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[FlavorReview] Strawberry Shisha – INAWERA (Solo Ratios + Notes, INW Shisha Line Review)

[FlavorReview] Strawberry Shisha – INAWERA (Solo Ratios  + Notes,   INW Shisha Line Review)

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. I’m John I Am a flavor compounder and today I will give you a review about one of the best strawberry flavors for vaping in my opinion. This is Strawberry shisha from Inawera.

Let me first say that I picked this flavor to review not only because it is a popular one but mainly because this is actually an amazing flavor to vape. The taste is very realistic and not artificial in any way.

It tastes like it was created to be vaped, with mouth feel and flavor delivery as the main points. And I like how inawera makes that obvious by naming it strawberry shisha. They pretty much tells you this is a strawberry flavor, that technically you could use it in beverages but this would shine in an eliquid.

Now making a strawberry review is already hard as it is with many strawberries that a lot of companies have to offer. Strawberry is a flavor like vanilla or caramel, everyone who makes extracts usually has their own version of a strawberry so it’s a hard category to compete, but Inawera separated themselves from that by adding the shisha part in the name.

Now the best way to use this flavor I would say is solo or in a very simple recipe with few other flavors just helping and not overriding the strawberry. I can’t say this flavor wouldn’t work in a milk or custard recipe, since you could fit it in with a little of adjusting.

But if you are making a strawberry milk I would look in to another strawberry flavor like from flavourart or tfa, again not that this wont work but there are other flavors more mild that will fit in better in a larger recipes with a lot of profiles blended in.

The reason for that is that this flavor tastes a little airy, if its used in the right ratios. And this property make it perfect to be used in strawberry or plain fruit vapes. It will give you a light but tasty vape that is ideal for an all day vape mix or in pen style less powerful ecigarretes A very good ratio to use this flavor would be at 6% Strawberry shisha with 44%Pg and 50%Vg.

Now inawera has another strawberry too that is a little less popular called wild strawberry. But this is a completely different flavor and much more concentrated. I have used it solo at 1% with sufficient results and I wouldn’t recommend going higher either.

Now I will tell you a little about the flavor profile of the strawberry shisha before closing. I find this flavor to be excellent on what it was designed to do. It wasn’t created to be the best strawberry flavor in the market but it was created to be the best strawberry vaping flavor in the market.

And I will give them a point for that since I cant personally say what the best vape actually tastes like. But this flavor is as natural as a strawberry can get, with a familiar artificial strawberry after taste known from ice creams or deserts and being creamy enough to have a full vape feel but not too rough to taste fake.

Some people say it tastes like a strawberry jam to them and other people just say that it tastes closer to strawberries with cream. I cant say which one exactly is but to me it tastes a little creamy and because I like that I usually mix in 0.

5% of marshmallow with it to bring out that creamy profile without introducing any cheese like flavors from the butyric acid that is used in some milk cream flavors. This should not be the only strawberry in your collection but it is still a highly recommended suggestion.

If you are involved in DIY for a while now most likely you have tried it or atleast seen this flavor. So Let me know how you find it and if you also like to mainly use it as the primary flavor in your vapes.

I like talking about individual flavors like this today since there is a lot to learn even behind only one concentrate. And having a good knowledge behind flavors not only helps you learn about them but it also helps you use them better and even sometimes can just read a recipe and know what fits in and what does not just from experience using these flavors individually.

And since there are at this point 1000 recipes to read from its good to kind of get an idea of the flavor a recipe is going for just by reading it. Its like some musicians can hear the notes just by reading the music sheet.

Now this is a little longer video that usual but I hope some of this information helps you in a way. As always thank you for your time and Ill see you, next time.


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