids then maybe you wont need meringue. But almost for every other type of recipe out there like fruits and pastries, this flavor would fit in most of the time and work really well too.

. Just start it low like 0.5% to see how you like it first in your mix. And usually you will never find yourself using more that 1 or 2% of this flavor in a recipe. Now I will give you an all flavouart recipe to get an idea how this flavor is used in recipes.

Start with 1% of Joy, and then 1% of Vienna cream, then use 1% meringue and mixed in with 2% of nonas cake. You can blend that at 25%PG 70%VG. This will be a strong tasting sweet cake recipe that it simple but still vapes very nicely and full.

So finishing, if I could summarize this flavour in one title I would call it a premium style creamy marshmallow. Now That’s all I have for today, leave a comment about meringue if you have anything to say about the video or this flavor.

As always thank you for watching. And I will see you next time.


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